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Thread: [Greece] Lemnos

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    [Greece] Lemnos

    Lemnos is an island in the northern part of the Ageanon sea off the coast of Greece. It is home to the Smith God, Hephaestus after his fall from glory among the Olympians and even after he was restored. The island itself is full of tropical like forests and cave systems, with lots of clean water springs and interesting wild life. Among the wild life, are Cyclops, Minotaur and other manner of unwanted creatures who seem to like the place because it is strangely void of people. Here even from a great distance, the sound of the Smith God working can be heard as the pings and clangs of metal on metal are a common music about the area. It is rumored among demigods that the Smith God will occasionally create weapons even for them, if he is caught in a good mood and the demigod can gather the materials, what he wants is usually rather dangerous but the reward is usually worth the risk. The Smith God is lonely and often enjoys tormenting the mortals who visit him even as he is doing them favors.

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    Days ago, the teen son of Poseidon and, strangely enough, Medusa, departed from his recent home in New Olympus on a journey to locate the blacksmith god Hephaestus. It had taken him some time to discover the location of Lemnos, but with serpents on land, and fish at sea to instruct him, he eventually found a path. The trip which followed this discovery was nothing short of a casual swim at speeds trumping that of any vehicle or creature well-known to mankind. Athos eventually reached the shores of Lemnos. The sound of a blacksmith's forging hammer guided him from there, as it resonated across the island. Athos employed his many snake-like qualities that went unseen by his demigod peers, as a sure method to avoid the senses of various cyclopes and other creatures, until he eventually found himself entering the mountain of a home belonging to the blacksmith god himself, and walking along a bridge over lava that soon rose into a staircase toward Hephaestus.

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    The Smith God was a horrid deformed creature. As a god he didn't maintain the beauty or general size of his peers. He was a giant with a hunched back and a lame leg tucked beneath him as he hunched over his work. Large hands manipulated impossibly small materials making them into various shapes. What he was making now would be unclear, but the approach of someone would cause this God to lift his head. His disfigured visage and discolored teeth showing as he gazed upon a demigod. "Hoh! It's been quite a while since I've seen one of you, I wonder what you want?" he said, finding it strange that one so small had even made it to this forge alive. The cyclops of this island loved the flesh of men and animals alike.

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    At long last, Athos stood before the god he sought. In spite of his propensity for avoiding eye contact with anyone, he spared a glance at Hephaestus. He quickly found this to be a mistake. His one visible eye widened to its very limit when he witnessed the grotesque form of the crippled god, and he looked away for a very different reason than the norm he chose. "Ew," he muttered under his breath without so much as a thought. Upon recovering from the sight of this individual, he spoke in response to the giant's query. "Someone told me you could make me a weapon."

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    The lips of this rather sinister looking individual twisted in a sick way as he revealed those disgusting teeth at the sound of the young man's voice. His 'ew' had been previously diminished by the sound of the hammer clanging down, but once the great Smith Gods work stopped the boy's words were able to reach his ear. "Ha! Someone was right. I could make you a weapon..." the man took one look at the boy turned away from him, and for whatever reason, unlike the other god he'd so recently had contact with, felt no pity for him. "Doesn't mean I'm going to..." said the Smith God as he went back to his work. "What reason do I have to interfere in your little life mortal?" a long blast of the man's breath came with this sentence and he sat smiling with those wretched teeth waiting for an answer which he might actually care for. As was the case with most Olympians fallen or otherwise, they didn't want to do anything that didn't benefit them in some way. It seemed that though Hephaestus didn't get the good looks of his Olympian family, he'd somehow ended up with the attitude that most of them had.

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    A minor scoff escaped the lad when Hephaestus made it seem he was unlikely to do as Athos wished. The god went on to ask why he would have to interfere with the life of a mortal such as himself, causing Athos' brows to draw together briefly as his nose furled. "I could trade you for some toothpaste," was his initial response. Moving on, though, he had more words to share. While in most cases, Athos had few things to say to anyone, the words of this god were quite annoying to him, and thus he found himself with more to say. "I figured someone who can't move would enjoy any opportunity to do something..."

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    When the boy finally spoke up, his words to the Smith God seemed to enrage him. "WHAT?!" his voice was thunderous spreading around the entire cavern and causing it to shake with the fury of his anger. When the young demigod went on to claim that obviously the invalid god should simply enjoy the opportunity to do something with himself since he was incapable of moving, it only seemed to further the idea in the God's mind that no simple conversation would be happening today. "GET OUT!!!!!" he thundered the entirety of the place trembling in response to his anger. "AND DON'T COME BACK UNLESS YOU CAN LEARN SOME MANNERS!" it seemed that the man was done with this conversation. And the Smith God hadn't created a thing for the demigod child of Poseidon. What he expected from him, is what he usually expected of other mortals, a simple explanation of looking for valor, fortune or fame to get them a weapon. This would usually come with an idea for a half-baked weapon and a fools errand. He'd never been spoken to in such a way by a child before.

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    "I said your breath smells like the inside of a basilisk!" Athos replied, seeming to be growing more irritated along with Hephaestus. "Being loud isn't making it any better..." With that said, it seemed as if the god would no longer reciprocate discussion of any caliber with Athos. He didn't know what he expected to come of such interactions in the first place, but he supposed it was best if he found another way to accomplish his goals regardless. Without further ado, Athos turned his back on the smith god and began to walk away. As there was nowhere for him to go other than New Olympus, he began a trip there that would take much less time than it had taken him to reach this place.

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    A while after the daughter of Dionysus gave a light interrogation to her newest companion an island came into view on the horizon. She seemed to be in a regular state, her leather ripped assortment of clothing billowing in the breeze as her salt kissed skin shown in the moonlight which was rather quickly fading from sight. Of course, this was a very interesting to see as such the young woman moved towards the front end of their vessel and found herself standing right at the tip with the wind blowing her hair away from her face. Her eyes concentrated on the shore as if she was on high alert. She hadn't said anything but she didn't bother to turn and face her companion knowing he didn't want her looking in his direction for whatever reason he still hadn't admitted to.

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    After successfully slowing the boat to a halt just at the edge of the water, Athos was able to cease his manipulation of the sea for the sake of faster movement. With Deianira standing at the boat's fore, Athos hopped off the boat and stepped out ahead. Finally, he had something worth saying, and a legitimate reason to say it. "There are lots of monsters here. They look busier than they did last time I slipped past them. I think Hephaestus meant to keep me away."

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