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    Kumori Manor

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    In front of the forest of Sokyoku Hill as a very large open lot. One which would likely go unnoticed to most, even as they moved towards the center point of the Seireitei, and this would be the spot which Juri led Raizen to. Once there, she stopped in front of it and began speaking. "I don't know if you know this, but before I was the leader of the Onmitsukidou, I was specifically a special guard to the Kumori Household," she started. She'd always imagined this moment for the lad, and now that she could give him this thing she felt really proud of him, though the moment was kind of bittersweet as it meant the end of her time as his caretaker. "Actually, I was your mother's personal guard. She gave me one final task, before she died and it was to turn this place over to you when you were ready," with that statement she pressed her hand out against nothing but with the use of her Reiatsu a pulse happened around the space, it shattered reality revealing a very elaborate estate which covered a huge amount of land. "This is yours."

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    "I figured as much, considering your constant presence in my childhood," said the following Raizen, who recalled many instances in his youth when he would undergo lesser training regimens with the woman. She'd brought him to an open lot, but Raizen knew better than to make assumptions about what stood before him. There was no way she would purposefully lead him to nothing. She eventually went on to reveal what truly filled the space, and what Raizen beheld thereafter was something truly large. The building's fore showed the insignia he remembered seeing on the garbs of his own mother once upon a time, leading Raizen to understand what this place was. "The house of Kumori..." he spoke softly, making known his understanding. "My mother tasked you with giving me my family's home?"

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    "Hmm, I suppose I was around a lot more back then..." she said thinking about it more. She'd often trained the young man a bit in combat, and probably had at least a little bit to do with how far out ahead of his peers he was. It seemed though that upon unveiling this place he seemed to gain a greater understanding of its meaning. "Hai," she said at his recognition of the place, it seemed though he went on question the task she'd been given. "A bit more than that, officially she tasked me with making sure you grew up alright, and told me when you were ready you could take over the clan and remake it how you saw fit," she said speaking rather fondly of the boy's mother. "But, she was really specific, because of course I was fine with helping look after you, but I didn't know how I was supposed to know if you would be ready. And she said if you became Captain, that you'd be more than ready," she said softly. "It's actually been really fun, watching you grow up, and I knew when I saw you take over the Kidoushuu in your haori. Making major changes by your own will, that you'd be alright."

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    "That's a very specific condition to be met. I don't know whether to call it faith in her child, or carelessness that made her find that reasonable. Though, I suppose faith in you is a good middle ground," he asserted. This was turning out to be quite the eventful day; all in a matter of hours, Raizen had managed to become engaged, become a Captain, become Kidou Corps Commander and Grand Chief, take a Vice-Captain, and apparently become the official head of a noble house. Of all the things he'd been part of today, this was by far the strangest. "It's... quite large. Frankly, I don't find it very fitting for a family consisting of a single person. Even with the addition of one other, it is going to be ridiculous."

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    It seemed Raizen could really find the full sense in his mother's decision but decided to settle on something which could be considered the middle ground, which was faith in her guard to know when the time would be right after pretty much leaving the girl in charge of her son post her death. Juri smiled quite a bit just then, "Well, I suppose, I'll take it as a compliment. But she believed in you, was very sure about you actually~" she said of Raizen. Juri spent a lot of time in the personal confines of that woman within this house and she knew the woman believed in this boy's destiny for whatever reason. As such she'd never even bothered to question the boy's skills nor his abilities. When he went on to explain that the size of this home was a bit ridiculous and that it was strange, she could only chuckle. "Well, the people make the home, if it's large it can feel full and if it's small it can feel empty... depends on who you have with you..." she said in a moment of ambient wisdom most likely wouldn't expect from her. But she'd been part of this house, when it'd been full and it'd never felt right. And then still looked after just Raizen and his mother and that had seemed much warmer. After thinking about this a moment her eyes widened because she realized she'd just skimmed over something else the boy'd said. "Wait, you said one other? Are there other congratulations in order here?" she asked seemingly confused by this very new and very unknown information.

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    "Hmm. I suppose... you're very right about that," he said of the very prolific clause presented by Juri. He took a few steps forward, moving onto the porch where he would stand to face Juri. Her question of whether more congratulations were in order would be met by a scratch of the head and a light chuckle. "Hai hai. Just before Nijo Kenpachi's rampage, I became engaged to Michi. I'm almost bothered; have you been slacking on your duties as caretaker and stealth specialist? This trivial information should have reached you already."

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    Raizen seemed to accept the woman's prolific statement in stride and given what she knew of the young man, she supposed he'd use it a bit better than most. Moving right along it seemed that Raizen had become engaged this afternoon to the Seventh Division's Vice-Captain a young woman named Kyoyama Michi. He went on to say he thought she might have been slacking on her duties as she wasn't already privy to this information. "Oi oi, it's been a busy afternoon. And I don't know if you noticed but I was on the front lines of that Nijo Kenpachi situation. And with you basically becoming the equivalent of two Captains this afternoon, I haven't had time to read the reports yet." she said in a joking manner, but she was quite serious. "That information isn't exactly trivial anyways, and I definitely don't just stalk you or anything~" she concluded her little joke and gave the young man a firm pat on the back. "Congratulations Raizen." she said and with this her work here was done. "Oh, don't worry about the house upkeep, there was a clause if it ever popped back up to have several rounds of people paid to help with the upkeep of it. Chefs, maids, general servants and such. All normally used for the nobles so you'll get your privacy. And if you want a personal guard detail for the property you can have that as well and all that... but, I know you've had a lot going on today and you probably want to get back to it. So I'll let ya' go, Ja ne, Raizen~" the woman said and given she was no longer needed for conversation she'd disappear by using Shunpo from this spot.

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    Another day, Raizen returned to the Kumori estate via the family's old private Senkaimon. He brought with him the red-haired 5th Seat of the 12th Division, Niwatoko Benihime. The path let out in the courtyard, where there were various guards assigned not from the Onmitsukidou, but from the Kidoushuu instead. "Ah. They're here now. Good," he said in passing as he guided the woman toward the manor's interior. A large library was within, and in this room were many tomes obviously taken from elsewhere in the building; they were placed in stacks on a table, and were quite recently used, despite the shelves all being filled to capacity. "Do you have any other curiosities we should go over before we have a look?"

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    Upon exiting the Senkaimon Benihime would find herself standing on a property she'd never actually seen before, though upon looking around it for major landmarks she'd decided that she'd definitely been in the area. "Personal Senkaimon, random huge estate, Kidoushuu guards... You really were quite busy, Kumori-taichou~" she said seeming to find this an amazing development for whatever reason. "Sugei..." she mumbled as she took note of the various Kidoushuu guards whom were placed around their homes. She'd heard nobles tended to favor the Onmitsukidou, but she figured given Raizen's own apparent like of Kidou his guards made a bit more sense for him. Soon enough she was being lead through the property getting an impromptu visual tour as they headed for the library. Once inside she looked at wall to wall full bookshelves her eyes widening at the sight. She was a seeker of many things and craved knowledge. She didn't like not knowing things and a room like this so full of things it was possible she didn't know seemed to make her giddy. "Sugei, there's so much here. Like... I could know everything~" she said only to think about it more, when questioned directly about things she could only shrug. "Hm, most curiosities I have are related to what we're looking into right here, and the Hollows with the spider marks, but I've done enough of that for one day... " she mentioned with a chuckle. "Anyways, I need to know what you know... so what have you done so far?" she asked seemingly content to dive head first into the research aspect of her day that wouldn't almost get her killed.

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