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Thread: [Persian Desert] Sands of Time

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    Deianira listened to the young man who didn't seem to like the times listed about the travel options. She'd known he wouldn't like the idea of traveling through the city, but she'd decided to throw it out as an option. A chuckle ensued and the girl snapped her fingers. "Baby steps~" she chimed, fine with this outcome she also moved towards the boat. "Alright move the boat faster, if you like... just don't forget to enjoy the views~" she said. "Oh and watch out for icebergs..." the young woman said of the area closer to their target, she wasn't really happy with the idea that she might be forced into a cold swim. It seemed that Athos was also able to pick up the fang he needed to carry. "So, question, is the Gorgon thing up for conversation or will that get me the silent treatment for the next leg of this trip?"

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    With his decision made, Athos returned to the boat in a matter of moments. Even at a slightly slower pace due to the weight of the fang on his back, his return hardly took longer than the initial departure. As he was climbing aboard, while forcing the water's surface to a higher pressure so the boat would remain floating with the added weight, Deianira posed another question. This one involved his status as a Gorgon, which she had to be watching to know about. Athos' eye widened the moment the word "Gorgon" was spoken. Afterwards, his brow furrowed, and he let loose his Basilisk fang in the boat. Athos would then go about moving the boat at roughly five times the speed it boasted on the previous trips.

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    Athos made the boat stay afloat even with the extensive extra weight of two of the fangs of the giant Basilisk he'd already slain. Deianira's question though, didn't seem to garner an immediate answer from the young man which made her sigh ever so slightly, but she didn't get much chance to pout about this, because the boat soon took off at a speed it hadn't reached previously. The girl stumbled just a bit and fell into the seated position. "Whoa, that's really fast~" she said seeming to have found a comfortable way to sit without much thought, her legs crossing at the ankle she stared up at the sky and continued speaking. "I totally understand if I am getting the silent treatment and all, but I was just curious," she stated. "I think it's cool, and I've never met a half-Gorgon kid before~" she said, this boy's level of secrecy was something very extreme, and she could understand it only a little but not nearly enough to make sense of his present mood.

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    The boat continued moving away from the desert known as the Sands of Time. It seemed he was having little to no issue moving the vessel in different directions while maintaining this speed, but he was having an issue with the words still being spoken by Deianira. She mentioned never having met a half-Gorgon before, which triggered the lad in a way that made him tremble ever so briefly and slightly. Still, he said nothing at all, and simply kept the boat moving.

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