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Thread: Forest of Menos

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    Forest of Menos

    The Forest of Menos (メノスの森, Menosu no Mori) is an area below the surface of Hueco Mundo's desert where the average Hollow hide from the Arrancar.

    The forest is filled with large trees made of a silvery quartz substance. These trees extend to the surface and dot the landscape of the desert in Hueco Mundo. Arrancar have a considerable amount of influence here, judging by a large group of Hollow bowing down upon seeing an Arrancar. Countless Gillian class Hollow live here and follow the commands of the Guardian of the Forest of Menos and his followers. The Adjuchas in charge of the Forest of Menos are under the command of a few select Vasto Lordes.

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    Soon enough, the group of people would be crossing into the Menos Forest through a portal opened in the Twelfth Division's Sixth Laboratory. Out of this portal came a pink haired woman with two cat tails and a pair of cat ears. She pushed spectacles up onto her nose as she stepped out and grinned. "Oh, this place is really different. This is much better than trying to analyze it through video feed," the woman mentioned in case any one happened to be interested in the parts of her research which took place long before the individuals present would have been thinking about such things. As she looked up, she took in the sights of quartz like trees and desert sand.

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    "I can leave more sources if you want," said the youngest of this group, who was the second to walk through the Garganta. The boy immediately spread his arms, allowing ten white snakes to emerge from his over-sized sleeves. The eyes on these snakes were exactly like his own, and in fact, he shared their vision. Yonsokei, the mechanical male figure who emerged afterwards, said nothing. The Lieutenant named Raizen, however...

    "Sugoi. I didn't expect the home of Hollows to have trees, but the material is a nice touch," he said simply to address the aesthetics of the area. The more he looked around, though, the more Gillian-class Menos he saw. "Now... where are the..." His statement paused briefly, as there were numerous standard Hollows quickly approaching the group. An almost ethereal glow swept across the area surrounding the Shinigami when Raizen drew his sword, as he quickly maneuvered around the others to cleave through the mask of each Hollow near them. When he sheathed his blade, he exhaled and felt open enough to complete his clause. "... other Menos."

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    "Hai, that will be good. I don't know how much more information and proof I will need later," said the woman who was already apparently thinking about things far into the future of herself and probably most of the Seireitei. As she looked up towards the sky she found it strange. "It seems like we're under something..." she said seeming to not be bothered by the approach of numerous Menos. Soon enough, Raizen was taking care of it anyways, and so far as anyone could tell, this woman wasn't even armed. "I wonder how far up that goes, how to get to the light," soon though the woman's ears twitched and she remembered what she was here for. The Menos so recently murdered by Raizen. "Right, not here to study the environment. Here to find the strange Menos," she said remembering the important information. "Yonsokei, bait the area," it was an order which was something apparently simply done, she intended to draw more Hollows to the area if only to see if any of the interesting ones would come to the surface.

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    When the Captain mentioned feeling as if they were underneath something, Raizen's gaze rose to the apparent roof of this forest. The trees seemed to reach this roof, and what's more, there were light-giving holes scattered along the platform as well. After seeing this, Raizen immediately brought his gaze to the ground beneath them. There, he took note of the sand, which showed itself in larger piles directly beneath the holes above. "The Hollow world is a desert. I wonder if it's anything like..." He stopped himself there for some reason or another, choosing to address Akiko's change in subject. "Surely though, you would be interested in taking a bit of a detour once we have the information we came for."

    Moments later, Yonsokei held out his left hand. A segment in his palm opened, preparing to release a special Hollow-attracting bait, but the hand of Raizen stopped it from doing so. "Gomen. I have a better idea," he said as he stepped away from the android and out into the open. "I don't know if you finished watching that recording or not, but I never killed that last Menos. We tied, and he ran back here. I assume things will be much easier, Taichou, if I call out the one that probably wants my head for the state I sent him back to his 'brothers' in." As he spoke, Raizen's Reiatsu flared. Though he was very much a young Lieutenant, his energy output seemed much closer to that of a moderately fresh Captain. "Think this will be enough, or should I go for a bit more?"

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    Akiko noted the easy transition in conversation, and after the young man addressed her need to know what was going on above them. "Yes, I plan a bit of a detour anyways, so long as nothing too frightening happens. But I want to know why you stopped speaking a moment ago, got a comparison you'd like to share with your friendly scientist expedition leader?" this was a coy question and for the most part just a curiosity.

    But before anything could be properly addressed it seemed that Raizen had something to say about the method of attracting a bit of attention. And went on to showcase something in particular which made the young woman's eyes widen quite a bit. "Well, of course I watched the tapes until the end. A couple of times even... but... that doesn't really explain why you're so strong." she said her eyes now locked on the young man. However he chose to attract attention, soon enough they'd be approached by a large hollow shaped a bit like a salamander. "YOU CAME TO ME THIS TIME! I'M ABOUT TO HAVE A DELIVERED MEAL!" the hollow seemed to have a bit of personality to it, and most definitely was quite original in its look. "Well would you look at that..." the woman said her head tilting to the right as she studied this new thing right before her eyes. "That is a lot of talk from something we generally assume is mindless...." she said of the Hollow seeming to compare the knowledge of this to nothing else she'd seen before. "Oh and you brought something for my Brothers too!~" this Hollow didn't seem to fear these Shinigami at all, and instead seemed to think he was about to make a meal of all present.

