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Thread: [Sunagakure] The Lost Aqueducts

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    Benihime saw the movements made by her son, who seemed to accept her rather simple form of affection. She knew she'd have to be running off, and assumed he would as well, but in placing her hand on his head, she realized he was rather small, given his upcoming birthday. "Alright, go have some lunch. Get some milk with it." she said giving his head a final rub and sending him off to find sustenance which should help him grow. Once he left of his own accord, the Kazekage would teleport back to her Mansion to have a shower while she had lunch prepared for herself and her husband, while she thought of how best to talk to him about what was on her mind.

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    Ruffled hair accompanied a bit of advice from his mother, which involved him having some milk with his meal. "Hai hai," he said. Knowing the woman had her own agenda and methods of leaving the aqueducts, he chose to transport himself from this location and leave her to her own devices. And so, he did precisely that.

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