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Thread: [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute

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    [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute

    The main function of the S.R.D.I. is to research and develop new technology and spiritual tools. They have invented countless items. Throughout the day and night, experiments are conducted at the Reinō Spiritual Ability Research Facility to develop new spiritual tools and instruments. The department brings together the Soul Society's top technicians, who were recruited by Ayatsuki Akiko. The second function of the S.R.D.I. is to measure spiritual waves and oversee communications. The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab closely monitors the world of the living to ensure spiritual stability. The Communications Research Section oversees transmissions between the Human world and Soul Society, carrying out the other important function of the institute. If an incident occurs, things become pretty hectic, but otherwise, it is usually slow.

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    After a departure from a training ground of the Onmitsukidou, the new Lieutenant of the 10th Division encroached upon the institute owned and operated primarily by the 12th Division. The question of why he was here stuck in his mind, but there was no point silently wondering when he could simply enter the building and find out. As such, he let himself into the building, assuming whoever called him here would be somewhere nearby to meet him.

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    Soon after his arrival, Raizen would indeed be greeted but not in any conventional way. An apparently young looking woman approached, with a small pair of spectacles over the bridge of her nose. She had on a pair of red capri pants with a black belt and a large bell on it. Her lab coat seemed to be a modified haori with large closed paw like sleeves each of which had large cuts in the side which her hands slipped out of and were attached to golden rings around both of her wrists. The strangest thing about the modified haori lab coat was that it had two large openings at the middle one in the front which exposed her navel and waist line and one in the back which allowed two pink cat tails tipped in white to move about freely. The young woman's pink hair seemed to be done up in cat ear like fashion, but upon close enough inspection would could actually see a legitimate pair of twitching cat ears nestled into to her hair. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she approached Raizen, but before anything else she reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a small pink lollipop unwrapping it before unceremoniously aiming to shove it into the mouth of the Lieutenant. It would taste of strawberries and aid in the quick restoration of his beaten body, lest she have to deal with him, passing out before she finished her research session. "Ah, so you're this new Lieutenant everyone's been talking about. Had a busy day I see... wanna tell me about it?" the woman asked as she removed a silver colored lollipop for herself and had at it.

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    "Ohayou gozaima-" Raizen's greeting to the woman who came to meet him was cut short, interestingly enough by the woman herself. A lollipop being shoved into his mouth cut short an introduction which would have otherwise accompanied a bow, but judging by the speech which followed, this Captain was interested in getting straight to business. "... Sou ka. You really do have surveillance all over the place. You want to know about the Menos in the world of the living, don't you?" he questioned while momentarily removing the lollipop from his mouth, finding it to be a shockingly refreshing thing for a simple confection. Of course, he also made the hasty assumption that there was nothing "simple" about it, or anything else in this building.

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    The boy's initial speech was cut short, as he seemed to enjoy the lollipop he'd been rather forcefully given. He seemed to think she was watching all over the place which was partially true, but also not nefarious. "Ensuring the spiritual stability of the Material World is part of the job of this organization. We are always monitoring things, though it isn't outright surveillance in most cases, Juri wouldn't like if we encrouched upon her territory that much. But when very large disturbances happen during our normal operations, causes a bit of a fuss around here," she said. Her morning and early afternoon had been quite busy finding out about everything related to the Hollow attacks in the Material World earlier in the day, beyond that there was also the matter of the group of academy students which had been involved. "Besides that new things are interesting, and unlike the old, I believe the reports that something new was seen. So... tell me." she said, seeming to want to know more about this situation than anything else. "Also make sure you finish that lollipop, it will help you recover from the busyness of your day and ensure you don't pass out mid-conversation," said the obvious Captain of the Twelfth Division.

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    "Which is why Juri doesn't know about the observational equipment in this territory you speak of... right?" he asked, though mostly in rhetoric to follow-up on the Captain's initial clause. As he walked closer to the woman, he tossed the lollipop back into his mouth. The commentary about said lollipop was along the lines of what he expected after first tasting it. "I figured as much. I'll be fine regardless, but I can gladly accept a hundred percent over sixty," he said, casually stepping around the area within the lab. "What I saw... no... what I fought was a Menos. No ordinary Hollow could have shown so much power that it dwarfed the large Menos we know of. Speaking of the large Menos..." As he spoke, Raizen walked around the laboratory until he reached a large monitor that drew his attention more than most. A series of key presses pulled up the footage of his time in the human world, and Raizen manipulated the video feed until he could stop on the Gillian he'd first encountered. He seemed not to have a care in the world that he had tampered with the machinery in this lab without permission, or even a request. His attention now was solely on the information at hand. "Unless our books were outdated in the Shinou Academy, a Menos with a unique mask is unheard of. More importantly... look at its mannerisms. It has intelligence. It watched me kill it, obeyed the orders of the stronger Hollow, and probably would have done more if given a chance to live."

