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Thread: Kumori Manor

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    For the first time in days, maybe even weeks, Raizen left his office and division. This was by no choice of his own, but rather by the suggestion of Benihime that they have an outing and attend the ongoing festival. A leisurely walk carried him home this day, and of course, he did not come alone. Still, he led the way to and through the entrance. His presence alone deterred the would-be offense of the Kidou Corps and Onmitsukido members that would have otherwise targeted the redhead in his company. "Ah... I nearly forgot that I put so many people on payroll. I should get someone to manage their checks if I'm going to keep being away for so long," he said to continue a bit of small talk with Benihime, though his following words were spoken to someone else not even in sight at the time. "What do you think... Takagi-san?"

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    In the company of the young Captain of the 10th Division as he approached his residence, a younger redhead walked along with her left elbow resting on the hilt of her sword while, she managed to smile. The leisurely pace they took to get here, didn't seem to bother her in the slightest. By her own account they were more than ahead of schedule for the people watching she intended to do with this man in her company. Even so, it'd been a while since she'd last visited this place, as she settled into her duties as 3rd Seat and the Captain himself rarely left the Division. Upon seeing the added number of people moving about in ways she hadn't previously noticed a small smile came to her face. "Sugei, you added the Onmitsukidou too. Those ones always seemed like they'd be a lot of fun~" she chimed. On the matter of actually having someone else in charge. "I figured there was a head attendant who saw to matters 'Unbefitting of the Master'," she said with a large grin crossing her face. Where she heard such a statement before would likely be left up to the imagination, not that Raizen needed much to piece such things together, she was quite sure he could even without her nudging him in any particular direction.

    Her crimson locks shifted ever so slightly as her gaze turned to find the person being addressed by Raizen before the lad. A young blonde haired woman decked out in purple gear with blue eyes. She was the 4th Seat of the 2nd Division, and also Kumori Raizen's personal Onmitsukidou Guard. "Kumori-taichou, it's nice to see you. And it's as Niwatoko-sanseki says, a head attendant could take care of that for you. You could always choose one from your existing staff or if you would prefer someone a bit more 'capable' than average I could make a few recommendations," she said. Benihime's eyebrow raised, at the idea of being identified so readily. Of course, she was sort of used to people knowing who she was it was still quite impressive for this young woman to state such a thing. It was likely a thing meant to bolster more confidence. Less than a second of thought came from the young woman before she voiced sheer amusement. "Sugei!~" she chimed seemingly in appreciation. "Arigatou gozaimasu," she added to Benihime before moving right along. "Though, we are paid regardless, by the 2nd Division for completing our duties here. You are sent an invoice fairly regularly to pay our salaries. It's probably included in that mountain of paperwork you do, so you could spread the load around," she finished that sentence and awaited orders or anything of the sort.

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    "Hai. The Kidoushuu members alone aren't nearly enough to safeguard this place from the kinds of threats it will be seeing in the future. I'm wagering on threats nearing Bankai level within a matter of months, and far greater threats over the years to come," Raizen said regarding the addition of the Onmitsukidou to the manor's guards. Of course, there was more to his reasoning than just this, and he intended to hide nothing. "If I'm being honest, I also sort of missed the Onmitsukidou patrol on the property."

    Both Benihime and Sayuri alluded to a head attendant of sorts being what Raizen would want. There was also an interesting thing to note in the latter's speech about pay, which Raizen addressed first and foremost. "That is interesting. You're paid by the Gotei for these duties now? Well, that doesn't seem fair. This is a higher mark than what you'll be expected to do as a member of the Gotei, so I suppose I'll be organizing additional wages directly from the property. That shouldn't be an issue at all, but I'm willing to hear any of those recommendations now."

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    Both Benihime and Sayuri got to hear out Raizen's reasoning for acquiring Onmitsukidou guards in addition to the members of the Kidoushuu who were on rotation around his residence. A simple nod came from both of the young women as fear of potential safety was reason enough. Benihime knew from personal experience that people from some of the other clans and members of the Central Forty-Six would be likely to send assassins after this man. Even so, to expect Bankai level was admirable as far as planning was concerned. But it seemed that tactical reasons weren't the only ones that Raizen thought of when making such a choice, there was also the rather simple reasoning of missing such a presence. Benihime thought about this, and thought about the roles such people had to play in his life. Thinking about his abilities, she'd at least one of them used by a member of the Onmitsukidou, more directly its leader, so there was reason enough to assume some sort of mentor, sibling, or social connection. Not to far from the sort of relationship the redhead maintained with Saya. "Sou ka, I can understand that..." Benihime added, she had after all gone out of her way to help get Saya reinstated simply because she missed having the woman around, among a myriad of other reasons.

