Personal Profile

Name: Akaba Declan
Age: 4000+
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Style/Color: He has grey hair, the front layer being a lighter grey than the back. His hair is arranged in a simple style, flicking upwards at the ends.
Eye Color: Purple
Attire: Declan dresses rather casually, wearing a dark-blue sweater, white pants that end just above his ankles, and white shoes (apparently without any socks beneath them), along with a long red scarf wrapped around his shoulders with the ends trailing to the small of his back.
Miscellaneous: He wears red-framed spectacles, and his ears are both pierced with black stud earrings.

Combat Profile

Type: Echt
Rank: Sternritter A

Combat Style:


Spirit Weapons

Reishi Sword: As a Quincy, Declan can gather both spirit energy and particles and form them into weapons. His favored weapon manifests in the form of a long-handled cruciform broadsword.
  • Energy Blasts: Declan can fire blasts of energy from his sword, which have four points curving back: one on top, one on the bottom, and one on each side. While they are not as effective as his Heilig Pfeil, he relies on them frequently when wielding his sword.

Heilig Bogen: Like most Quincy, Declan uses a bow as his primary weapon, but unlike most Quincy, Declan is capable of willfully changing its size and can fire multiple shots at once. His bow is white, rather than blue. Declan can also alter his weapon, giving it the form of a small crossbow.

  • Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル), Hairihhi Pufairu; German for "Holy Arrow," Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows"): By further condensing Reishi, Declan is capable of forming spiritual arrows. With his bow in crossbow form, Declan fires Heilig Pfeil which are more arrow-like in appearance, including a noticeable arrowhead, shaft, and fins on the end shaped like a Quincy Zeichen.
    • Klavier (クラヴィーア, Kuravīa; German for "Piano"): Declan fires a multitude of arrows one-handed in rapid succession.

Gintō (銀筒, Silver Tubes): These are small containers which Quincy use to store their Reiryoku. They are utilized as components in Quincy spellcasting, resembling Kidō. As their name suggests, Gintō are small silver tubes, approximately 5 centimeters in size. By condensing their Reiryoku into a liquid state, Quincy can store it within the tubes. They allow Quincy to perform special techniques powerful enough to subdue Hollows, though their effectiveness is dependent on the user. These various attacks are triggered when the stored liquid Reiryoku is released. Like Kidō, some of them are activated by calling out various commands. Declan shows high proficiency in their use.
  • Heizen (聖噬 [ハイゼン], haizen; German for "Heating", Japanese for "Sacred Bite"): Heizen instantly gouges and purges whatever is enclosed in the space made by the four tossed Gintō. This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from the silver tubes which slices through the opponent. It is tremendously effective, even against Menos Grande.
  • Gritz (五架縛 (グリツ), gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Frame Bonds"): A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Gintō surrounds the enemy. This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross, which envelops its target.
  • Wolke (緑杯 [ヴォルコル], vorukōru; German for "Cloud", Japanese for "Green Cup"): The practitioner uses a Gintō to create a large blast, which cushions the impact of a fall with the Reiryoku contained inside of the Gintō.
  • Sprenger (破芒陣 (シュプレンガ), Shupurenga; German for "Explosion", Japanese for "Ripping Grass Formation"): This technique uses five Seele Schneider to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, creates a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the pentagon, the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense Reishi. The Seele Schneider function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of Reishi to create the explosion. The liquid inside of a Gintō acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique, combined with the charging time, makes using Sprenger while in battle impractical unless the user has a partner who can stall to buy time or enough strength to create the formation while under attack.

Powers and Abilities

Power Sharing: Declan is considered by Jeanne to be her "other half" because he, like Jeanne, is a Quincy who possesses the ability to "impart". Prior to Declan's birth, not a single Quincy who possesses the same ability as Jeanne had been born. While Jeanne acquires power by bestowing an ability, allowing its wielder to cultivate it, and then taking it back, Declan is incapable of this; he can only "give" to those around him.
  • Power Amplification: Simply by being in another Quincy's presence, Declan can increase their power.

