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Thread: Forest of Menos

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    "Sounds fun. I like trying new things," Raizen said about the developments he would need to be going for. As for the Captain's latter clause, the white-haired male could only manage a chuckle and a brief comment. "What better time than one of discovery? Don't tell me it's not working," he said. Mere moments after this statement, Raizen's attack against the Hollow failed to hit its mark. He was knocked away in this moment, but this was no problem. The true issue arose during the Hollow's next strike. Raizen held out his own arms against the downward-swinging claw, and though he was dragged to the ground by its force, he remained resilient in pushing against it to prevent being crushed. He was disturbed to discover that there was still a bothersome gap between his power, and the power of this Hollow. This may have been the very same day, but he expected greater ease in this battle with this new development in his Shunkou.

    'Aww, Raizen,' spoke a womanly voice in the Lieutenant's mind. 'I tried to tell you this power wasn't going to be enough. Even the power I gave you won't be enough for this enemy. If you get desperate... tell me. I'll share my special treat with you, if you really, really want it~'

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    "Yeah, yeah, still won't join the division though, been a while since someone was there that I didn't alter in some way," the Captain mentioned. Perhaps it was getting around the time that she should go looking for a sound mind, to join her ranks. As for the joking flirtation of the young Vice-Captain she couldn't help but chuckle. "During a time of discovery I am more likely to think of you as a test subject than a person. If you're fine with that... then whatever," she said. Unlike Juri earlier this wasn't a complete shutdown, though her motivations were likely not at all similar to those of the young man.

    She then soon got to see the boy getting completely trashed by the strength of this hollow. But this was of course, about what she expected to happen. From what she saw on the tapes and what she was witnessing now, this level of hollow seemed to be stronger than a Vice-Captain was at base. The Lieutenant wasn't being crushed though he was at least still holding as the Hollow screeched then aimed fall down upon the young man with this claw again and would continue bashing unless he succeeded. "Oh give up already! I'm hungry, I want to eat now! NOW! NOOOOOWWW!!" each strike at now becoming stronger as if he wanted to overpower the man with brute strength.

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    'That again? Kuso. At least... I can't say you're lying. What I'm able to reveal in Shikai won't be any good here. But...' As he had this discussion with the woman in his mind, Raizen continued receiving the battering strikes of the salamander Hollow. He initially had no problem with this, but his Shunkou was beginning to fade with every hit against his defense. Still, he managed a response to Akiko while holding out his arms. "Heh... I told you... I'm into new things. Just nothing too invasive the first time out, yeah?" he replied. He seemed upbeat enough, but as the strikes kept falling upon him, and his Shunkou finally faded away, his expression turned sour. Eventually, his arms gave out and fell at his sides. A crater was beneath him from the numerous impacts, and now, it seemed as if he was doomed to receive a direct hit the next time this Hollow's claw came down.

    'You know what? Fine. I'll try this secret power of yours out, just to see if I like it,' he said to this apparition. When this permission was given, the woman seemed somehow saddened, despite offering this alleged power. 'Sumima... it doesn't work like that.'

    When the Hollow's claw descended upon Raizen again, his right arm rose to keep it at bay. His Reiatsu flared again, seeming not only to be far greater than its original strength, but also not simply that of a Shinigami. Strangely enough, it had heavy amounts of Hollow Reiatsu as well. Its weight alone was enough to put halt to Tatsuya's efforts against the other Hollows in the area, causing the boy to call out as he hunched over and clenched his chest. "T-... Taichou...!" he shouted in a plea for assistance with the Hollows on his end. In the meantime, Raizen looked up at the salamander Hollow, showing eyes with black sclerae, as well as a quarter of a Hollow's mask atop his head. "Kufufu... Chitchai ne~♪"

