Personal Profile

Name: Okawa Atsushi
Age: 648
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Style/Color: He has short greyish-brown, mostly unkempt hair that naturally falls to either side of his face.
Eye Color: Grey
Attire: Atsushi wears a customized Shihakushou designed like the human world's modern formal shirts. His haori is also unique in that it has the design of a doctor's coat, including a breast pocket.

Combat Profile

Division: 4th
Rank: Captain

Combat Style:


Sansenka (三仙蚊, Trident Mosquito): Sansenka is a Zanpakutou in the form of an ordinary katana with a white hilt. Its guard is in the shape of a double-helix.

Shikai: Its release command is Utsushita (移す, Infect). Sansenka's Shikai is a rapier whose tip has the likeness of a needle, and the guard becomes akin to a syringe's tube with five loaders. The new guard is surrounded by four wings which protrude downward toward the pommel.
Spoiler Spoiler:

  • Shikai Special Ability: The basic principle behind Sansenka's ability is to inject an incurable disease into the victim with the tip of the blade. Atsushi fills the tube of Sansenka with his Reiatsu, varying the amount each chamber to determine what disease is created. Atsushi uses this ability to heal any disease by infecting an individual with its polar opposite, cancelling the negative effects of both diseases in the process.


  • Bankai Special Ability: