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Thread: Forest of Menos

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    After eliminating the other Lieutenant, Raizen's attention returned to the other Shinigami present. He no longer had a distraction from his initial target, that being the Captain herself, but his approach was halted abruptly by another individual. This one seemed to have no problem at all crushing the mask on Raizen's face. When this occurred, the rest of Raizen's Hollowfied form began to crumble away as well, leaving the white-haired male in a weakened and barely-conscious state afterwards. The addition of this individual's Reiatsu drained him of his breath and remaining stamina, sending him falling toward the ground. In the meantime, Tatsuya was left nearly in the same state, barely able to breathe even with the boost in ability from the creation of his own Captain. Whoever this individual was, they were quite the force indeed.

    However, this group of individuals would be remiss to know that there was a similarly powerful force of the Hollow persuasion approaching as well...

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    "I know what you think, but I swear, I didn't do anything... also, you're drowning Tatsu-chan, could you. Please." she said her own head now bowed. It would seem that she thought highly of this person and as the individual stepped forward one would see on their back a haori marked with the kanji for the number one. "Since you've suddenly become rather polite, I'll do that... just this once," the voice said humbly and the Reiatsu which was crushing the two younger members and mostly paralyzing the Captain of the 12th receded as immediately as it had come. "Whew, you're scary there, Sotaicho. But really, I didn't do it, this wasn't an experiment, I was only doing what I was sanctioned to do, which was look into the hollows of the area," said Akiko as she tried to get out in front of whatever was coming from the person standing before her. Beyond this she'd moved, aiming to catch both Raizen and Tatsuya should he need it before either of them fell, and would have them each thrown over one of her shoulders without too much fuss if nothing stopped her. "I am aware. Your division members are why I am here, actually. They seemed to think it might be dangerous here for you and those you took with you. I didn't expect... to see you about to use your Bankai on a child, you should get out of your laboratory more often, and do something physical, so that isn't your first answer when you see something powerful. Also I didn't expect... him...." this individual cut eyes in Raizen's direction. Even so Akiko pouted just a tad, she didn't like that she was being chastised here, even if it wasn't for what she originally thought it was going to be for. "But that isn't important now..." said the apparent Captain-Commander, who didn't seem to move from the spot where they were, leaning against a rather large sword simply being carried by its sheath.

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    Tatsuya did not fall, leaving any catching of his body unnecessary. The Captain-Commander's Reiatsu had been ceased just in time to leave him conscious, but there was a certain intimidation factor about their presence alone that left him silent. Raizen, on the other hand, ended up slung over the shoulder of Akiko while the Captain-Commander spoke to her. In the midst of this, he was mentioned, and thus he began to stir. "Oi... still... awake here," he grunted. The Lieutenant had no idea what had been happening around him for the past few minutes, and this exact moment was no exception.

    In only a few brief moments, another great Reiatsu approached. It was certainly Hollow, but somehow greater in strength than the expectancy of a Captain. When it came into view, it also boasted size equivalent to an adult human, including its musculature. It was bug-like in appearance, with long antennae and wings, and blades in place of its hands. These blades came together to create a Cero that dwarfed even the one utilized by Raizen minutes earlier. Such a Cero was aimed not at any of the Shinigami, but at the Garganta they had used to enter Hueco Mundo. "Shinigami... Welcome, and goodnight," the Hollow spoke.

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    "Quiet, I'm trying to keep you from being executed," the woman mentioned to the boy slung over her shoulder. Within a second she'd moved her body so that she could shove a purple lollipop into his mouth, aiming to bolster his Reiatsu just a little so he could at least be conscious of what was going on around him, even if he wasn't really capable of standing just yet. "Still awake, waro? Good... I'll have a question for you soon enough." the voice said as calmly as it had been speaking the entire time. "Sotaichou, I..." whatever was about to be said by Akiko would be lost as a massive cero was soon fired at the Garganta used by all present to arrive in this place. This would cause the destruction of the mechanism. "Whatever you are about to say can wait, this is why I am here... and you should get to work on that... we do know how you like to work under pressure, joushi." the Captain-Commander seemed to find this whole thing to be something different and now the attention of this person was turned towards a bug like hollow which was well beyond the power-level that he expected from these normally mindless creatures. And a lot smaller than would generally be expected.

