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Thread: [Konohagakure] Forty-Forth Training Ground (Forest of Death)

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    Teruko soon found herself falling into her brother after being held in a choke hold, but a cushion between the pair would keep them from feeling most of the hit meant to bash them together. "Ugh, still hurt." She managed before the white and red haired man declared that one or both of them should speak. The one who did so was Akira who claimed to not know what he was talking about. The man to Teruko's surprise let out an exasperated sigh. "The one like me, who entered my space yesterday. His chakra is around, but it's everywhere, I can't pinpoint after he moved. I saw him in my space, but he left before I could pull him in. He's worthy prey, where is he?" After his speech, Teruko tried to put together what he was saying but it still didn't make any sense.

    "Yeah, we still don't know what you're talking about. Beyond that if this entity's chakra is everywhere, it is probably just coincidental." Her eyes were on this man waiting for any movement, any thing which would give a way for the pair of them to escape. This obviously wasn't really a fight they could win, they'd have no choice but to run when the time was right. While she thought this the white haired man stared at his hand apparently confused, he knew he'd sensed someone of much greater power than these two, and he knew they'd been in contact with this person. It was possible that they didn't know of the contact, but that would only serve to make them expendable. "And you, shounen, is that your answer as well?"

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    The white-haired individual gave a bit more information pertaining to the question he wanted answered. Teruko spoke then, stating that she still had no idea who he could be seeking. The man's attention was redirected to Akira, at which point he asked if the young male had the same response. While he knew there was a very high chance this man spoke of the twins' nephew, he could certainly not give such information away. "It is. Mind leaving us alone now?"

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    It seemed that the pair of twins had the same answer to the man's question. That being said, it wasn't the answer he was looking for, and beyond that they'd actually managed to put up, some form of a struggle, even if it had turned out to be fruitless. He looked down at his slashed clothing and rotated his shoulder around the place where Teruko had kicked him before looking directly at both of the twins. "Iie, if I can't hunt what I want, you two will have to do," the white haired man spoke ominously as he shifted. "Run or attack, but do make it interesting."

    Teruko looked at her brother, and then at this man, as his reasoning became obvious. The power difference here was likely way higher than anything, but she'd still react under the assumption that if they managed to get away, nothing bad would befall them this day. As such, she immediately launched herself forward, giving a feint attack of a high kick followed by a low kick aimed at the white haired man. The first of which caused the man to dodge, in a very specific manner and the latter of which would connect in the form of a spinning roundhouse kick, which wouldn't have the normal effect of sending the man flying since he apparently had the physical strength to withstand it, and instead his legs buckled only slightly. She'd leave the rest of this combination up to her brother, knowing that he'd know what to do, after the attack, they'd scatter into the forest, and hopefully regroup well out of this man's radius of influence.

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    "Mendokusai!" Akira yelled immediately, knowing this man would be more of a hassle then either of them could, would, or should, deal with. Either way, Teruko initiated an offense that didn't seem to accomplish much. It did, however, cause a momentary stumble the likes of which Akira saw an opening in. Without a moment of hesitation, he dashed forward with his sword in his right hand, and his sheathe in his left. This was also a feint attack on his part, as he quickly hopped back from striking range to sheathe his blade and bring his right hand to his mouth. "Katon: Haijingakure no Jutsu!" From his mouth, Akira expelled ash infused with his own burning chakra toward the partially stunned man, aiming to blanket not only him, but the entire area around him for several meters in the fiery substance. As it spread, he would aim to make his escape alongside Teruko.

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    Her brother's utterance of how annoying this would be, could be echoed by Teruko as well. It was kind of a hassle to be this man's target simply because he wasn't getting his way in something else. Regardless her brother seemed to capitalize upon the man's stumble, if only for a moment. And the man himself seemed further stunned by the feint attack which turned instead into camouflage for both of the twins to try and escape in. "Sugoi sugoi!" He said, though the man didn't seem at all distressed by the idea that these two were getting away from him. Nor did he seem distressed by his obstructed vision. In fact, it wasn't obstructed at all. Instead, he found himself staring in the direction the pair were running in and he took off after them, leaving them just enough space to feel like they were alone. To her twin Teruko had this to say. "Run the rest of the way and clear the forest. If we do that we should be alright," she mentioned, knowing her brother would be at her side within seconds of completing his jutsu. Even so, something about this would likely feel a bit too easy to them, considering how easily they'd been captured in the first place. As if to mark this the white haired man would appear at Akira's left aiming a sweeping kick of his leg into the boy's torso to send him flying away from his twin and into a nearby tree.