    Sayuri at the mention that extra pay should be received because her job here was more than what was expected from her in the Gotei, simply made the blonde haired young woman laugh. "Right, well, I am not one to turn down a bigger paycheck or anything like that, so do what you wish..." she said giving a soft bow. "As for my recommendation, my favorite would be Yuhi Kurenai. She's got the most experience in running households for other people. She organizes staff very easily and is good with people in general, she is also extremely good at general household tasks. She's also very strong and is on the regular training rotations with Han-taichou. So more than talented enough to take care of herself and anyone else left in her charge," the young woman said with exceedingly open hands and posture. Such a person seemed to Benihime like the type who had some extreme level of boredom, but from what she'd seen of other attendant types that was pretty much a standard character trait. Benihime was reading between the lines of this young woman's speech and indeed it seemed like her choice had all the makings of a great attendant. Which made her wonder innately why this young woman was keen enough to get her out of their barracks and on to do other things that would take up more of her attention. Benihime continued to think it over and a devious smile came to her face, this woman sounded like she probably had extreme mothering tendencies, and was more than likely abusing that all around the Second Division. It was likely hard for them to have fun and relax with the equivalent of a barrack's mom around. Still this left Benihime wondering what Raizen would say to this proposition, after all an attendant was needed and one like this would be good for his household.

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    "I figured you wouldn't be. As empty as this house is without the rest of you here, I'm considering also looking into a vacation policy that would also relieve you of your duties as a Gotei member. There's no point having money without time to spend it, after all." Raizen knew there were many individuals currently employed under himself, the Gotei, and their own separate organizations. With three jobs under their proverbial belts, these people were entitled to a hefty amount of relaxation for their own sanity and general wellness. For the moment though, his focus was on this attendant being recommended by Sayuri. As she explained the nature and potential usefulness of this woman, Raizen looked upon her with a raised brow. For all this talk, Raizen found it interesting that he was unfamiliar with the name Yuhi Kurenai, but he could think of numerous reasons for this to be the case. "... Sou ka. If it'll help you out that much, I'll make sure she's acquired. Now then, I suppose we shouldn't waste much more time. Niwatoko."

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    "If you could swing that, you'd be a hero..." Sayuri mentioned. Though the team of Onmitsukidou members weren't at all overworked, most of them simply balanced their life with work and sleep and very little in between. That being said, it wasn't at all like any of them regretted their choice. But relaxing now and again was good, and to that end it seemed that Kumori Raizen did indeed want Yuhi Kurenai, the person she'd given a stellar recommendation about. That being said, it seemed her reasoning was much more obvious than she'd initially realized, she managed to look a bit abashed as she bowed avoiding eye contact with all present. "Hai! Arigatou Gozaimasu!" the girl mentioned and with Raizen's words that he intended to leave now with Benihime she also nodded holding back a chuckle as a flash of purple dictated the leaving of the blonde head of security at the household. "Kukukuku~" the chuckle escaped the young woman before she took up walking with the lad again. She was already amused which meant for her this day could only really get better. "Hai! Kumori-taichou," she agreed moving right along with Raizen as if nothing was amiss. About their timing, she figured they were still a bit early for the entertainment she had planned, even so, she still had to pick out clothing and that could potentially be a long ordeal by her own calculation and as such she was more than willing to start on this activity at Raizen's leisure.

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    "Hai." This was the final word Raizen would share with Sayuri during this interaction. With his top guard gone, he led the way through the manor as his memory dictated, until eventually reaching the end of a corridor whose final door opened to reveal a large room used as a wardrobe. A slew of clothing options were upon every wall in this room, and more yet lay upon mannequins, shelves and tables spread neatly throughout the walking space. One who'd spent any leisure time in the world of humans might note the similarities between this room and a small clothing store, as the room itself even contained chairs, mirrors, and other such things typically used when shopping for - and trying on - apparel. Upon entering this room, Raizen continued moving toward the rear wall, and seated himself atop a velvet sofa. His arms folded, and his right leg dangled over his left as he awaited what could end up being a bit of a long search for perfection. "This is the women's closet. You have free roam. If it fits, consider it yours."

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    Benihime was soon enough led into the Kumori Manor which Raizen called home. And without any inclination towards stopping straight to a room which she'd not laid eyes on during her previous visits. Here was a room which Raizen referred to as a 'Women's Closet' but it was more like a well put together boutique in the human world. Clothing and accessories lined walls, whole outfits atop mannequins. "Sugei!~ It's like a giant boutique! There's so much stuff in here!~" were the immediate excited utterances of Benihime. For all the oddness of her general choices in attire, she actually seemed to be quite fond of this place and the idea of what would amount to free shopping. As such she began to move around rather strangely initially, unwrapping the bandages from her hands and removing them from her person only to turn them into small capsules to place into her pockets as she passed mirrors and allowed her gaze to move around them and all clothing present. She looked to Raizen who'd taken up a comfortable seat for spectating and offered him a wide grin.