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    "I was just thinking aloud," was Raizen's response to the matter of his halted speech. He moved on to acting as bait for Hollows - specifically the one he'd so recently collided with - only diverting his attention when something was mentioned regarding his alleged strength. When he turned to look at Akiko, he looked almost confused. "What do you mean? I didn't exactly win that fight," he said.

    It didn't take long for Hollows to begin approaching, but the pleasant surprise came in the arrival of one specific Menos who seemed to have an eye for Raizen. Just the same, Raizen had a bone to pick with him. "Well, I do have something of a meal for you," he said to the Hollow before spitting out the lollipop stick left over from the treat he'd been given right before this excursion. This had all occurred just in time for him to fully recover by the effects of the lollipop. "Forgive me if I'm overstepping a boundary or two, but I'm taking this one for myself. Don't worry... I won't get in the way of the other ones." Without further ado, Raizen employed the technique known as Shunkou, sparking a continuous release of Kidou energy from his body with the main focal points being his back and arms. He had previously utilized this against this very same Hollow, but now, he showcased a more adept usage of it as he beckoned the creature toward himself.

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    "I don't believe you," was the immediate retort of the Captain, but she didn't press the matter further. She'd find out what she wanted at some point in the future, she always did. "Really I can't believe you haven't noticed the quality of your Reiatsu already. Or maybe no one has told you, but as it stands... you're putting out enough to make me believe you were just made a Captain and not a Lieutenant, you can't really be so blind to that, or maybe... you haven't noticed yet because it really is your first day," the scientist of a woman seemed a bit shocked that this all wasn't obvious. Losing a fight was one thing, and usually just a matter of experience, but this boy was full of raw power, which was something quite unexpected in addition to his already showcased skills. Beyond this point a hollow soon enough surfaced and it was the one from previous recordings. "Hmm, you are crossing about 4 boundaries, but I'm part cat, I don't think I care about rules and regulations that much. Go ahead, I'll finish taking my measurements and readings..." said the woman who didn't seem at all unduly influenced. Though to be fair in this moment, Raizen was just as much a noteworthy subject of study as the hollows they were here for.

    The Salamander Hollow was also taking in Raizen's form and his bettered use of the technique he'd tried before. "Oh, great. You got better, you'll be an even tastier meal now!~" this hollow then began charging up a rather large fireball like cero in its mouth before firing it off in a beam like fashion aiming to go straight through Raizen and anyone or anything else in the vicinity. All the while the Captain of the 12th Division looked on in awe, 'Sugoi, it's not even been that long, and he has that much control. That technique looks dangerously close to Juri's use of it... he couldn't have...'

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    "Good for me, then. That just tells me I'm even closer to achieving my goals. Honestly, though, I'm a bit disappointed if that's really the case." Not only Akiko, but the other two as well, seemed to be fine with Raizen claiming this Hollow as his own fight. In fact, Yonsokei and Tatsuya had already begun clearing out the other Hollows in the vicinity, leaving Raizen free to have his fight. "You really are spliced, huh? That's intriguing. I love cats. We should go for tea," he said with a grin. His eyes were still locked on to the salamander Hollow before him. The beast rather quickly resorted to its fire-attribute Cero, which Raizen faced with open hands. "Gomen, gomen. I can't say that's going to work the same this time." As the Cero approached his hands, Raizen unleashed his Shunkou in the form of an electrical blast. It was smaller than the Cero, but this size difference allowed it to push through the Cero's center and cause it to explode outward, away from Raizen and his comrades. This also cleared an interesting little path that let Raizen dash along what would have been the path of his attack, where he flipped and spun to eventually aim his left foot at the Hollow's mask, intending in that moment to break through it.

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    "Don't be disappointed, most of what separates Captains from everyone else is experience. Live a little longer, get a little stronger, know a little more..." the scientist was surprisingly philosophical for the kind of person she was, but that didn't seem to matter much. "Or ya' know, a lot of any or all of those things, if it's what you're into~" and with that the woman went back to taking her measurements while the two members of her division busied themselves with the other hollows. These things were actually appearing as measurements within the lenses of her glasses, connected directly to a bunch of cameras apparently already moving around. It seemed they were having a good enough time of their excursion that the Captain herself didn't actually need to get involved. But one comment of Raizen's caught her attention, and made her narrow an eye in his direction. "Really? You choose now to flirt? Strange man."

    The electrical charge which split the Cero was indeed something new to the Salamander Hollow. even so he didn't seem to be very phased when Raizen approached him, in fact a quick twist of the beasts body would allow him to make contact with just his tail aiming to swat back the young man where he would have initially intended to crack the beasts mask. "And I told you before, your little tricks won't work on me!" claimed the beast as it rather quickly turned again this time aiming to swipe the young man down into the ground with a large claw. His only intent to pin him to the ground and make him an easier meal to swallow. "Seriously hold still, I like my food with flavor."

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