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Thread: [Sunagakure] The Lost Aqueducts

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    When Hakudoshi asked Benihime what was so funny, she couldn't give him a proper response. She finally managed to get herself together she answered the only way a parent could in such a situation. "You'll understand when you're older, Little One." She mentioned swiftly moving right along. At the formation of her Rasengan her son seemed to find fault with her creation of it. The fact that he did made the red head roll her eyes, beyond this he mentioned green chakra and that was confusing too. "My... green chakra?" The woman questioned. Given her son's age, and his constant use of the Oborozuki she assumed this as something she'd have to see to understand. With that she activated the Kekkei Genkai she'd recently been given in her special moon state. Upon doing this, she could see the different colors of chakra all around and feel them to an even greater extent. Such was rather annoying to the woman, but she'd do this to figure out what the boy was getting at. After doing so she reformed her own Rasengan holding it in her hand but when she did it, it was still simply the way it was, comprised of her own chakra. The one the child played with though, did have a green hue all around it, she didn't understand. "Yeah, I'm not getting it. Toss me one of yours." she said to the small boy, she was here to play with him, and at present she was pretty sure she could simply catch the attack without it erupting against her.

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    "Mm! The green one!" he said. He continued toying with the Rasengan he'd most recently crafted, until Benihime mentioned wanting one of his to look at. "Hai hai!" Since he already had one at the ready, Hakudoshi chose to knock the existing sphere in the woman's direction. He did so not in an offensive manner, but simply by bouncing it into the air to let it descend presumably into her hands when it reached. After all, this one was not meant to be used in an attacking manner; only to show what he meant by green chakra. Hakudoshi was under the assumption that the actual fight had been momentarily put on hold.

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    Benihime soon at her son, kick his toy Rasengan towards her, their fight momentarily stopped so she could figure out this thing that was currently bothering her. Surprisingly enough, the sphere didn't shatter or rupture and she caught it in her right hand with little to no problem. But once it was caught she could feel what about it made it different from her own and this caused a look of utter shock to cross the young woman's face. She immediately began examining the sphere pulling a tiny piece of it off. Once she had it, she held it on the tip of her finger, and felt its energy prickle across her skin. This was something she'd felt before but...

    "That shouldn't be possible." she said having finally realized what it was about her chakra in her Rasengan and the one in Hakudoshi's. It's composition was indeed similar but the green chakra the young boy mentioned wasn't anything that could be produced by normal means. It was senjutsu chakra. In the moment she realized this, her heart skipped a beat, and she felt that same odd pang in her chest. She was extremely proud of Hakudoshi, but use of this kind of chakra usually came with extreme training and concentration. Hell, it'd taken the woman longer to master its use than this child had been alive. And even then, she hadn't thought of the application to techniques like her Rasengan. The look on this woman's face was something between childish and depressed. She sort of wanted to curl up in a ball, and lament her failures as she was getting schooled by a six year old. Specifically one she birthed herself. In fact, this thought was so prevalent in the woman's mind that she was soon stooped over poking at the Rasengan created by her son with a finger a bit of a brooding mood taking her over.

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    By the time Benihime finished inspecting the first Rasengan, Hakudoshi had created two more. He played with these simultaneously, by similar methods to that which he used for their predecessor. All the while, Benihime seemed to sulk over the apparent impossible nature of the thrown Rasengan. "It's possible! All you gotta do is put the green chakra on the outside to hold it together." With that said, the boy hopped toward his mother, still bouncing Rasengan spheres into the air repeatedly. "What's wrong? Don't you have green chakra? I've seen it before."

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    Hakudoshi's explanation of what had to be done to create the Rasengan was rather spot on. Of course, she fully understood this after touching the first one he'd made, but it wasn't unlike him to not understand why she said it wasn't possible. To be fair, she thought she'd have to explain this a bit anyway, and given that information and the boy's words about the green chakra she sighed. "Nothing's really wrong, I just got a major reality check and I don't really like it." mentioned the redheaded woman. "As for green chakra, I can use it, Little One, but it requires a change in form. One which required a special summoning contract, and the complete faith of said summon. As well as about a decade of training." she said these words and they sounded bitter even to her so she exhaled.

    "Sorry, that sounded bitter... I am just disappointed in myself." the woman stopped speaking for a second and began the collection of natural chakra from around her. With her new Kekkei Genaki active, this was a faster going process than she generally expected it to be. Soon enough her body was fueled with enough of this 'green' chakra as her son called it. To trigger a transformation which included claws and whiskers etched into the woman's face. It also produced fangs in her mouth and bristled her already wild hair. "Alright that should do it." she mentioned, then she reformed the rasengan making sure to add in the senjutsu chakra to the outside of it. Doing so she made one roughly the size of a soccer ball frowned. "Ugh, I feel dumb now." That being stated she bounced this ball around her knees a couple of times until she was sure she'd actually done this right.

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    "Why? Why would you even have to check something that's real?" the boy asked. Sometimes, things would be said that went completely beyond the realm of Hakudoshi's comprehension, and recently, this seemed to be a more regular occurrence. Moving on though, Benihime went on to absorb Senjutsu Chakra, which Hakudoshi watched flow into her being as she transformed. The boy wasn't certain why this transformation was necessary, but his mother at least made a Rasengan capable of leaving her hand.

    "It's not dumb. You have to build up green chakra; it's no big deal," he said for a bit of reassurance to the woman. At the same time, he bounced both of his Rasengans into the air simultaneously, catching them in each hand when they descended. "Are we still fighting?"

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    Her son's lack of understanding of the random phrases people could speak, made her wonder if he wasn't missing out on a great deal of interactions with normal people. "It's a figure of speech, Little One. It basically means I realized something, I hadn't known before, in a way which will have a lasting effect." she explained. Not wanting another incident of the boy simply replacing words in statements to his embarrassment.

    Moving right along it seemed the young boy was perfectly capable of at least trying to assure his mother that she shouldn't feel bad about her current situation. It made the situation slightly worse for her, that she was being comforted by her child on such a matter, but it also made her quite happy that he was around right now. "That's... really sweet Hakudoshi~" she said. Thinking about it she might as well use the form she currently had to continue to fight the young boy before her, at least to give him a bit of variety in the kinds of things he faced off against. "Yeah, we can keep going if you aren't tired yet, come on." she said, though contrary to her words the red head who was tossing around the ball around her knees instead launched the rather large Rasengan at her son to restart their battle. Her use of Senjutsu chakra, was one which allowed her a bit of additional speed and some interesting variations on her jutsu as well.

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    "Sou ka... reality check," he repeated. With that, he seemed to have locked the phrase away in his mind for later. There was a good chance this knowledge would become useful at some point in the young male's life, but for now, he was more concerned with the battle which his mother agreed to continue. To Hakudoshi's expectation, she would be using the very same large Rasengan she'd created in prior moments.

    The incoming Odama Rasengan prompted Hakudoshi to throw his pair of normal spheres outward. This may have looked strange, but by using his telekinesis, he brought them back toward each other to slam them into Benihime's attack and force the explosion of all three between the combatants. He also erected a barrier to hold off the concussive force released by this collision, and created a mass of Rasengans afterwards - ten in total - to let hover behind him in a ring-like fashion.

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    Her son, having learned his new phrase for the day, moved on to defending himself from her coming Rasengan ball. His way of doing something about this, was rather novel, and something the red head could at least respect. Still, after the explosion her son then created ten smaller Rasengan and closed himself off in a barrier. She looked at it and her eyes widened just a bit, "Really?" she said aloud once more seeming to not understand how the small boy had enough chakra to do this. Beyond this point, in looking at her son, she realized though he'd been doing these massive things the entire time they'd been playing, he wasn't losing any chakra from it. Even so, she'd use this time to test the effeciency of her skills, a single use of the hand seal tiger would lead to something very different. "Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu." This jutsu would be used as the woman exhaled creating 10 dragon head like fire balls complete with fangs. Created in this sage form, she'd control the trajectory of each so that they were aimed for the arrangement of Rasengan around the small boy. This would create 10 fiery explosions around the boy's barrier aiming to rattle it a bit before the red head herself jumped at the thing from above aiming to release a downward kick to it, she'd hope would have enough power to break into the barrier and fall upon her son instead.

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    After erecting a barrier and forming numerous Rasengan, Hakudoshi seemed to have an idea which brought a grin to his face. Benihime's attack seemed to be targeting his Rasengan ring, and from within his barrier, the boy merely allowed these techniques to collide. Even ten fiery explosions behind him did nothing to harm the barrier. The same could be said of the downward kick brought upon it by the woman herself, though Hakudoshi abandoned the barrier immediately afterwards.

    "Kaa-san! I had an idea!" he said as he teleported several meters away. There was one jutsu in the boy's arsenal which he could use quickly, but required hand seals, as it only needed one. Performing the hand seal: Clone allowed him to produce a single Shadow Clone at his left side. One may note that, while Shadow Clones typically divided the user's chakra evenly, Hakudoshi's seemed to double instead for some reason. Only when the clone was made did the child feel capable of showing this new technique; not because he didn't have the power alone, but simply because he couldn't hold it by himself. Each version of Hakudoshi raised both hands to the sky, focusing half the necessary chakra for the technique.

    "Kyodai Rasengan!" he called out. Above Hakudoshi and his clone, they created a Rasengan of massive proportions; one large enough to carve out the walls of the aqueduct on either side, while having enough impact on the general area to blow away the water below. "I did it!"

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