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Thread: Kumori Manor

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    Indulgence was no stranger to either party sitting within that wardrobe. If Benihime fancied indulging a bit, then Raizen was all the merrier to do so as well. A bit of banter thrown back and forth when any payoff had already presented itself was strangely refreshing, what with all his previous shots at high-profile targets that now seemed incapable of comparing to... well, one who may as well have been nameless previously. What of their current conundrum, though? Would Benihime take on the challenge, attempting to wrap this encounter up within four minutes? Interestingly enough, the answer was that she would try. First though, came the idea that their resident Kenpachi should have something better to do. Raizen opened his mouth to retort, albeit hesitantly as the lapping of an earlobe caused his breath to catch. "Does Kenpachi have something better to do than go looking for a fight? As a wild guess, I'd assume he doesn't," he joked.

    More importantly, a challenge most indirect had been accepted nonetheless. Raizen's brow rose; what an amusing reaction that was. Four minutes was a tight squeeze, according to Benihime, but the only tight squeeze he knew of was the one presenting itself around his girth. The wonders of slight positional alterations were not to be understated. That intense tightness which remained so slick in spite of its firmness was enough to make a man reconsider his own life decisions. "Tight squeeze, huh? That's a bit on the nose, even for you. I─" He paused there, breath escaping him during one gloriously agonizing descent. "─don't have any complaints to offer, mind you. Just be sure you worry more about your own satisfaction, or I'll never let myself hear the end of it."

    In the meantime, Takagi Sayuri was certainly earning her paycheck by running interference. As he made his way toward the manor, Kenpachi found himself standing in front of some little blonde woman he'd never seen. She was in no way what he'd come here to see, but her introduction involved the very name he sought. He came to a halt, attributing no difference between a guard and a doorstop standing in front of him. "Eh? Damn right he's expecting me," the bearded Captain spoke. "He here? That kid owes me a fight, and I'm here to take payment. Gettin' tired of not being able to stretch my legs."

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    A fun bit of banter was given and taken back and forth between the pair. Of course, Benihime found this to be quite a bit of fun. Of course, it could be said that fun was always different with different people, but the words and activities she shared with Raizen always had their own type of excitement built in. It often lead to her being a bit less contained than she normally was... though she'd admittedly always been a bit flirty when the mood struck. In this new challenge phase, the Captain of the 10th Division seemed to be having some more diverse reactions and a bit of a joke to be shared about the Kenpachi who'd so recently returned to power. "I am sure he should. I was bored for a few weeks and I had something much better to look for than a fight~" she said offering the man a wink as her hips continued moving against his.

    The slight alterations of her position and the newfound urgency of the situation gave her a strangely calm outlook on it. The worst thing that could happen is that an interruption would properly take place and neither of them would finish, but she knew her own body quite well and was getting to know Raizen's as well. The more she did this the easier bringing either of them to climax would be. According to the man beneath her, the redhead's word choice was a bit on the nose even for her flirting discussion. A heavy breath which was almost a chuckle escaped her right near his ear where she'd continue to talk for the sake of sharing a bit of information. "Ara ara, I didn't even mean that one~" she said of the word choice. As for the rest and looking after her own satisfaction she could only continue having found the right depth to move him against to bring herself a bit more pleasure than most positions. "There is no need to worry, Kumori-taichou. I will always seek what satisfies me. It is why I came to find you after all. You can take it easy on yourself. I won't~" she stated almost playfully, as she gently pressed her lips against the side of his face. Those movements of her hips continued even as her body remained leaned against his. Only those tight movements which did not move him completely in or out of her, resulting in a grinding sensation against her depths which was causing a great pressure to appear in her depths.

    Ah, but while that happened, it was up to a single blonde lass to stand between them and Kenpachi. And she was doing this dutifully. According to the Captain of the Eleventh Division he was expected by the young Kumori Raizen. According to him, Raizen owed him a fight and he was here to collect it. That was a strange thing to say but all intelligence about this particular man said he enjoyed battle more than all others. Of course, she also knew that the man had entered his dwelling with a young woman and thus likely wasn't intending to fight anyone. "I am sure that is quite difficult, sparring partners are often hard to find," she could commiserate at least a little bit. Hoping to buy a bit of time, she knew Raizen had to know this man was outside unless he was really busy. "I don't think he realized you were coming here now though... I should let him know as the person guarding his manor today. Give me just a few moments to clear it up?" she asked very politely. Holding off a Kenpachi was a pretty hardcore thing to have to do. Even so, if it was simply a fight she'd take it on to help out if it was necessary. Even so, if she could get the Captain to come out she could ease this transition just a bit.

