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Thread: Rozan Waterfalls

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    Moments after his hands protruded from his sleeves, the sage produced an ethereal dragon around him. This creature was golden in color, with eyes that glowed the same blue as his own. After petting the creature, he began drawing on either side of its neck with his forefinger. "A queen is a queen, no matter her age. Some people are still capable of respecting that. Others... must simply be guided to the proper path," he said. Following this assertion, his drawings came to an end. The dragon he created now bore markings very similar to the colliding swirls present on the man's forehead, with added calligraphy underneath. "The final piece to your birthright is something your dear brother had a hand in. He wouldn't know without seeing it, of course, but that doesn't matter. It's here. Your part of the Rozan." With that said, the sage waved his hand to send the dragon toward Narumi. It would do the lass no harm, but would enter her body on impact. Doing so would result in it becoming one with her, causing her to gain the markings it bore on her own flesh. "I expected you to receive yours before your brother, but this lucky coincidence made yours just a bit... different. You will love it; of that, I am sure."

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    "Hm, I suppose that is true," she knew many were capable of taking an order or two from her. Most would simply defer to her, of course, her own brother didn't know she was his sister at the time, but he'd treated her as a normal person, which was something she'd appreciated as a small child raised mostly in seclusion. She'd likely go back to that sort of lonely life, but perhaps her brother could do something about that. Moving right along, the white haired sage soon spoke of the inheritance he was going to give while drawing on a manifested dragon he'd created. "Oh? He did!? That's great," she said seemingly happy to have something which was in some way influenced by her brother. Soon enough the dragon being conjured was sent her way and she didn't run from it. It simply made contact and absorbed into her body, and it was apparently something the man she was with thought she would like. It was said the part of the Rozan which belonged to her, and she had knowledge that this man was one who gave moons to people, she deserved more than just that, and received equally to what she deserved. "Sugoi!~ Arigatou Gozaimasu~" the girl said bowing once more. The mark she'd gained from absorbing the dragon had formed on the left side of her neck in gentle red filigree which created the small swirl present on the sage's forehead and also another mark the likes of which the girl had never seen before, and wouldn't be seeing presently. "Wait, what do you mean it is different?" she asked, seeming to have forgotten that until she realized she wouldn't know what different meant in this case.

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    Narumi accepted his gift without question, much to the sage's expectation. Within seconds, he could already feel the development within her. She wondered what the difference was between this seal of hers and the original power meant to be bestowed upon her. "Each Blue Moon differs from the last. I have passed unto you the power of its tranquility, but with the influence of your brother's light. You should have no problem whatsoever convincing the island of your benevolence."

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    "Sou ka..." the girl said reaching up to touch the mark she knew to be on her neck because of its placement on the dragon. She really didn't know what else to do with it, but if the man at the waterfall said it would help her with her endeavors she supposed she had no reason to disbelieve him. She was also quite happy that her mark included a bit from both her this man, and her brother as they were two of the most important people in her life. "Thank you then, I'll make sure to put it to good use," the girl paused thinking about the best route to take to get back home. "You chose a place really far away from home, but also pretty direct. It's kind of strange, Ojii-sama~" the girl mentioned with a smile as she gave a bow. "I'll have to head out pretty soon, if I want to make the next set of boats, the one down river through the Land of Fire leaves in the late afternoon." she mentioned to explain the brevity of this meeting.

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    "I'm sure you will," he said with a smile. There was never a doubt in his mind against this one using the Blue Moon's power in an admirable way. His only worry initially was how it would be received by others, but even that train of thought had been erased thanks to the newer developments of the seal. "I did not choose to live here. This was simply where I had to be, and where I was at the end of the war in my time. Until my time as a sage is over, here is where I must remain. Come now. I can transport you where you need to be."

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    The girl smiled at the man before her. She'd always found him to be oddly understanding of these situations. As he went on to explain, how he'd ended up in this place, it'd apparently not been an active choice, but one of circumstance. "Sou ka," she said seeming to find it a bit odd that a war in his original time had been the reason behind him ending up so far away from the island which was their home. Moving right along, it seemed he was also capable of simply transporting her to where she needed to be. Such a thing made the young woman's eyes light up, it would be quite the burden of travel removed from her. "Really? You can do that? Sugoi~" she seemed excited by the prospect and stepped towards the man. "Arigatou Gozaimasu, Ojii-sama!~"

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