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    Aiko seemed to have adjusted to this new ability of hers, her first strike connected and she knew given the feeling of her hand. She found this kind of direct damage to be a bit barbaric but, she supposed she didn't have much choice, given she couldn't lose another sword before returning home. Soon enough she was ducking under this man's left arm and attacking again, but she noticed that there was much less force in the arm of his as it went over head. "Nani?" she questioned aloud. This wasn't what she expected, but she couldn't let fortune like this go to waste. She shifted around his person aiming another deep puncture towards his left kidney hoping to finally fell him. Or at least keep him from attacking. She didn't know what to make of his new ability of hers, she could only assume it was some sort of poison, which only made her wonder how long this man's death would actually take. 'Sou ka, to hunt a great beast, become beast-like, and injure it with something it can't fight against. That kinda makes sense... I don't get why against people though...' she thought after the fact.

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    While he could not see whether his arm connected with its intended target or not, Lo'lo' felt the girl's claws pierce his flesh once more. This confirmed that he had not landed the strike. Also, with Aiko's second claw attack, he was able to feel the effects occurring within his transformed body. His flesh was being eaten away by this acidic substance, and it was weakening his nerves long before this erosion even began. Somehow though, his fur remained intact. "You've got some nasty tricks. Whatever. I'll crush you anyway, and we'll all have you for dinner!" It seemed, the longer this man was in this form, the more primal he became. His next action was to turn toward Aiko and perform a simple clap, though he did so with enough power to send another gale her way. In doing this, his left arm ceased to be of use, as if the poison was strong enough to eat through the entire massive limb in only about a minute.

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    "Sumimasen, I didn't know I could do that until just now," the girl said in a strangely apologetic fashion. As she looked the man over she was able to confirm the movement of her chakra within him as a poison but that was a bit stranger than normal. It was like her own was taking over to an extreme extent and soon enough she'd get confirmation of this. The man's clap soon came her way, sending a gale force blast at the girl which she couldn't really avoid. She was sent flying away but much like before she was able to brace herself so she didn't fly into anything massive. "And please tell me, it is the beast thing getting to you, and you don't actually eat people." she added when she stood again dusting herself off. She was approaching the large beast again, but she seemed to be doing so much more markedly. She knew this man to be more the warrior type, informing him of his impending demise likely wouldn't go over well, so she readied herself for her final stand. She stood in front of him and exhaled once slowly but surely, and then she launched herself forward, aiming to strike again, this time in about the place this man's heart should be. She aimed to kill him with this strike and hopefully end his suffering.

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    By the time Aiko questioned his most recent threat, there were no more words to come from the man known as Lo'lo'. It seemed this transformation had indeed taken hold over him, which had been the downfall of many of his clansmen, unbeknownst to him. The implementation of Yin chakra to the body had woken the dormant beast within, taking away reason with each passing second. Otherwise, he likely would have done something about the attack encroaching upon his heart, having realized the poison had an effect on him. But, alas... he was struck. A mighty roar reached to the sky as his own veins carried the poison throughout his body, degrading him from within. Soon enough, the screams would die down, and nothing would be left of Lo'lo' besides a massive pelt of fur.

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    Aiko's final strike found its home, just as this man became more beast than human being. She didn't doubt that he likely would have tried to consume her if he'd been given the opportunity, but this time, it wasn't to be. His cries rang out over the night, and unlike most, Aiko stayed and watched as this man met his demise. She didn't feel particularly bad about this situation, and instead took a deep breath after having the entire situation finally end.

    "Yare yare, Onii-sama didn't tell me enough about that, it was actually sort of dangerous," she muttered just before she opened the scroll she would use to seal away the giant fur left behind by the man. The poison she possessed by virtue of existing was quite unlike anything she'd ever figured possible. Even so, she rather calmly used the seal to make her kill something more convenient to carry. Once she was finished she tucked the scroll back into her obi and looked around at the mayhem created by her first real hunting experience. She took note of the remaining things belonging to this man, a gauntlet and a set of armor which she propped up using the scabbard of her shattered blade. She wasn't a collector of armor so she thought to leave it in memorial to the man she'd killed here. And when she was done she sighed. "Ah, it's gonna take like two weeks to get back..." she thought as she started to walk through these woods towards her destination, once she reached a different space, she'd take an easier method of travel.

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