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    Benihime saw and felt the confusion coming off her cousin. She couldn't help but think that perhaps she'd thrown him a bit. Even so, she couldn't help but shrug. "The sort of life where nothing is free nor usually very fun. Too many titles come with responsibility, I generally expect it now. But... I like not having to do extra stuff... so I'll let this go~" Benihime said. True to the Kazekage's words, she was in general required to be more than normally responsible at all times. Usually in caring for large groups of people and doing all sorts of things most wouldn't have thought she had a mind to do on her own. Right now though it appeared she'd get to be a bit spoiled, which wasn't really something she'd gotten used to at any point in her life. The Kazekage would soon enough be found happily slouching in one of the chairs, a bit disappointed by the lack of comfort in this, but still not all together unsatisfied.

    The start of this festival would honor her and her son, and apparently the Sanjikai as well. But within a couple of hours, after eating and relaxing for a couple of hours the woman would be seen finishing a cup of tea with a smirk on her face enjoying the light warmth of the sun of on her face. The cup would just disappear from her hands, with people moving all around her and the entire group doing various things for them in such a way which made the woman's eyes widen. "This is nice for a day or two, but I am pretty sure it would drive me crazy regularly. So are we gonna do the thing now?"

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    Standing at Benihime's left side was Kouen, who kept his arms crossed as he watched the entertainment of the Fire Festival take place. With the passage of time, came the realization of Benihime that this would become tedious for her as a regular activity. "It isn't so frequent that you would be bothered. There are different activities at each festival, as well," he said. Following this, there was the question of whether they would be doing "the thing" or not. Kouen grinned. "Since you asked so nicely..." Without further ado, Kouen uncrossed his arms and curled the fingers of his left hand until a fist was formed. This fist would immediately be pulled back, only to be launched at full force toward the face of the sitting Kazekage.

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    Over time, it was explained to Benihime that this sort of festival didn't take place often enough to be taxing. And besides that the other festivals had different activities and that their variety made them all interesting. This was good enough news for the Kazekage, as she always thought these sorts of things were boring, but then again, she was always in charge of them at home, it was sort of nice not to have to do anything for once. "Hm, well that at least means I'll have a reason to sneak out every once in a while," the Kazekage said rather wistfully. She'd not really had much interesting on her plate in a while, and with the return of the Nidaime Kazekage she had a bit more freedom to come and go as she pleased. Something she was presently taking advantage of.

    Even so, the man at her left seemed to find something in her previous statement funny. A large grin spread across his face, and Benihime flicked her eyes away from the crowd to know what was coming next, the man was clenching his fist but by the time it was launched, the Kazekage was already prepared. A quick upward movement would end with the red haired young woman balanced atop the man's extended fist. "En-nii, you seem a bit slow now," she mentioned cheekily as she aimed to immediately drill his face with her right fist thrice in rapid succession.

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    Kouen's knuckles felt nothing when his fist moved forward. He did, however, receive the feeling of a shoe upon the back of his hand. "Do I? That's funny," he said in response to being called slow. "You seem a bit green." By the time Benihime's fist moved, Kouen was already dealing with the fact that she was perched atop his hand. A strong, upward swing of his left arm aimed to launch Benihime into the air above him, briefly removing her from his personal space while nullifying her punch trio. Kouen would then aim his right fist upward, intending to meet the Kazekage's torso with a mighty blow and juggle her upward whenever she came down.

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    "Gone color blind?" was the young woman's instant response to being called green in any way. Of course, this wasn't a fight to the death or anything of the sort, but even she had to admit Kouen would be more than a handful if she hadn't the amount of experience in fighting and killing that she did. His response to her handling atop the back of his hand was to throw her up into the air, with a swift lift of the arm she was balanced upon. Her eyes widened but she never thought to fight against such movements, she simply let herself be tossed into the air, with a giggle to ensue. But soon enough she was falling back and a fight was coming towards her abdomen. She twisted her body and aimed her own right fist downward to meet said fist so that when they'd connect a shockwave would be created by the physical force of their meeting, aiming to radiate down into Kouen's arm and up into her own. "Still strong though, I see~" the Kazekage would mention as she flipped from her current airborne position back towards the ground twisting until she was properly back in the upright position.

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    "If the idea helps you sleep at night, then sure," was Kouen's retort. His upward punch would then be met by the downswing of Benihime's fist, nullifying the impact on either end while also giving Kouen a solid idea of what this woman could now produce. When she twisted about to land properly, Kouen took a moment to look at his fist and bask in the moment of this collision. "Not bad. I guess now it's time t-" The red-haired man's statement would never have a chance to finish. As Kouen attempted to speak, a white light flashed between himself and Benihime, albeit closer to the latter. Youko reemerged from this, carrying with him a box of cakes from elsewhere on the island. "Really? I leave for ten minutes, and I miss a fight? Or... interrupt one. Whatever. Here," he said, tossing a single tag with a seal on it. Linked to this tag was another Hiraishin seal to a specific kunai left in Kirigakure, where he'd so recently been. "You should go to that," he concluded. With that, he turned his attention to Kouen. "So, we're good to have as many of these cakes as we want here, right? These... specially made for the festival, not to leave the island due to the secret recipe... cakes?" Kouen gave a stern nod in response to this, making Youko grin. "Cool. Leaving the island with the cakes now. Sankyuu!" Without another moment of hesitation, or another word shared, Youko vanished again.

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    "Sure thing~" said Benihime as she landed shaking off the feeling of her hand. "Somehow still better than the Chidori meeting Rasengan..." she said of the feeling in her hand, rather fond of the fact she could still feel her fingers. But before she could get into whatever the red haired man was about to say next because her husband flashed between them handing off a tag and complaining that she'd started a fight while he was gone. "Oi, it is a normal thing. I already told ya' this is how we love each other..." she said of herself and Kouen, but apparently it was more important that she go to wherever this tag was so she paused, holding the tag in one hand she'd flash a kunai with her own seal on it, into her hand and toss it at Kouen's feet. "Keep that, and dont let Kouha and Kougyoku have it, they'd annoy me. We can finish this later, and it will be good if ya' wanna say hi or something. I gotta go see about a thing, Ja~" she said quickly before anything else could be said the young woman would disappear in a crimson flash.

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