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    "Why exactly should I know who you are..." he said, though he was more wondering aloud than posing a proper question. In response to Youko's showing of his own Kekkei Genkai, this young woman showed him a form that should have been wiped from existence before he was even born. There was but a single reason this individual could possess such a thing while there were no Hunters alive on the island. "... Sou ka," he said with much understanding. The girl's words only further proved her existence, and further proof yet came when she unveiled the seal on her neck. With his Doujutsu, he could see every strand of his own influence in it, as well as the Blue Moon Sage's. Youko's eyes closed while he let his Doujutsu fade away, and he spoke to the curious redhead beside him. "Shinkaku no Juin. It's a seal that can only be created by, and held by, a Sage that stands among the others here as a god." As he spoke these words, Youko lowered himself onto his right knee, simultaneously crossing his right hand over his chest. His head bowed before the woman he could properly acknowledge as Tennyo, as himself one who had previously pledged himself to this individual under different circumstances from their initial meeting. "Gomennasai. Tadaima, my Tennyo."

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    Youko soon enough met the weight of Narumi's gaze and found himself able to answer his almost rhetorical question. Aiko watched and after hearing what was being said remembered this young woman as a child she'd seen while they were on this island together in their shared previous trip. "Sou ka, she's that person then..." Aiko murmured having this memory she along with everyone else got to watch as Youko pledged himself to the lass anew. Such a ritual was strange to Benihime but she supposed she'd get a proper explanation in due time. For now the seal on the girl's neck had been named as one which could only be worn by sage like people who were noted as gods among their clan. "Hm, strange, but I don't think I can comment..." she said thinking about her current ranking within her clan.

    Narumi smiled in this moment and was truly happy. It seemed Youko remembered her at least enough to remember that he was going to pledge himself to her service. And at the moment this small victory was enough for her. "Arigatou, Nii-san. It's fine by the way... I expected a bit of skepticism considering... now then..." she said while having her gaze shift between the kids. "What brings you home? With such an interesting and large group of people," the young leader of the Getsugakure asked. Benihime watched this and smirked. Kanna found herself looking back into this woman's eyes for the seconds they made contact and found the meaning in her words.

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    "You definitely can't," the man said to his wife. When he was addressed by Narumi again, his head rose that he might look upon the Tennyo. The only thing left for him to figure out was how he was related to the girl named Narumi. He chose to address this as his response to Narumi's question. "First, I don't understand something. You've been calling me nii-san, even since then. That's not too weird for me, but... I happen to have a couple of kids here who've been calling you my sister since before the rest of us knew who we'd be finding. Where did you come from exactly?" he asked, taking that same time to stand up with his arms akimbo. "Oh, and this... This is my family. We're here because I sort of agreed to help this land make and use weapons, so Kichi and Natsu would give up on doing something stupid like trying to get the Tentai Mizu and give it to some psychopath with a sister complex."

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    "Well I mean I could... but I won't," Benihime said flippantly. Of course, she wouldn't because of how her more recent trip home had turned out, god/goddess worship, and divine right to rule were among the things she left completely alone. And soon enough the conversation was progressing enough that Youko felt the need to question his relation to this young woman. She managed to look abashed in this moment and then rather curious and such curiosity would be spread directly into the mind of Kanna when she was looking at her. "Because I heard you thinking you would finally get to see your big brother and talk to him and I was confused because you don't look like him. And I look like my brother and Okaa-sama looks like her brothers. It doesn't make sense," said the girl who looked back at Narumi meeting her gaze. This made the woman's eyes widen because she realized several references made to her own mind which she hadn't stated aloud. "I ah... okay. I have never encountered anything like that before..." she said blankly not knowing how to feel about what Kanna had to say. "Welcome to the club..." Benihime said amused by all present. "Also Kanna, twins tend to look a bit more alike than other siblings in general. All of my siblings were parented by two sets of identical twins so we all look more alike than we probably should. If that clears it up for you," Benihime explained the situation surrounding her family to the small girl who turned and looked at her. Kanna searched her mother's mind for images to go along with her explanation and after she got everything she needed she simply nodded. Narumi looked at the redhead in the group for a while longer than was necessary as well but didn't immediately say anything about her. "Gomennasai, Nii-san, I should explain. I came from the same place you did. Ojii-sama is father of both of us, though we have different surnames. He had to send me here though and made sure nothing bad happened to me while I was here. And I always knew you were my brother, but I couldn't say anything before, it might have put you in more danger," she mentioned which made Benihime's eyes widen by the news.

    "Ara ara, I didn't know Getsu-ojii got down like that..." said in her flippant manner before covering her mouth when Aiko turned to look at her. "Shit that fell out... also rude," said the redhead who then went back to innocently looking around, but taking a note to address what Youko had to say about the 3rd and 4th Mizukage. The kinship between Narumi and Youko was obvious to her now, in the same way it'd been hinted at before. Narumi looked and went on to finish her statement. "Your family is very.... different. You did something strange I think, but that is fine," the girl said pleased to have this man around. "I'm glad you were around to stop something crazy from happening. The Tentai Mizu shouldn't be shared especially not with anyone like that, but I knew peace talks went well, so if you were responsible then you have nothing but my thanks," said Narumi who beyond all reason could find no wrong in any of the actions of the day. "Anyway you are free to do whatever you wish while you are here, along with your family," she said to the man though she harbored a bit of curiosity about his wife and children it seemed rude to just question them openly for existing. She was also curious about the woman's mention of her father because she spoke as if she'd met the man and that was in and of itself a strange occurance. Whatever the case she was harboring extreme curiosity about this situation and there was hardly anything to do to sate it.