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    "No promises," the Twelfth Division Captain mentioned of the invasive-ness of anything to take place between the pair of them. In fact, she was more likely to dissect someone than she was anything else. And as if she didn't already have enough reason to, when it became obvious that the hollow was going to overpower Raizen the Captain was prepared to help, except, he apparently didn't need it. Soon an immense bit of Hollow Reiatsu was pouring out of the young Vice-Captain seemed to shock the young woman beyond anything else she'd seen. 'That's... not possible,' the woman thought, but soon enough she couldn't stand and watch because, one of her Division members was actually seeking her help, drowning in the Reiatsu presented by the young man. She was soon enough, at Tatsuya's side drawing a sword from within the left sleeve of her lab coat which she used to slash at anything approaching the young one. "It's alright, I have you Tatsu-chan... here," she said offering him a lollipop this one purple in color and was meant to give him a bit more space to breathe. Her own Reiatsu protected her from this. "Your friend here, is something else entirely." she said still content enough to let this transformation take place, after all, she'd never seen anything like it before.

    Even so, the Hollow was apparently confused as his claw was stopped. Beyond this, it seemed that the Hollow Reiatsu coming off the young Vice-Captain seemed to frighten him just a bit. "Bakana!!!" A screech escaped the beast as he called for help, the Hollow Reiatsu coming from the young man letting him know that he couldn't take this one by himself and would instead need his brothers.

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    "Kufufufu~" As the Hollow screeched, Raizen's Reiatsu and mask continued to grow. It soon seemed as if there was nothing left of him within, but the power he emitted caused distortions in space around this area of the Menos forest. His right hand pushed against the Hollow's claw, seeming to have no issues whatsoever in allowing Raizen to stand straight while lifting it from its earlier downward swing. "They won't find you here," he said as his left hand rose to the Hollow's face. His pose implied a coming Kidou spell, or perhaps something else. However, what Raizen did in the end was simply thrust his hand forward, albeit with enough power to plow through his enemy's mask and head.

    As this next stage of battle occurred, Tatsuya's calls were answered by his Captain. She came bearing another of her strange lollipops, which the boy accepted, knowing it would somehow be of use to him. Within moments of inserting it into his mouth, he felt much more comfortable breathing. He was even able to stand again. When she spoke of Raizen, he looked toward the battle. "Hai. I know. Who made him?" he asked. True to his earlier words, Tatsuya had once assumed Raizen to be an experiment like himself. He had discovered the man's latent abilities through discovering his Zanpakutou, but Tatsuya himself had no standards for what was normal and what was not. As such, he had never found this strange.

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    Raizen seemed to now be having a rather easy time dealing with the hollow. "" the Hollow began to move like it would back away, trying to slip further into the depths, having finally found a meal it couldn't tame and swallow. Of course, this dashing attempt would be met by a single hand plowing through his mask, shattering it and dispelling him from his very existence at this moment. This hollow would become nothing in the face of the young hollowfying Lieutenant.

    Tatsuya on the other hand seemed to be recovering. He also seemed to know a bit of Raizen, but seemed to think him some sort of experiment. A wide eyed expression came to the face of the young woman as she shrugged. "I don't know. There are laws against this sort of thing, I've been trying to find away around for a few decades. Purely in the interest of science mind you. But..." she looked at Raizen and saw proof of the act of hollowfication and knew that someone, had done something to the young man he didn't seem to have any control over. "Hm... Kumori..." a light switch flipped on in the mind of the young woman as she remembered finally where she'd originally seen that surname and when this happened she was more than a little stunned. She looked to Tatsuya and back to Raizen. "Shit."

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    "Is something the matter?" Tatsuya asked, having taken a more relaxed stance with his arms tucked into his sleeves as he watched the strange Menos being dealt with. Something about the expression on his Captain's face was odd, and more importantly, he was made curious by the mention of a name, as well as the fact that Akiko looked his way before returning her gaze to Raizen with whatever conclusion she'd come to.

