Shusuke's attack, though successful in getting him what he'd come for in the first place, left a sensation of emptiness in its wake. His right blade clashed against another, and his aura pressed against the existence of insects created by Saya's Zanpakutou, but... that was all. In all honesty, the young 3rd Seat had allowed himself to be a bit riled up by Saya's challenge, test, or whatever she wished to call it. He'd even momentarily forgotten his initial purpose, just for a few seconds, while matching his breathing to that of his aunt. Remaining in this state after his first attack using Shikai, Shusuke's eyes fell once more. This time, he gazed into his arm. There was something amiss with the way he used this method, as if every time he even considered switching between evasion and mounting an offense, a gaping hole of some sort opened in the wall between his calm state, and the normal thoughts that hindered combat ability. Whatever the case, it seemed Saya needed to see no more. After she rose from the knock-back of his previous attack, she sealed - and even sheathed - her Zanpakutou. "Che! Next time we stop after I kick your ass for all those years of boredom," he commented in a snarky fashion, befitting of his usual self, as he also sealed and sheathed his weapon. Since Saya had already taken off, he chose to do the same and keep a pace that left him on her trail all the way to their family's estate.