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    With a Kenpachi on the loose just outside the building, the pair continued. Interruptions aside, there seemed to be every intention of finishing this one way or another. Raizen had no qualms. He did, of course, have a few issues with the arrival of Inuzuri Kenpachi. "I'd rather he did. Someone should find him a woman," he added to the discussion. Speaking of ongoing discussions, one particular segment would take an interesting turn. The heat of breath passed over his ear, heralding the claim that Benihime's most recent pun was an unintentional one. To this, he offered a chuckle. "I almost believe you. Almost."

    Of course, Benihime's proclamation was backed by true effort. She truly intended to wrap this up if at all possible, and the veritable vice-grip of her entrance was doing a great deal of work toward that eventuality. Whether it worked or not, the next few minutes would tell. Whatever the case, it didn't need saying that she wouldn't be taking it easy on him. "Really? And here I thought this was just a casual start to a long night." As he spoke, the Captain reached out to take his 3rd Seat by the back of her neck, fingers taking up locks of hair as to tilt her head with it. She'd kissed the side of his face, but he would have nothing so simple. In turning her head, Raizen would partake of her lips both before and after addressing her claims. "This isn't all though, is it? How much more are you saving for a rainy day?"

    Sparring partners are often hard to find. No words spoken had ever been as false, nor as true. This Kenpachi never had difficulty finding people to fight. There were always two options, though those came with some... additional restrictions, so to speak. He sought combat with one Kumori Raizen before those same restrictions would be applied to a fight with him, all so he could at least have a bit of proper excitement for once. "He's here then. Yeah, bring him out. Tell him I ain't gonna wait around forever. Much as I hate fighting indoors, I'll bring the inside to the outside if he leaves me bored out here."

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    A jest shared between two people fighting against a clock of their own imposition. This time hardly seemed appropriate for such words, but it did not bother Benihime one bit to be sharing such words with him. "I do too. I vote the Sixth Division's Captain as tribute," she said jesting only slightly. After all, it was perfectly legitimate for the pair of them to know each other and in her own opinion Tamamura had seemed just a little too happy to see the man out of incarceration. Moving on from this point, apparently her statement that her most recent pun wasn't intentional was only 'almost' believed. A playful huff escaped the redhead as her decent finally came to an end and she'd left herself to grind against him, enjoying the stimulation both externally and internally and feeling the pulse of her nether as a compliment to such a sensation. "Aww, only almost? But then what happens when I say something on purpose I wonder~" she mused seeming to find the whole situation more and more amusing even as they kept going.

    This ride was a casual start to a long night? Well, yes... that was a pretty apt descriptor. "That is accurate as an understanding of my agenda," she said cheekily. Still there was only so much which could happen as a result. Rather suddenly though, Raizen had Benihime by the back of her neck, hands tangled up in her locks, pulling her into his mouth. They'd share another kiss so dangerous before he spoke again and then again immediately following such speech. He was definitely more than enough to fill the parts of her which could not have found meaning otherwise. Ah, that was a philosophical thought, the sort they had constantly. What did she have saved up for a rainy day though? She couldn't answer with her mouth, no that was quite busy being attacked again. But another slight shift could occur. She'd never truly gotten to fully explore a position like this, but now was as good a time as any. Her legs spread out to the sides, taking the position of a full sideways split, causing that vice grip of her insides to tighten in all directions. The shifting of her hips did not stop the grinding motion, even as she knew they'd be encroached upon by another. Actually, just like this she could find elation, her hands explored finding themselves at the back of his neck exploring his hairline and gaining the slightest bit of tension as she approached what she did not doubt would be a blinding flourish.

    Speaking of things reaching climax. The end of what Sayuri assumed was only her first conversation with Inuzuri Kenpachi. A sigh escaped her as she made her way into the manor after hearing his final declaration. Maybe just maybe, her new boss wouldn't ask her to hold him off for very long. She was sure she couldn't take that particular man in a fight and that it would be somewhat of a pain to have to do so. That being said, she also knew the negatives of being interrupted when one was spending quality time with their significant other. Outside of the door to the closet the girl kept her head down and her eyes to the ground announcing herself with only words. "Kumori-taichou, I am sure you know of your visitor. He claims he will not wait long for you to appear. He claims to not like fighting indoors, but he said he will bring the indoors out if you don't appear in a timely enough manner..." she stated. Yes, surely this little diversion might give them enough time to finish up whatever it is they were doing within this closet. At the same time, Benihime had taken to stifling her own moans not that it wasn't obvious to all the kinds of activities they were likely up to.

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    What would happen if Benihime said something on purpose? That was an interesting thought to mull over, and one Raizen would be revisiting only momentarily. First though, he seemed content to enjoy the press of her lips, and eventually the confines of her mouth as his tongue sought a swift breech. Each party had a clear attachment to grasping at the other. Each had no desire to speak while they partook of each other's maw, and each had every desire to proceed with their shared activity of choice. Raizen himself hated that he couldn't take full advantage of this little ensemble Benihime chose to wear, but... if he was right, there were many others hidden away somewhere. Another day would produce something truly glorious, even if today was cut short.

