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Thread: Onmitsukido Training Ground

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    Onmitsukido Training Ground

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    Led by one Han Juri, Raizen set foot on the training grounds used by the Onmitsukidou. His intention here was to master a skill he had, in all technicality, stolen from the woman in question. "Nice place. If being a Lieutenant doesn't work out, I might take you up on that offer just for the scenery. What rank were you offering again?" he asked simply to keep up a bit of light conversation en route to whatever specific place they were meant to stop.

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    Juri sucked her teeth at the idea that this young man would want to change to her organization if being a Lieutenant didn't work out for him. "Yeah, yeah, we were offering one of the Corps Commander positions. Both the Detention Unit and Inner Court Troop need one. But I guess I'll have to filter through them later~" she said of both of them. Moving right along the woman came to a stop right in front of the river which sat in front of two large mountains which perfectly framed a setting sun. "Alright, show me what you got so far." the woman said as she began bouncing on her toes and stretching her legs, figuring most likely a more hands on approach would eventually be necessary.

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    "On second thought... both of those sound horrible. I especially have an issue with becoming a messenger," he commented. Though heading the Detention Unit wasn't an absolutely awful idea, when considering the intellect of those inside the Maggot's Nest, he thought it best to avoid such a thing indefinitely. Now that they had reached their ultimate destination, Raizen took note of Juri's preparatory stance, and steadied his own breathing. "Alright... here we go." Without further ado, Raizen channeled Kidou through his body until an electrical surge of Reiryoku erupted from him. It primarily struck outward from his back and arms, seeming completely erratic. "Phew. Sorry for the wait. I didn't know it would be so bothersome using this twice in one day."

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    "You wouldn't be a messenger, you'd be the messenger. It's just a job title, don't stress over it~" Juri replied without seeming to have much care one way or another. She'd already resigned herself to having to scout the Academy once again looking for future potential recruits, she'd just been a tad bitter that the cream of the crop had been grabbed up so quickly. It seemed to take him a few minutes to properly prepare the technique but once he did, he had it, albeit in a very erratic form. The woman mostly barefoot took this moment to move around him and have a look at him from all angles, before she spoke. "Really that's a pretty solid second attempt. And it's tiring because you're doing too much. But... it's a bit weird to explain." she said standing before the young man and taking a strange stance she extended her right arm gathering energy within herself.

    "First off, it will be easier if you try and gather all the energy at once, between your shoulder blades before you release it to the rest of your body. It has to feel all tingly before you release it. With it as a center point, it will only break away the fabric of your clothing right across your shoulders and it will allow the energy to flow evenly from a central point of your body out to your limbs," she explained demonstrating a similar from to the one Raizen had just shown but her eletrical reiryoku was much more controlled than his, creating a crackling halo around her body which was dense but also didn't shred her attire. "It's less tiring this way... though it will still use up a lot of energy the first few times you work on it. If you want to make some adjustments go ahead, then come and show me how you use it~" the woman mentioned lifting her right leg at a high angle close to her chest preparing for either offense or defense centered around her legs.

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    "Too much, huh?" he questioned in rhetoric, moving on to observing the activation of the Shunkou technique by Juri herself. With this show of ability, Juri also offered an explanation for how he could have an easier time initiating and controlling the Kidou being released from his body. She went on to take a fighting stance, as if to imply she wished to test his abilities in the most direct manner. First, though, Raizen took a moment to focus his Shunkou until he achieved something much more similar to what Juri showcased. He could easily agree that this felt less straining in a big way, but now, there was something he had to address. Juri obviously expected a show of skill using Shunkou, and he was sure to provide it. "Ikuzou," he said immediately prior to dashing toward her. He seemed to be on a rather straightforward path, but just before being in reach, he changed directions and darted to the woman's left side. From there, he kicked out with his right leg, aiming to sweep his shin into the back of Juri's head with the power granted to him by this technique.

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    After a few moments, Raizen seemed to take the lessons Juri offered to heart, gaining a more controllable form of his Shunko. 'Prodigy is about the right word for this...' the woman thought as she saw a young man seem to take her perfected form of combat to a useable form in just a few moments with very little instruction necessary to guide him. Soon after the boy announced he was ready to begin the spar, she'd so casually implied by her change in stance and this was more exciting than anything else to Juri, who waited to find out what the young man had planned directly. His straightforward path soon enough led to a shift left and up with the young man's shin threatening to collide with the back of her head. But a rotation on her ground bound left heel allowed her to shift her body around so that she could kick her right leg up and back in a sweeping sort of motion aiming to stop the momentum of his kick and with a further push of the spin send him even further away. But her attack wouldn't stop there, if it connected she'd immediately launch from her extended leg a series of electrical energy bursts following the arcs of her legs movements to chase him down aiming to crash into him.

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    While Raizen expected an opponent of such status to have no issues deflecting his attack, he still managed to be impressed by how easily the reaction had come from the Commander-in-Chief. What's more, she quickly and adeptly transitioned directly into an offense after using her parry to create space between them. He was launched back, and subsequently targeted with a series of ranged lightning attacks. To deal with this, Raizen employed a short series of back-flips to gain control over his backward movement. Said control, once achieved, allowed him to transition into cartwheels and spinning maneuvers to slip around Juri's attacks while pushing himself forward. The closer he got to the Commander-in-Chief during this assault, the faster he forced himself to move as compensation for the lessened reaction time he was being given by the proximity to the attacks' source. Soon enough, though, he was close enough to hop into the air immediately over the woman's head, flipping forward to bring his right heel down upon her head.

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    Juri watched this young man's transitions, with a smile on her face. Though she still felt it was obvious that she was far ahead, she could see the potential in him. After using some superior dodging tactics the young man launched himself again towards the Commander-in-Chief. This time he chose to speed up as he got closer, likely aiming to help make contact by trying to decrease the possible reaction time. "That's good, I'm impressed," the woman said as she rose her right leg against the downward falling foot. "But it's not quite fast enough yet. You can definitely get more out of it than that~" she said. Her leg was aimed previously only to stop his movement shifted, as she bounced off the ground with her left leg and rotated within a second of the movement so that she could use her left leg to kick the boy up in the air and a quick spinning maneuver would allow her to do the same thing with her right leg. Her aim to do this in a quick trio of movements before moving above the young man with this circular motion and aiming a fourth and final kick to send him rocketing towards the ground again. The entire time she did this, a somewhat sadistic smile was surfacing on her face, Juri was shifting becoming something of a different person as this sparring match carried on.

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    "So I've seen," was Raizen's response to the claim that he could get more out of his efforts. He had already taken something from this encounter, and he intended to make use of this at his earliest convenience. The time would not come immediately however, as Juri followed her second deflection with a series of three upward kicks. Raizen crossed his arms and tucked in his legs to absorb as much of the impact from the first blow as possible, and this continued to aid him for the two following strikes. After being launched into the air, he hoped he would gain a moment to compose himself. This was not to be. Much to the Lieutenant's dismay, a fourth strike was delivered, this time from above. He was rapidly jettisoned toward the ground after such an attack, finding himself facing upwards at the woman as he fell. 'Sugoi. Even in this state, there's still a podium I can't reach...' he thought. As this thought passed through his mind, and while still descending, a grin passed Raizen's visage. This was accompanied by the raising of his right fist toward the airborne Juri. This resulted in a wave of Kidou energy being shot upward in an attempt to strike the woman while she was above him.

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