    "Arigatou gozaimasu, Rai-tai~" the girl chimed seemingly happy that she could take what she wanted. Her eyes were alight as she began to pick through several different individual pieces. "I like this one..." she murmured to herself. Her body began to move of its own volition through several pieces she liked. Several different pairs of thigh high socks, kimono of various colors and patterns, mainland inspired form-fitting dresses and a few open ended multiple pieces all seemed to fit into the girl's personal style choices. "Oooh and all of these~" the young woman chimed. Different color obi, ties and other such accessories were also chosen before the girl would eventually return to the same area Raizen currently occupied with arms full of clothing she'd pulled. These were all placed into a side space which would leave the girl to look around at several mirrors and know she'd get a good chance and likely an even better critique of her choices. "You'll give some good input while you enjoy the show, right?" she teasingly questioned the Captain of her Division as she removed from her person her Zanpakuto and began to unravel the bandages which made up her shirt. Even so, she didn't get completely naked in this moment, and instead simply chose to tease Raizen's gaze for a few seconds before she disappeared to try on the first of multiple ensambles. When she returned from the pile of clothes she'd collected she'd be wearing something like a red and white open concept kimono with long tails in the front and back with exposed thighs all the way up to her hips. This was completed by red and white wrist guards and would be followed by the girl examining her own figure bending over slightly in the mirror and gazing towards Raizen within it. "Hm, I kind of like this... but I don't think I am sold on it..." she mused absently.

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    As he sat, Raizen blinked away the strange occurrence that was Benihime's reaction to the wardrobe. "Hmm. I suppose you could look at it that way. Apparently, my family was very large. It is likely they had much time to be influenced by humans," he claimed. And so, the waiting began as Benihime moved about the room claiming fondness of numerous articles that seemed within her measurement range. Soon enough, she was nearby with a pile of clothes and a query about his potential input while he enjoyed a 'show' of sorts. Considering their last encounter in this very location, there was only one conclusion to be made here, so Raizen addressed her question with a chuckle. "Hmph. I suppose I'm good for that much," he said to offer his services as a critic. Just then, he looked to the redhead and witnessed the removal of her favored bandage top just before she darted off to properly change. Any thoughts he had regarding this were left in his mind, but the 3rd Seat returned in no time at all with a skimpy, primarily red kimono and wrist guards. Benihime's gaze found Raizen through the mirror, while his own eyes examined the form of the bent-over redhead, and his own head tilted to the left. "Well... I have no complaints about the garment itself, but the wrist-wear may be a bit much for a festival. You do realize underwear exists, right?"

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    "Hm, that makes a reasonable amount of sense... communal closets that are set up like places to shop though is very different from general expectation~" Benihime mused, remembering her elder brother being a bit more than upset when she raided his closet. The Kumori Family as a whole seemed to be very strange. Between the odd fixation of power, rumored out right ability and what she could only assume was an undue obsession with fashion she imagined they would have been an interesting sight at their peak. With outfit one properly on display she gave a general turn and kept a watchful eye as Raizen commented on her attire. She supposed wrist guards were a bit much for day to day wear, but even so, they seemed to match the outfit and who was she to argue with an already established standard. "I suppose looking like I am trying to start a fight at a festival isn't a complete selling option..." she said seeming to be giving real thought to her current attire. Within a second though a devious grin spread across her face as she hadn't yet responded to the second part of Raizen's query. "Yare yare, of course I realize underwear exist, contrary to popular belief I am actually wearing some~" the girl chimed she turned around once more and a flash of a thong also red in color would be seen. It seemed to almost blend it at the top of her hip, covered by the points where the fabric layers met, doing so without leaving obvious lines on her body. Doing this turn would flash Raizen a look at her bare bottom in this particular article of undergarment for just a few seconds. "Though to be honest, from what I've seen you can hardly talk~" the young woman said, remembering that Raizen himself didn't seem to favor undergarments at all.

    And just like that the girl had disappeared once more for a change in attire. When she next exited she had on a light colored kimono covered in sakura flowers. But this piece wasn't intact. It was a single body piece sleeveless with separate sleeves attached at the arms. Unlike her previous long attire, this one had a short attached skirt. So, short in fact that it stopped well above the burgundy thigh highs she was wearing to accompany it. The kimono itself was trimmed in burgundy as were the top sleeves of it. The best thing about this outfit by Benihime's own approximation was the ample roundness of her bosom revealed on either side, but fully covered in the front. "I actually really like this, not normally into flowers, but this is nice~" she said seeming to enjoy herself as she turned to watch Raizen, and get his opinion on the outfit in question.

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