Personal Profile

Name: Kogara Satoshi
Age: 3000+
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 183 lbs
Hair Style/Color: He has very long, purple hair tied in a ponytail. He also has a long, thin ahoge that sticks straight up.
Eye Color: Golden
Attire: He wears floor-length purple and white robes over his shihakusho and haori, a white turban with feather decorations, and pointed red shoes. He also wears a lot of jewelry (bangle, necklace, ring, etc.), with each piece being of incredibly high value.

Combat Profile

Division: 8th
Rank: Captain

Combat Style:


Enrai (遠雷, Distant Thunder) does not take the form of traditional Zanpakuto in its sealed state. Instead, it has the form of a scimitar with a green handle and a red gem in its pommel. The guard features seven serpent tail designs overlapping each other to form a flower-like pattern.

Shikai: Its release command is Otsu (堕つ, Crash). Enrai becomes a long, double-edged sword. A second red gem appears at the center of its guard, and dragon claws appear to grasp at each end of the guard, as well as the base of the blade.

  • Shikai Special Ability: Enrai has the power to generate lightning from its blade. It can be created to such an extent that, if released into the sky, it appears even larger than a natural lightning bolt. Enrai is a powerful Zanpakuto, capable of creating entire thunderstorms by channeling its power into the sky.
  • Raiken Shikiten (雷剣式典, Lightning Sword Ceremony): Satoshi draws lightning down from the sky. Once the lightning has been summoned and stored in the sword, it releases an enormous lightning blast able to fill the sky with light. This attack is powerful enough to level a mountain range.

Bankai: Kandenshigaryuu (感電死牙竜, Electrocution Dragon's Fang): In this equip, Satoshi takes on the appearance of a dragon and gets two horns and a jewel on his forehead and an elaborate necklace along with blue scale-like armor over parts of his body and a long tail. He remains able to attack with lightning in this form, and gains the ability to fly even within the walls of the Seireitei.

  • Bankai Special Ability: Kandenshigaryuu boasts a far more powerful form of Enrai's lightning generation. Even the power of Raiken Shikiten pales in comparison to a casual emission from a swing of Satoshi's sword in Bankai. His ability to create lightning is spread to the scales of his Bankai as well, allowing him to loop it back into his body to allow his muscle tissue to reach its maximum potential, exponentially increasing his strength and speed.
  • Raiken Shikiten Haizetsu (雷剣式典廃絶, Lightning Sword Ceremony Extinction): Satoshi creates a giant circular seal in the sky, using his Zanpakuto's ability to create storms to absorb all the lightning from the clouds into the circle. With the command Otsu (堕つ, Crash), Satoshi calls forth a humongous blast of electricity, using everything within the circle to incinerate his target and leave a massive crater in the ground.