    "Yes..." was the response of the Hollowfied Lieutenant to the words of this Hollow. It had taken nothing to erase the creature from this world with this power, but Raizen did not seem satisfied. Of course, this was the case because Raizen was no longer present. The Hollow in control of his body, once freed from the battle with its original opponent, turned its gaze in the direction of the Shinigami group. At this time, one would be capable of seeing the growth of his mask, which had now taken over most of his face and moved onto his neck and shoulders. "Ano... if he's going to attack us now, I can't do anything about it. Taichou?" These were the words of Tatsuya, coming immediately prior to Yonsokei stepping ahead of the group. Metal plates on his arms were already beginning to shift, but he wished for clearance from Akiko. "Shall I detain him, Ayatsuki-sama, or would you rather I eliminate the threat?"

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    "Yep," was the one word reply of the Captain about something being wrong. She realized that her research had taken her down this road a couple of times and she'd always been required to turn around and find something else. Now, there was the matter of dealing with a rather deadly combatant and she'd take a moment to answer Tatsuya. "I know, and I wouldn't ask you to either, it'd be a waste," she said, on the order of expend-ability this child with her and the hollowfying Vice-Captain were only slightly lower than herself on the totem pole. 'But I also don't want to be forced to Bankai against a Vice-Captain, that'd be rather unbecoming...' she thought to herself, noting that the quality of his reiatsu was enough that she wouldn't want to risk having to kill him so the skip to Bankai would have been necessary. Beyond this, it seemed that her current Vice-Captain was willing to step up, as such she sighed. "Don't kill him. He's too valuable a subject to study, by my own approximation breaking the mask forming over his face should restore him to himself, at least long enough for him to be properly restrained." she said to the man known as Yonsokei.

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    "Hai. Taking precautions to detain threat," Yonsokei said as his eyes showed various small readings on the Hollowfied Raizen. "Readings determining power required to remove Hollow mask. Power required determined. Initiating maximum extermination protocols." As Yonsokei brought his hands together, numerous segments opened in his arms, revealing dozens upon dozens of miniature Kidou cannons. Once Raizen was locked into his sights, Yonsokei fired all of these cannons simultaneously, creating a massive blast that easily encompassed Raizen's entire form as the Lieutenant approached. "Target has shown an unexpected weakness to detainment method. Target has been eliminated," he said. In the following moment, Yonsokei turned around. The clearing of the blast and smoke revealed that Raizen was indeed no longer present, but... neither was Yonsokei's right arm.

    Raizen had utilized a high-speed movement technique, but it was not at all Shunpo. He now stood in the air above the Shinigami group, holding the mechanical arm of Yonsokei without so much as a scratch on him from the blast he had certainly been hit by. Only a quarter of Raizen's mouth was visible around his mask, but there was a toothy smirk upon it. "Chitchai ne," he said. The Hollowfication had spread along his body enough for his left arm to be entirely covered, and in the palm of said hand was an open, fanged mouth. After dropping Yonsokei's arm, Raizen appeared in front of the android via the same method he'd disappeared, holding this mouthed hand out. A nigh-instantaneous Cero - a technique only previously seen in Menos - erupted from the mouth and overtook the 12th Division's Lieutenant, quickly wiping out all traces of him.

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    All seemed to be going well, until of course, Yonsokei thought he'd properly dealt with the young Vice-Captain. Then, Akiko was faced with the destruction of her android Vice-Captain. Actually, she was beyond stunned that this entire thing had happened. And yet, Raizen's body was still on a rampage. There weren't any options left and as such the woman held out her sword and one would see it begin to glow and herself with a pink outline to her Reiatsu, she fully intended to use a release she probably shouldn't right just now. "Ban..." she got through this first syllable before a well dressed looking young person with a long back ponytail appeared directly in front of the Hollowfied Vice-Captain, its left hand would reach out for the boy and aim to crush the mask like material forming around it in a vicious outpouring of sheer strength and Reiatsu, so strong even the Captain of the Twelfth was paralyzed by the power. "Making someone like me have to dirty my hands before the main event, waro," the voice said with mild disinterest. "You should be ashamed of yourself," the person spoke with a subtly that leaked power. The eyes of the Captain of the Twelfth Division widened as she took in the visage of someone she tried to avoid on a regular basis. "Joushi, you are in so much trouble." If any one cared to notice this person spoke with words no longer used in common dialogues.

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