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Thread: [10th Division] Headquarters & Barracks

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    [10th Division] Headquarters & Barracks

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    The Captain's office in the 10th Division was a very clean open room. The desk itself was completely clear of papers and gave the overall look of a very comfortable space. The desk overlooked a double set of couches with a coffee table between them, which were very comfy and the windows gave view of the sakura tree in the court yard of the 10th Division. On top of the desk in the Captain's Office would be a simple white box with a closed lid and a note atop it.

    The note atop this box was addressed to Raizen and it read very specifically,

    "When you're made Captain, you'll need one of these. I figured, I could give you my first one, it was way too big anyway~" was scribbled in Saori's handwriting and signed with her name. "Good luck" was written right after that. Inside the box would be a hooded haori sleeveless with the 10th Division's insignia on the back. Inside it had a golden lining with ornate white lines and designs. This would be the final gift left by Himotoya Saori, for her Vice-Captain. It was as if she knew that the young man would eventually become the Captain of the 10th Division.

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    Shortly after the ordeal involving Nijo Kenpachi and the Ouin, Raizen entered the 10th Division's barracks and made his way to the Captain's office. Once inside, he moved toward the desk, which he walked around while running his hand along its edge. He was already disheartened by the sudden departure of Himatoya Saori, as he'd grown quite fond of the young woman during his short time as her Vice-Captain. Soon, he picked up the note left atop the box she'd placed here. He opened the box while reading. "Captain?" he read aloud with curiosity while looking toward the haori in the box. "Taichou... did you know?" he wondered. Only two sane, living people had seen his Bankai thus far, and he knew they were not ones to tell the secret. For Himotoya Saori to write this in her note, she had to be making the assumption about his development. Clenching the note, Raizen came to a single conclusion. "Sou ka. I guess I'll be on my way then..." And with that said, he took hold of the haori, even donning it with its hood before making his way toward the 1st Division's Headquarters.

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    Within the 10th Division Kisaragi Saya busied herself with a bit of work in the aftermath of their lost Captain. She'd been reassuring some members and making sure that there would be as little hardship in the transition as possible. Even so, she'd heard some rather crazy things and had only not gone to investigate them herself because she figured the truth of them would be determined soon enough. Instead of worrying too much about it, the young woman sat in the common area having a cup of tea. After all, she'd just returned from her family house and seeing off the previous Captain and wondered fully what had happened in the last few hours since she'd last been here. 'Yare yare, I wonder if all that about him challenging the Kidoushuu is really true...' she thought as she sipped tea from a small cup holding it with both her hands.

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    As if to answer Kisaragi Saya's silent query, the white-haired male who'd very recently been appointed Captain returned to the barracks with the haori of the Kidou Corps Commander slung over his shoulder. "Konbanwa," he greeted upon seeing Saya and preparing a cup of tea for himself. He fully intended to sit with this woman and enjoy a lovely hot cup of tea while they conversed, as he had a few things to go over with her. "It looks like things have been going well. Gomen... I meant to inform you of the goings-on earlier, but I've had quite the busy day."

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    'Shit.' she thought, as the young man she'd just thought about rather suddenly entered the room. Beyond this, he seemed to be carrying with him the Haori of the Kidoushuu leader as well as wearing one of his own. Saya had trusted that they wouldn't be without a leader too long and given what she'd seen of this young man's combat she'd assumed he might be made Captain, but for him to take the Kidoushuu leadership position as well was something almost unheard of. "Evenin'... Kumori-taichou, I'd say you had a busy day. I suppose congratulations are in order. Gomen, I couldn't come see your victory, it was kind of crazy when I got back from seeing Himotoya-taichou off..." she stated calmly since the young man was content to have tea with her she saw no problem with continuing to enjoy her own.

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    "Arigatou," Raizen said as he properly settled in and put down his fresh cup of tea. While Saya spoke of the busy state of their Division, he picked it up for a single, refreshing sip. "Mm. Good tea," he commented before having another. When his cup lowered next, he decided to get right down to the business he'd found this woman for. "I can't say it is at all pleasant to know Himotoya-taichou is gone for good, but I'll be assuming my duties immediately. I won't beat around the bush; I would see you as one of my Vice-Captains, if you be willing to accept the position." Interestingly enough, one could note that Raizen still wore the badge of honor belonging to the 10th's Vice-Captain. He hadn't bothered taking it off, knowing the moment he was made Captain who he would chose as his second-in-command.

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    The young man sat and had a decent sip of tea, he'd yet to say anything of real interest and as such Saya was content to keep drinking. She too, felt displeased at the fact that Saori had been taken by the Royal Guard, especially so soon after her return. She couldn't say she'd have had as much fun as she did transitioning back into life within the division without the young female Captain around. Beyond this, Raizen seemed to want her to be his Vice-Captain and upon hearing these words the pigtailed woman took pause pushing glassed up on to her face so that the glint over her eyes disappeared. It was very strange that one this strong would want someone like her as his Vice-Captain, she didn't actually expect the offer. "Um, what? Wait... " there was an extreme amount of pause from this woman as she frowned. "Alright leading statements are leading you want more than one Vice-Captain, and you want me to be one of them? What exactly have you been up to today that would make you want more than one Vice-Captain and one like me if you already have someone else in mind as well?" she asked. She knew she'd been assigned to Saori at that lass' request given her own inexperience, but beyond this it seemed pretty outlandish that this young man would choose her of his own accord. Beyond this, it was already obvious that she wasn't nearly holding enough of a candle to this new generation as he did, so it was a bit unfathomable to her that he'd request such a thing. She didn't see the logic in it.

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    "Ah, right. Gomen; I got ahead of myself." As he spoke, Raizen set out the Kidou Corps Commander's haori between himself and Saya. "The Kidoushuu has been ordered to assimilate with the 10th Division. In addition to the Vice-Captain of this Division, I intend to keep the Vice Kidou Chief as well. Essentially, two Vice-Captains, but one being a downgraded version for the Kidoushuu alone. As my true Vice-Captain, you would of course have domain over both. I'm sure your experience will be invaluable to me; no one else in this Division is suited to the title."

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    There was a brief pause, during which Raizen explained that he'd gotten a bit ahead of himself. He went on to explain that he'd ordered the entirety of the Kidoushuu to assimilate with the 10th Division. She'd heard that before the Kidoushuu became its own organization it was once apart of the Division which housed the Captain who'd created Kidou, but that was supposedly thousands of years ago and was eventually separated for some unknown reason. For Raizen to be doing such a thing was rather extraordinary but she couldn't imagine the mess of paperwork this would eventually be. He also went on to explain that he wished to have her as an overarching Vice-Captain, and a Vice-Captain specifically for the Kidoushuu. "Sou ka, you're building an empire. The way that works out the Division would practically run itself, but I don't envy you the paperwork." she said as her glasses slid down her nose and she took a sip of tea. A smirk came to the woman's face, she'd rejoined the Gotei simply to give herself something to do without any students in her Dojo. Rejoining this Division was somehow one of the best decisions she could have made, and would end in her favor in some incredible way. All of this was generally made possible by a little redhead scientist who'd once called her a hag and argued with her on a daily basis. "We'll I can't say I have anything better to do. And I am all about helping out the really young, so if you want me on hand. You have me and my experience at your disposal," she said decisively. She had no problem helping this lad build his division and wondered what other kinds of changes she could expect.

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