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Thread: Exemplary Thread

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    OOC: A good thing to do while fighting is using the environment. Of course things like just making stuff appear out of nowhere would be considered out of the line.

    As Domald blocked his strike with the length of the hammer, Rhaegar felt surprised that his Valyrian steel sword wasn’t able to cut through. It was made of a special material for sure. Perhaps even magic was involved in its making. Hearing his comment afterwards made him laugh. “You clearly haven’t seen winter, lad.” he replied. In his book, only a fool would want the winter to arrive. Seeing him readjust his grip, Rhaegar quickly stepped to his side and moved his right foot to move the dust on the ground. He threw it in the man's face in an attempt to obscure his vision and followed it with a horizontal slash. This time it was aimed at the man’s belly.

    Domald Tromp saw the incoming slash, and blocked it with his hammer once more,
    "The Wall just got ten feet higher" bellowed Domald as he jabbed his hammer forth, aiming for Rhaegar's chest

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    OOC: Several points to go over. You don't really have to separate your text from your speech, they can be one whole paragraph which makes them look unified as well. While in combat you have to assess everything. You have overlooked the fact that Rhaegar had thrown some dust at his face. As I have mentioned before this gives me the opportunity to assume that it met Domald's face successfully and use it in my advantage. Other than that you could write more in your post and that would be better, but I understand there isn't much to write about in this random/ridiculous situation so it's fine. One thing you should avoid is going out of character, like I did with Rhaegar. Given his personality he wouldn't give up the arrest or take him along for a drink, but for the sake of demonstration he did. That's all for now.

    Seeing the hammer coming in his direction, Rhaegar quickly turned his wrist along with his sword and parried the blow. The force behind the blow sent him back, though he quickly regained his balance. "You know what?" he said before pausing to sheathe his sword. "I'm not arresting you. You are a funny lad." With a laugh he walked towards the man and signed him to relax, in case he wondered whether this was a trick or not. "I don't even like the Night's Watch anyway." he added before tilting his head for Domald to follow him. He was intending to buy him a drink.


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