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    One more person was officially added to the list of people being surprised by the young twins' abilities. For that person to be this island's deity among mortals was laughable, and Youko could hardly restrain himself after managing to calm down. Strange things were still to come, though. For whatever reason, Youko had never once considered his own ancestry aside from his mother. Apparently though, the Sage that had been guiding him to being a successor all this time was his very own father, as well as the father of Narumi. Benihime's outburst was thus met by a statement of agreement from Youko. "If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know he did either. I never questioned the identity of my father, and he never mentioned. I bet that explains all those fuzzy memories. He's got a lot of birthdays to answer for, too..."

    He seemed to not be too bothered by this new wave of information. He had a sister, and that was fine. The Sage of the Blue Moon was his father, and that was also fine. Nothing really had to change at all. As he looked toward Narumi though, he raised a brow in the wake of her assertions. "Of course they're different. I wouldn't settle for ordinary. So, you can feel free to say whatever it is you were thinking of saying just now."

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    If anyone would agree with Benihime, it made perfect sense for it to be Youko. A brief second of eye contact made her chuckle. "Glad I am not the only one surprised by that. Though... thinking about it now, it does make sense..." Benihime said, her own mind seemed to wander back to the feeling of chakra presented by both males, and the quality of it. And the connection was direct as a stream flowing into a river for the red haired woman. The Blue Moon Sage's power had been greatly comforting to her when she'd been around it, likely because she already took great comfort from Youko's existence at her side. This moment of joking between Youko and his wife was noted by Narumi, she thought it nice he found someone to be happy with in such a way. But that only made her curiosity a bit greater than the norm.

    Youko seemed to accept this news about their kinship way better than initially expected. In fact, he seemed to have no problem with it, and even urged the young woman to say whatever had actually come to mind about the people standing before her. "Ano... your wife and your children are very different. I know moons when I see them, and I don't know those..." she said of the twins, causing Kanna to feel the same momentary pride that seemed to be shown by Hakudoshi whenever his prowess was mentioned. "Also does your wife have a moon? Because it seems like she's connected to you but not in a way I recognize either," the girl seemed to all and all just be very curious about the nature of this man's family. "I wanted to ask what you did, but it seemed rude to question them just for existing...." Narumi finished up. She could see with her eyes the intensity of their chakra, and she was just young enough that she didn't know about Youko's possession of a handler and thus the already established connection to Benihime before that of her Moon.

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    "I guess it does. Still, I'm going to be needing a lot of explanations from him now. Well... that's nothing new, but now I can be a petulant child about it," Youko said while considering the outcome of his next meeting with the sage. It even crossed his mind that the man had not told him of their relation to one another because he knew how Youko would behave from then on. If that were the case, though, Youko would be sure to give him more than he could have bargained for when next they met.

    The Tennyo noted the strangeness of Youko's family from her perspective. This was something Youko always knew in the back of his mind, but never brought to the forefront without a moment like this to prod the thoughts. In particular, the mutated forms of Oborozuki wielded by the twin children was a topic he could barely address. "Haku and Kanna are... different, yes. Kanna only just returned to us, but hers and Hakudoshi's seem to function both the same - and opposite - of each other. Our dear father had no answers when I asked about Hakudoshi; they seem to just be mutations made by our Kekkei Genkai crossing paths," he said, pausing briefly before acknowledging the curiosity surrounding his wife. "Sou ka... the last Tsuyutsuki. We're connected by your technique, but I guess you've never had a reason to use it, huh? But... also, yes. Kariitsuki."

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    "Hm, you are feeling really devious right now... I'd tell you to behave but I don't think it will make much of a difference," Benihime said in response to Youko's assertion that he was allowed a bit of petulance in dealing with his father for some reason. She could hardly comment about the way people acted with their parents anyways, especially considering her own dislike of her mother went to an extreme which bordered dangerously upon homicidal.

    Moving right along, Youko soon found himself explaining to his younger sister about the nature of his children's Kekkei Genkai. She found it strange that the simple mixing of two people's powers caused this problem, but she supposed it was as much of an explanation as she could expect given their father hadn't had anything resembling an answer. "Sou ka," she said to the first explanation. The secondary one caused her left brow to raise as Youko explained that Benihime was tied to him, using a technique that she should know, but had no reason to ever use. "She's... your handler!?" there was much surprise coming from this young woman in this moment, and it caused Benihime to chuckle just a tad, but she had no reason to understand the depth of this achievement. "And she doesn't have this moon... but she wrote herself into the seal. I didn't even know that could work and you're right, I have no reason to use anything like that. I doubt there is anyone else... who could receive that seal. I am surprised you have it, such things were abandoned long before us," she said finding the whole thing to be utterly surprising. But there were some potential upsides to this ones which she could address. "Can I..." the Tennyo was about to ask to see the moon belonging to the redhead as well and see if she could glean any information about seals from her. But, before anything could be said Miyako the small white haired girl returned and in the company of what had been the sitting queen before and whoever else was with them. "You wanted to see us?" the woman asked seeming to find nothing out of the ordinary enough to speak on it too much.

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