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    In no time at all, Akira was running alongside Teruko to begin their getaway. There was a plan of escape spoken by the female twin, and the young man was certainly on board. Before he could even think to reply, though, the very man they were running from suddenly appeared to the left of him. Everything happened too quickly for Akira to even register the movement next to him, and before he knew it, the wind was being knocked from his lungs, and he was quickly flying in another direction. This movement didn't cease until it was forced to by Akira slamming into the trunk of a tree, shattering its bark and cracking the tree itself. He wasn't quite sure what, but he was quite sure something on either side of his torso had been fractured by these two impacts.

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    "Shounen, if that broke something, your body is too weak." The man said. His actions had been enough to completely halt the movements of the male twin. The female one to her credit kept running forward, before she ran up a tree and flipped upside down and over the white haired man. As she fell she aimed a drop kick on top of the man's head, which he raised an arm to meet. "Nice reflexes, kitten." The man said as he extended his arm and opened his hand to take a reversed grip of her leg and toss her in the same direction as her twin. The rather sudden change in his grip was something that Teruko wasn't prepared for, and she was soon enough having her own body add to the cracked and broken tree they were both over. She at least, had enough decency left not to land directly atop her twin, and went to his right side. "Oh hell!" she mentioned bruised feeling against her back ribs, which didn't let her know if she had actually broken anything. Even so, they obviously couldn't stop here. The hunter approached both of them at lightning speed. "This can't be all, what else?" he asked as he reached for the boy by the front of his gear aiming to lift him off the ground while he looked at the girl. "Show me something else, or this one dies here and now." As if to make clear on this threat, he aimed a simple slicing motion with the claw like nails at his right hand vertically up the boy's left cheek, aiming to draw blood here and now. They couldn't tease him with the possibility of fun, and end here.

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    "Urusai!" said Akira upon being told the apparent weakness of his body. He remained immobile while Teruko retaliated in his place, only to watch as she retrieved the same treatment as him in the end. It seemed he would then be next on the chopping block, being lifted by their attacker and having his life threatened. This was even topped off with blood being drawn from his cheek, which was something that somehow felt worse than any blade wound he'd received. In response to this, Akira grabbed this man by the collar with his left hand, while drawing his sword with his right. The blade of his sword was brought not to the man that held him, but to the back of his tekkou. "Ni no Hiken: Guren Kaina!" Akira quickly dragged his blade across the tekkou on his left hand, cutting through it while his sword caught fire. Inside his tekkou was gunpowder, which combined with his burning blade would create an explosion that usually killed anyone he managed to grab and use this technique on. In this particular case, though, he only hoped he'd be able to free himself and retreat.

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    The boy's snap reaction to being informed of his weak body, made the white haired male laugh just a little. But now, this white haired man was holding the young red haired male by his clothes and threatening him and his sister. Such tactics usually brought about more shows of skills, more interesting things. And he was not let down, soon the boy in his arms began to struggle a bit without his sister putting forth any additional efforts. The white haired male had his clothes grabbed as well, not that this put him in any sort of distress, but what followed was nearly amazing to the man. The boy used his sword to create an explosion from his wrist guards. Such a thing was nearly unheard of, and the explosion would indeed engulf the man and cause him to let go of the boy and before the dust would clear Teruko would be up and running knowing her twin would the same thing in mind. "Amazing!~" The white haired man commented, his wounds healing at an accelerated pace, but his upper torso and face had previously been covered in burns and wounds, and the upper half of his gear except his armor was also burned and singed. These little twins had been backed into the corner, and were now fleeing once more. "I was wrong, Shounen, and Kitten, you two will make fine prey!~" He called out to the pair. This only distressed Teruko as she ran.

    "Aki, are you going to be okay to keep running?" she asked simply. Broken ribs were likely on the young man's plate, but as they kept moving they'd soon enough find they were headed towards a tower in the middle of the woods. This was something she at least hadn't known was here.

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    The man's statement to the pair as they ran away sent a shiver up the male twin's spine, but this only caused him to increase the pace of his fleeing. His injuries were very much a pain to him, but he knew much worse would come if he were to slow down at all. As such, when Teruko posed an inquiry, he was very quick to respond. "No, but I'm less okay with dying! Let's go!" he said as he reached the maximum speed his current state would allow.

    Little did this pair know, their current path would soon lead them directly to another figure. This one was another male; one with a slim figure clad in a primarily red kung fu uniform with a large sedge hat upon his head to cover most of his facial features. On his back, he carried a basket of rice twice the size of his torso. He also had, under his left arm, a parcel containing a large quantity of seaweed. Aside from his obvious labors, there didn't seem to be much about this man. Sensor types would note his chakra as being exceptionally low for one who dressed like a martial artist of some sort. One could easily say this gentleman was about to have an encounter he never expected.

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