    "Oh? More than basic intelligence. Cutting off your enemy's escape route," the Captain-Commander surmised. "I approve... but you'll find being trapped somewhere with me isn't nearly what you want to do. Akiko... protect yourself and the children. I'll handle this." said the Captain Commander which got a resounding noise from the young woman. "Hai!~"

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    "... Huh?" was Raizen's immediately response. If he had anything else to say, it would have been silenced by the lollipop shoved into his mouth. He apparently had little to no memory of his little transformation, but he knew now that something was strange about this power offered to him by his Zanpakutou. This would have to be addressed at a later time, as there was apparently an even greater threat at hand being managed by the Captain-Commander.

    "Keh! Foolish Shinigami," the Hollow spoke as the blades on its arms began to glow a deep red, as if being super-heated. "I've been watching you. Your group barely defeated a poor Adjuchas. You should fear the power of the Vasto Lorde!" With this statement, the Hollow unleashed an ear-splitting screech. Its blades slashed out at the Captain-Commander, unleashing mighty waves of intense heat with power enough to cleave through the quartz trees on their individual paths toward the Shinigami. "We know the power of your little Captains, Shinigami! We have power far beyond any of you!"

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    "Nice, lack of control and memory. How will I be able to question you, if you don't even know what you did?" asked the Twelfth Division's Captain as she went about constructing several barriers around the trio at an exceedingly massive strength for some reason or another.

    Meanwhile this bug like enemy was having a conversation with the Captain-Commander about the foolishness of Shinigami and apparently stating that there were at least 2 levels to Hollows that would have been previously unknown to Shinigami. The Captain-Commander didn't move at all as they witnessed the coming of heated blades which seemed to have no problem cleaving through the quartz trees as they approached. Even so, a single and swift drawing of the weapon applied inverse pressure to atmosphere around them the slash itself was one of skill and of Reiatsu. And would dissipate the coming heat and damage in a single movement. "Children love proclaiming things they can't yet prove..." said the old Shinigami Captain-Commander with a surprisingly youthful face. This person would then charge forward bring the now naked blade up and towards the 'Vasto Lorde' aiming to cut it in half vertically with the sheer power of the stroke. There was surprising skill in this movement, as if there was more to this person than its outward appearance let on.

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    During the Captain-Commander's approach and attack, the Hollow evaded, vanishing and reappearing to the Shinigami's rear via the same strange movement technique earlier employed by Raizen. When he resurfaced, his right arm-blade was raised overhead. It was then quickly brought down toward the head of this Shinigami, carrying even greater heat than the previous wave attacks. "Just another Shinigami thinking they're so much stronger than the rest. None of you can compare to us! None!"

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    The creature moved with a speed and technique this Shinigami had never seen before. Even so, besides the momentary widening of golden eyes there wasn't any change in the Captain-Commander's physical features. No, this individual instead seemed rather calm and collected as their left arm raised with the sheath still within it to block the coming attack while the right hand moved that large blade as an extension aiming to bifurcate this hollow and end its suffering once and for all. "All this noise, and all this arrogance, you just want attention don't you?" the Captain-Commander spoke while retaining general disinterest. It would seem that this being was at least good enough to contend with the Captain-Commander, forcing heat and pressure down on this person the likes of which it hadn't experienced in some time.

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    "Arrogance!?" the Hollow questioned. "I should leave a mirror on your remains, you fool!" The blade approaching this Hollow, following the Shinigami's blocking of his previous attack, was met by the blade on his other arm as he spoke. This left the pair in something of a standoff situation, but the Vasto Lorde had another trick up his sleeve. His right foot rose, revealing an additional blade jutting from his heel. This blade would aim its tip at the Captain-Commander's back, and though it did not presently possess the heat of the other two, the power it held within was equally as great.

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    "You say that like you think I am going to die here," the Captain-Commander said, seeming to think this advanced hollow nothing more than a tantruming child. Actually this was more or less proved when after their standoff resulted in this being raising its right leg and trying to ram it into the back of the Captain-Commander. This being however didn't seem to be bothered by this and simply took the hit with the grace of someone who hadn't been hit at all, aiming instead grab the leg with a left hand. "I have you now, Shimidashite, Dokusen~" the name was practically whispered though it was mentioned with the force of someone who was sure of only one thing. The release of this nearly ancient zanpakuto immediately caused the area to flood with a corrosive poison which would engulf all around. This poison would flow around the Captain-Commander as they tried to hold the Hollow in place. "Choke on your own arrogance and fade to dust, hollow," the Captain Commander mentioned knowing that over the course of a few moments with the power that they possessed, it should be fairly simple to end the life of this hollow, all weaker ones nearby and even the Shinigami who'd come here if they hadn't been protected. The entirety of this place was flooded with heavy Reiatsu and corrosive poison which would melt away the very bodies of living things in the area.

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