    "Nii-san's right," said a youthful voice belonging to a boy, who suddenly stood between and behind Raizen and this division's Captain. He had golden eyes and tousled, white-blue hair kept out of his line of sight by a headband. "Menos are stupid because of how many souls they have in one body. This one's... less stupid," he said. During this speech, Raizen looked toward the boy through the corner of his eye. "Konbanwa... Tatsu."

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    There was no confirmation or denial of the surveillance equipment obviously being employed by the leader of the twelfth division. As they stood within her laboratory the young man she'd requested to come here seemed to have no problem manipulating the machinery around while he explained his stance on the situation which had occurred earlier in the day. To be honest this was quite refreshing for the Captain as she'd not found an intelligence like this that she'd not cultivated herself in quite a while. Soon enough a pale small boy appeared between herself and the young Vice-Captain. A smirk came to her face. "Tatsu-chan~, why didn't you tell me there were more clever people in the Academy with you? I would have recruited him too~" said the captain, she'd really wanted a first hand account to go along with her video footage and it seemed she'd gotten a bit more than that.

    "I know the books aren't outdated. In fact they are updated every decade or so, so this unique mask thing is totally new," said the woman as she pushed the small spectacles up onto her nose a bit further with a single finger. "Beyond that there is quite a bit of suspicion around this particular Material World excursion, apparently it wasn't originally sanctioned, and no one knows how it got approved," said the woman as she began pacing, doing so allowed the tails on her person to sway gently as she moved about a light jingle being heard every few steps. "Hm, I should...devise a way to go there and have a direct look. I already got approval to look into it more directly, if Hollows are becoming organized, and displaying higher intelligence it will be worth looking into."

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    "Hm?" the boy named Tatsuya questioned immediately. Upon doing so, he tilted his head and raised a single brow. "I thought they were someone else's project already," he said, much to the surprise of Raizen himself. The Vice-Captain immediately went about shifting the subject. "So, if that trip wasn't sanctioned, who was the cause of it? More importantly, what sort of Hollows are we dealing with that we didn't previously know about something superior to a Menos? I wouldn't mind going on this excursion with you, if you don't mind the extra company."

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    The Captain of the Twelfth Division heard out what her Lieutenant had to say about his lack of explanation of Raizen during his recruitment in the year previous. Of course, Raizen himself was soon changing the subject, and luckily enough the shortened attention span of the Captain would result in her temporarily dropping the subject, likely only to remember it at some time in the distant future. "They are looking into the people who opened the Senkaimon for the group originally, it is apparently a rather large deal to most that so many potentially good prospects were nearly lost. It is surprising, in fact that the only one killed was the teacher, the immature souls should have been much easier to capture and eat," she said of the situation surrounding the Academy. As for the matter of the Menos themselves, a bit of a sadistic grin came to the woman's face and her twin tails seemed to start moving even faster in this moment. "To be fair, the only thing I've thought so far is that they are advanced in intelligence enough to understand they are being hunted and are in fact actively avoiding us. You know, doing things like staying away purposefully from areas where Shinigami are who can possibly defeat them, or even setting up elaborate traps to capture us instead..." her eyes narrowed in this moment, she knew it sounded crazy, but aside from a few in this group of Academy Students who were better at fighting than most, the entire class and a capable Shinigami could have been slaughtered and eaten this morning. And in fact, if not for the interference of the young man presently in the room this was the most likely outcome, even with the duo of exceedingly good students in the group. "And I am presently under the impression that you are clever enough to know how I came to that conclusion~" she said only turning to say one name. "YONSOKEI!!!" aiming to call another being to her presence. "You can come if you want, I've seen your performances this day and an extra pair of inquisitive hands is always a good thing to have around. Just know that I personally take no responsibility for anything which happens to you, and in the case of your untimely demise I will use your remains for my own scientific endeavors."

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    "I wouldn't quite say that. There was a strong survival instinct in a couple of those students. If not for the fact that they weren't individually given Jigokuchou for some reason, they would have dealt with the problem and cleared the area before the Menos arrived. I wasn't needed until the Menos, after all," Raizen said as he continued scanning the material world recording. Upon finally moving away from it, he looked with narrow eyes in the Captain's direction. "Those are some heavy implications. I'm not saying I disagree, but... this entire situation begs the question: What sort of Hollow feels the need to trap a Shinigami, unless it's seeking something other than the filling of the void inside it?" This query, much like a previous one, was nothing more than rhetoric meant to keep the mind working. While he continued to contemplate, the call of Akiko resulted in the appearance of a blonde male with machinery on his arms, leading up his shoulders and neck until reaching his face. His eyes, as well, were obviously not organic; they were yellow with black sclerae. "What would you have of me today, Ayatsuki-taichou?" he asked. The boy named Tatsuki exhaled deeply when this greeting occurred, turning his head away as if disgusted. "I'm going too."

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