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Thread: [Getsugakure] Tsukimikyuu

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    [Getsugakure] Tsukimikyuu

    Tsukimikyuu (Moon-viewing Palace) rests at the edge of Tsukigakure. It is not only a single palace meant to house whatever family is considered the current rulers of the Oborozuki clan, but also a subdivision for esteemed members of the clan overall. This area connects directly to the village, as well as the water canal leading to the other side of the island.

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    Within the Tsukimikyuu was a young woman of about thirty years old. She had long white hair which was currently being wound into large pigtails by some young women who were attending her. Pairs of decorative chopsticks were being used to pick up the ridiculously long and luxurious locks as they framed her face and head and lifted the hair from its beyond ankle length to a more manageable calf-length. This sort of ritual took place every day, and was part of the woman's ritualistic dressing. As was the lightly flavored smoke coming off of her long pipe which she tapped with long black painted nails. "Are you done yet?" she asked the women who soon were able to finish after several minutes of work. Meanwhile, outside this area a large group of children were chasing each other about. Apparently having already decided the rules of whatever game they were choosing to play. Which the young woman was looking out at from her window seeming to find it amusing at the very least.

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    As this woman looked into the open subdivision of the village, perhaps she would take note of a particular figure approaching. Most in the vicinity likely would. After a long journey from the outskirts of the island, Katsuhara Youko returned to the place he'd not visited since years prior, when he and his ward slayed the tyrannical Blood Cult. He walked calmly toward the palace, clad in his typical garbs adorned with symbols of the old Hunter Branch of this clan, including his armor. If this alone didn't give away his identity, the markings upon his face and wrists - which proved his completion of numerous trials within said clan branch - certainly would to any who looked his way.

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    As she looked out the window she noted the playing of the children and the approach of a lone male, whom she hadn't seen in more than a decade. Beyond that point, the small children who were playing around took note of his dress and began giggling only to scatter soon after. Such play was normal for them but all who looked in this man's direction seemed to flee for whatever reason. The exception being the young woman looking out her window who soon recovered from her shock and shook her helpers as they finished her hair. "Oh! I never expected to see him here!~" she chimed as she headed out to greet this man in particular seemingly being the only person in this entire village who wasn't immediately fearful. Once outside she paused before the man who walked in seeming not to know what was going on. As a group of children whispered and pointed before running off. "Long time no see~" she approached stopping shy and flashed the full moon at this man, apparently something which was done as a matter of tradition. She was dressed in a open kimono with long sleeves and big straps crossing over her chest with a small red chrystanthemum in the middle of her chest. Her hair overly exaggerated and quite long piled up recently into to large pigtails held up by pins with various moon decorated ends.

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    When he finally reached the palace, Youko was greeted immediately, and surprisingly from a very familiar face. "Natsumi?" was his initial reaction as he stopped in his tracks. With her showing of Oborozuki in its full moon state, Youko did the same whilst making direct eye contact. This ritual, seeming to be a simple standoff, occurred with the man holding his left arm akimbo, and letting his right arm hang free at his side. "So, you're the Lady of the Moon now. Congratulations," he said, offering a bit of small talk.

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    The man known as Youko returned Natsumi's eye contact, it was a bit of a standoff, but she didn't seem to mind at all. At the congratulations offered her, the young woman could do nothing but shrug. "Arigatou Gozaimasu, though honestly I should be thanking you. It wouldn't be the case if not for you." The young woman chimed. She had a surprisingly interesting history with the man before her, and though he probably realized it already, since he was the one who defeated the Cult of the Blood Moon, he was also almost directly responsible for Natsumi's rise to power. If anyone happened to be observing this particular interaction they might note that none had bowed out yet, but this was likely due to the fact that neither had pushed in this little show to figure out who was actually suited to lead whom.

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    "I'm owed no thanks. Whether I had anything to do with the fall of the cult or not, these people letting you be named their Lady is something that only your own power over them could allow. I just took out the thing that was in the way," Youko said in response to this alleged owe of thanks. More to the point, this standoff ritual was a bit tiresome for the man. He knew there was only one way for this woman to lay claim to the title "Lady" among this clan, and she was now refraining from showcasing it. "This little stare of yours must work on everyone else here, huh? Come on. Show me what you're hiding."

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    "Fine. I was never really going to argue about it anyways." she said not bothering with more thanking of this man. She knew him well enough to know that he'd get his way about it, regardless of what she had to say. When the conversation shifted though, it seemed that he had grown tired of their staring contest, she smiled when he said it. "Oh, like you can talk." she scoffed seeming to find something odd about the way he spoke of her stare. "It's just a bit unfair. But since you asked." When she spoke her moon shifted the full moon turning a milky pink color. Such a thing normally completely overpowered whoever she happened to be looking at, but would also trigger the person it was connected to. "And you? Because we all know you're hiding something~" she mentioned, having noted that the man before her showed only his full moon as well, without anything special.

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    Incredible amounts of eye contact continued as Natsumi argued that he, too, held back his true highest form of Oborozuki. A faux sneer ensued, but it seemed she would acquiesce and showcase her higher state of being first. Seeing this made Youko's brow furrow. "I was hoping that wasn't what I would see. You found someone else to pair up with you for that atrocious thing?" he asked. Youko apparently had an incredible distaste for this particular moon, but more importantly, he still owed a show from his own end. Without breaking the ongoing eye contact, he allowed the moons in his eyes to shift to a red color, as if they were pools filling with blood. Within him at that time, was the chakra of all who fell to Youko while he was in this state. This included the entirety of the Blood Cult, as they were called. "Of course I was hiding something. I didn't expect to have to share any honors."

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    "Oh you wound me. And you still don't like it~" she said, seeming to not have a problem with the way he referred to her moon. They had at some point already discussed this, and given that, she already knew about how she felt about it. Even so, it didn't change the fact that she possessed this moon and had indeed found someone else to share it with. "I paired with Kichi~ He was always willing to take it, I simply had to accept him. I did eventually~" she said of the man who was her partner. But soon after she was confronted by Youko's Blood Moon which was quite intense. The power of it was enough to cause the young woman to look away. "That's really intense. We always stayed away from them for exactly that reason." she said. "Okaerinasai, Youko~" she said as she completed her bow and allowed her moons to fade back into her normally teal colored eyes.

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