A Tale Once Forgotten

Academy Days Arc: Our story starts with two unlikely rivals meeting at the Academy. This Arc spans the year which it takes these two prodigies to get through their schooling and covers all the aspects of their lives. It also covers the life of a recent Academy graduate who began making a name for himself, albeit in a very strange way.

  • [10th Division] Courtyard (1-11)
  • Shin'o Academy (1-24)
  • [Japan] Karakura Town (1-15)
  • [Seireitei] The Streets (1-9)
  • Onmitsukido Training Ground (1-14)
  • [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute (1-15)
  • Forest of Menos (1-37)
  • [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute (16-39)
  • [Japan] Kagamino City (1-18)
  • Shin'o Academy (25-41)
  • [East Rukongai] 40th District (1-15)
  • Shin'o Academy (26-100)
  • [Japan] Kyuushigai (1-20)
  • Shin'o Academy (101- 124)

Ghost/Tournament Arc: A menace is lurking in the shadows of the Seirietei. Its influence will be felt in several reverberating echos throughout the Soul Society's History for many decades to come.

  • [Seireitei] Captain's Assembly Hall (1-12)
  • [Seireitei] The Streets (10-27)
  • [West Rukongai] 3rd District: Hokutan (1-9)
  • Shinigami Women's Association Headquarters (1-13)
  • [Seireitei] Captain's Assembly Hall (13-20)
  • Shinigami Tournament of Power Stadium (1-176)

Jailed Vice-Captain/ SWA Beach Trip Arc: A Vice-Captain is jailed in the Seireitei for a crime he couldn't have possibly committed. People were working hard to try and prove his innocence. One way or the other, a resolution is reached and eventually all interested parties from the Tournament, find themselves on a Beach in the Human World, relaxing their troubles away. Or... maybe not...

  • Central 46 Compound (1-12)
  • Senzaikyu (1-25)
  • Central 46 Compound (12-22)
  • Senzaikyu (26-34)
  • [Japan] Okuma Beach (1-78)

Research and Development Arc: A dark cloud hangs over the life of a young shinigami as she settles into her duties. Despair overtakes her life and each second becomes something unbearable. This is an arc which covers how she finds redemption as she takes steps towards an undeniable fate. As life in the Seireitei presses ever forward, what will happen when an ancient artifact falls into the wrong hands and what will happen when the Gotei loses two of its own in the same day???

  • [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute (40-49)
  • [West Rukongai] 3rd District: Hokutan (10-23)
  • [10th Division] Courtyard (12-47)
  • [7th Division] Headquarters and Barracks (1-11)
  • [1st Division] Barracks (21-27)
  • [Seireitei] The Streets (28-63)
  • [10th Division] Headquarters and Barracks (1-3)
  • [1st Division] Barracks (28-47)
  • [Seireitei] Kidoushuu (1-10)

Silent Invasion Arc: As a young Captain settles into his duties, a presence of the past becomes a pressing enemy for the present. The Seireitei has been experiencing various acts of strangeness for many years, and it is all culminating into this one pivotal moment. Will they be able to do something about an enemy they can't see? How many lives will be sacrificed to save the many? Who will be able to stop this force, and how much trust can an individual gain from valiant actions? The silent invasion delves into these matters head first, revealing an enemy many used to call comrade, and opening wounds from the past to bleed towards a brighter future.

  • [10th Division] Headquarters and Barracks (4-18)
  • Kumori Manor (1-8)
  • [10th Division] Headquarters and Barracks (19-30)
  • [Japan] Karakura Town (16-54)
  • Kumori Manor (9-102)
  • [11th Division] Headquarters & Barracks (1-34)
  • [12th Division] Shinigami Research and Development Institute (60-68)
  • Kumori Manor (103-116)
  • [Seireitei] The Streets (64-134)
  • [7th Division] Headquarters & Barracks (12-19)

The Silence: As the 10th Division gets remade in the image of one Kumori Raizen, there is a defined silence around the Seireitei. It seems that life is finally returning to normal for everyone involved. Festival attendance, budding romances, life continues with serenity and calm. But is it really all it appears to be? Just as it seems life is taking a new turn for some and settling down for others, a certain name keeps appearing over the horizon. What will it mean for the Seireitei and our heroes?

  • [10th Division] Headquarters & Barracks (31-55)
  • [1st Division] Headquarters & Barracks (49-56)
  • Kumori Manor (117-130)
  • [3rd Division] Headquarters and Barracks (1-12)
  • [10th Division] Headquarters and Barracks (56-81)
  • Kisaragi Family Estate (1-10)
  • Kumori Manor (131-???)