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Thread: Forest of Menos

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    During this attempted back-stabbing, the Hollow had its leg grabbed by the target of his attack. He had no worries for a counterattack, but the release of this Shinigami's Zanpakutou was something that would be surprisingly powerful. Its body began to dissolve in mere moments of this Zanpakutou's name being spoken, but something strange would occur to keep this Hollow's life intact. Suddenly, a far greater Reiatsu shook the area, and the corrosive substance of the Captain-Commander's Shikai was dragged upward through the holes in the forest's ceiling. Following this, the influx of immense Reiatsu was joined by a mighty voice from above. "The arrogance of Shinigami, at last, brings them to my kingdom! And... you! Ryoutenbin no Akito! I remember you! Perhaps you still believe you can defeat me. You're more than welcome to try, if you wish to throw away the lives of yourself and your new subordinates."

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    The Captain-Commander apparently known as Akito, let go of the leg of the hollow as it began to melt before their eyes. It didn't seem to need much more, but then rather suddenly the poison created by Zanpakuto began to disappeared, being sucked up into the desert. A frown immediately came to this normally poised face as it heard itself referred to by a name only used by one other on a very rare occasion. The influx of Reiatsu while surprising, wasn't nearly enough to completely shake this being though it did manage to make them turn their head towards the holes in the sky. "Calling me a fence sitting brat and by my given name... and we're arrogant? The speech of you hollows is starting to get annoying," the Captain-Commander managed to sound annoyed, likely for the first time in decades. Though that didn't mean the Captain-Commander had gone completely dimwitted. Even if it were possible to defeat this being, there was no way to know what else was around... the propensity for death was far too high and risked crippling the Seireitei in a way that the Captain-Commander couldn't allow. "Oh and I do remember you, I didn't know hollows could live so long, what with your constant need to consume each other... you more so than most, if I am remembering correctly~" the Captain-Commander said, not resisting the desire to jab back. "You'd do well to keep a better eye on your 'kingdom' what with them interfering rather directly with Shinigami we were bound to be drawn here. Like I said, children... begging for attention," with that the blade of the Captain-Commander was sheathed and carried against the left shoulder, its back turned to all that was there. "A word of warning, between old enemies. Akiko, we're leaving now..." said the Captain-Commander.

    The 12th Division Captain had been rather quiet. If not because she was drowning in the reiatsu of an unknown enemy, than because she was witnessing the release of the Captain-Commander's zanpakuto and a discussion between that person and probably a hollow just as old. "Soutaichou, minor issue, Yonsokei was obliterated during our research trip, and I was using him and myself to stablize the portal. I am... sort of unsure how long it will take me to open another one..." she mentioned eyes averted like a small child.

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    There were no more words from the voice above, and even the Reiatsu emitted from this male-sounding being receded. Nothing else needed to be said. A challenge had been issued by both sides, but this would not be the day. Perhaps both sides knew there were certain circumstances that needed to be met before the clash. During this time, the body of the earlier Vasto Lorde-class Menos disappeared, though death did not seem to be the cause.

    Less-intelligent Hollows had begun to close in on the group of Shinigami again, easily numbering in the tens of thousands across the forest after the Captain-Commander's power had been released. With Akiko mentioning the issue of an apparently destroyed Garganta, Raizen began to writhe his way around, and hopefully out of her grasp. The Captain's lollipop had once again done wonders for a speedy recovery, it seemed. "That's where I come in. I've been studying these things all day. If I might..." Righting his posture, Raizen reached out with his right hand. After a brief moment of hesitation and focus, he tapped the air itself in front of him, opening a Hollow's Garganta in a very strange manner. Instead of a "tear" or "rip" in space, it opened in a manner akin to moving pixels to create an opening more like a doorway. "There. Garganta with a touch of Shinigami."

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    Soon enough Akiko had a willing young man in her grasp and let him go to look at him strangely. "You know, if you wanted to get down, you could have just said so," she said to Raizen, who went on to explain that he'd been studying the Garganta and similar portals all day. He went on to attempt successfully to open a new one. Which made Akiko's eyes widen. "Sugoi!~ So... you're going on an examination table when we get back, that's amazing!" she said crossing through figuring that Tatsuya would also go along into this new opening. The Captain-Commander calm as they seemed had eyes trained on Raizen. "Waro, are you a danger to the Seireitei?" was the only question asked, there was much seriousness in this, despite the light demeanor and face of this individual. It was as if this question was complete in its idea.

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    "Is that a yes to that tea, then?" was Raizen's response to the 12th's Captain as he momentarily removed the lollipop from his mouth. He cleared the way for Akiko, and then Tatsuya, to enter his portal. He expected the Captain-Commander to step through before him as well, but instead, they chose to stop and question him on being a danger to the Seireitei. Raizen returned the lollipop to his mouth, then stood with his hands pressed against his waist. "I give my service to the Seireitei. If you want the honest answer, though... I am a danger to whatever gives me reason to be. Are you implying by your question that the Seireitei should consider me a danger?" he asked in response.

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    "I'll have some tea while I study you. Maybe some cake too~" the young woman said, seeming to agree to the idea in a different manner than most would have. But soon enough the seriousness of the situation in front of her caused her to pause. The Captain-Commander questioned this boy's motivations and resolve.The inquiry was met instead of with a yes or no answer, with an explanation and a question. Akito was old enough to know the difference between a truth and a lie, and with this the Captain-Commander spoke. "I appreciate your honesty, waro," said the Captain-Commander with a smile which was simply that. "I can't say whether or not you would have reason to turn against the Seireitei, but as it stands I believe you. You should know however, that possessing or trying to possess the powers of a Hollow as a Shinigami is expressly forbidden. Assumably this isn't your fault, but I wouldn't go around showing that off. Given its usefulness..." said the Captain-Commander who seemed to be old enough to understand. "Akiko, do you still have those cinnamon lollipops?" asked this individual as they walked into the garganta and prepared to leave. "Hai!" said the young woman handing one over, though the Captain-Commander wouldn't eat it, she knew for a fact this individual liked using cinnamon lollipops as tea stirrers.

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    The Captain-Commander's response was easily acceptable, though Raizen's original words didn't seem to imply any care for what retort he received. One particular word used by Akito, though, struck a nerve which caused Raizen's eyes to widen. "Hollow?" he said, apparently having no clue whatsoever that he had utilized such power. With the Captain-Commander entering his Garganta, though, he followed suit. There was one final statement he had to share with the 12th's Captain. "I feel as if you somehow missed the point of my offer..." With that said, he passed the threshold of the portal, only to have it close behind him and reopen within the Seireitei.

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