Sleep Induced Power Swapping: Declan and Jeanne are two sides of a balanced scale. While Jeanne returns to being the 'Mother of the Quincy', Declan takes up the 'Mask of the Ruler' in her stead. Both Declan and Jeanne are connected; once night falls and Jeanne falls asleep, her power will switch places with that of Declan’s. By Declan's admission, his own power is more suited toward combat than Jeanne's. The reason he states this is not yet known.
  • The Almighty (全知全能 (ジ・オールマイティ), Ji Ōrumaiti; Japanese for "All-Knowing"): At night, when Jeanne falls asleep, the first power that Declan acquires is The Almighty, signified by his irises and pupils splitting into three.
    • Nigh-Omniscience: With The Almighty, Declan can see into the future, as Jeanne can. However, he does not appear to have full control over the power, preventing him from seeing every possible future like Jeanne can.

Antithesis (完全反立(アンチサーシス), Anchisāshisu; Japanese for "Perfect Anti-Setup"): Declan can designate any two targets and completely reverse anything that has already occurred between the two of them. For example, if Declan were to be greatly injured while fighting an opponent, he could reverse what occurred between himself and his enemy, simultaneously healing himself while grievously wounding his opponent.

Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, he primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, and combines it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi such as in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. He can manipulate spiritual energy for offensive purposes. Uryū commonly reshapes spiritual particles into various types of bow and arrows, but can also concentrate spiritual energy into the form of swords (Seele Schneider) or Gintō.
  • Hirenkyaku Expert: Declan is highly skilled in the use of the technique, keeping up with Captain-level Shinigami who state it is a skill that is hard to master. Declan has also learned a variation of the technique, which creates a platform of Reishi under the user's feet, which he can even use to carry others with him on the platform.
  • Ransōtengai (乱装天傀, Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit): A high level technique which is quite rare among the Quincy. Declan is well versed in the use of this ability, which is not possessed by a good majority of living Quincy. It allows the user to use spirit energy to manipulate their own body in the case of paralysis.

Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"): By making Reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, users of this technique can drastically increase their attack and defense power to inhuman levels. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw: because the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different Reishi systems, they cannot be employed simultaneously.
  • Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), Burūto Aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise"): The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring a Quincy's attacks can significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.
  • Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), Burūto Vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise"): The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it is seemingly not absolute, and can be torn using sufficient power. Additionally, Blut Vene can be used to aid the user against critical wounds which have already been inflicted by stopping the severe loss of blood which would result from said wound.

Shadow: Declan can create a large portal in the shape of a six-pointed cross by generating a shadow in his hand before dropping it onto the ground. Soldat can move through this portal to invade areas.

The Key (鍵を, Kagiwo): Declan can summon a passageway to the Royal Realm through unknown means. To do so, Declan draws and raises his sword above his head, causing light to shine from the tip and cast a white Hagal rune on the ground.

Great Spiritual Power: Declan's spiritual power is on a level comparable to or greater than that of a captain-level Shinigami. Declan manages to remain standing when Jeanne exerts her immense Reiatsu on those near her, despite almost everyone else being forced to lie flat on the ground from the sheer pressure. This is due to him being Jeanne's "other half".

Master Archer: As one of the first Quincy, Declan possesses incredible skill with a bow. His skill in archery is to the point where he can fire an arrow with only a single hand, as well as being able to shoot a target behind someone without harming anything but the target. He is also precise enough to be able to easily hit an area 19 mm to the right of the heart.

Expert Swordsman: Even with his incredible skill as an archer, Declan often resorts to melee combat with a Reishi sword. His skill as a swordsman is great enough that he can deflect barrages of Heilig Pfeil with relative ease. He can quickly transition between using the blade of his sword, and using its hilt for quicker strikes in closer combat than his sword can flourish in. His slashes are quick and precise enough that he could hold his own multiple offenders with his sword alone.