    Ah, but today was not at all short of glory. Benihime's legs moved once more, spreading outward horizontally while her insides collapsed. She'd strangulate his tool by this method, and he'd be perfectly fine with it. In fact, he seemed to be suffering a sudden influx of repeated pulses, as if his manhood were fighting against the closing walls. Just as that began, the Captain retracted his tongue. The snap of a saliva trail caught betwixt oral muscles marked the moment Raizen finally spoke his rebuttal. "Haah~ Why wonder? You're a scientist; experiment," he goaded.

    There was another voice, just as Raizen expected. The timing was not a moment off his assumption, and the speech was... well, very much the same. Takagi Sayuri would not have to worry about distracting Kenpachi. Things would be handled naturally by the battle-loving Captain's own impatience, and Raizen fully intended to take advantage of that. "That's about what I expected," he stated loudly enough to let his voice travel beyond the door. In doing so, however, his eyes remained locked on those of Benihime. It seemed the intensity of the moment was not at all lost to him, even whilst upholding a separate conversation. "It's nothing to worry about. Actually... don't even address him again; just leave him waiting and clear out the front of the house. Make sure no one is present at that end of the property in... two minutes."

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    Benihime was being kissed with a high amount of vigor. Of course, this did not bother her, she was even apt to play with the tongue which entered her mouth swirling her own around it and finding the sensation of it to be well worth diving into without question. One day she'd try this again, no time constraints and see what the young Kumori man was truly made of. She assumed he was getting around to that part of it with all of his work. She would not interrupt things to her long term benefit, just the same she'd consider this kind of meeting a snack on the way to a feast. A simple testing of the waters as they moved forward down this strange path that the world at large seemed to be pushing them towards. Whatever the case, there was a looming threat on the horizon.

    Not simply the one outside the manor either. No this one came in the form of the grip she currently had on his manhood which she was apt to take advantage of. It went without saying those pulses from him were felt, appreciated and even reciprocated as she moved about on his manhood in this newfound way. He claimed she was a scientist with their mouths finally parted, and that as such she should experiment? Ah that made sense, "Well, sure I should, but there are many things I could say... preparations are to be made~" she mused softly against his face. of course, she had every intention of following through. But there was a new voice. This one belonging to Sayuri. Benihime's hips continued moving and Raizen continued admirably carrying on a somewhat normal conversation while she moved about on his manhood.

    Sayuri was unsurprised he knew about Kenpachi but his words about dealing with him were strange. Yes, or mad. That was a better descriptor. She was simply to evacuate the front of the building and not deal with the Kenpachi again? That was a relief but also perplexing. Were rich people always like this? Did he have a plan? Was fight code for something around here? 'You know what, I am paid enough to not think about the details too much.' That thought rang through her head within seconds. "Hai. It will be done." and just like that she disappeared from where she was. It would take her about 2 full minutes to clear out the front of the manor. All of the people working and mulling about up there were encouraged to leave due to the emanate visit of one called Kenpachi. Right after her disappearance there was a near whisper from Benihime as her hips found that perfect rhythm needed to maintain that semi-constant pulsing that was the start of her own climax. "I should tell you I am teetering on the edge here... how dangerous for you to keep impatient people waiting."

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    In terms of preparations, the only ones Raizen concerned himself with were those that would solidify this very moment's progression. Kenpachi's arrival was admittedly an unexpected one; he'd anticipated having to deal with that one in the barracks some time later. Surely, something else was to be factored in. Sayuri was sent off, likely believing his reaction was something strange or callous. No matter. Raizen had already begun formulating a plan for repairing the property itself─ one he would begin enacting whenever he had his wits about him properly. "Right. Speaking of preparations..."

    Wherever he was going with that, it would have to wait. Their brief interruption hadn't been much of an interruption at all, as Benihime's movements continued throughout. Moments after though, she found her stride in such a way as to stagger the coming clause again. When would he find words? Not soon, sadly. Another moment of hesitation was brought about when Benihime spoke again, proclaiming her impending flourish and his propensity for keeping the impatient waiting. "Hmph. You hardly had to tell me, but good of you to do so. All this talk of impatience, however... I wonder if we're even talking about Kenpachi," he stated. Now, Raizen would at last address his unfinished point. There may have been a few huffs here and there before words actually emerged, but surely that was nothing worth writing home about. "Besides, what danger? I'm fairly certain I can put everything back in place, even if it's all destroyed by him. Though as long as you're alright, the rest is inconsequential regardless. Now then, you were saying something about... teetering?"

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    Raizen started a sentence after the departure of Sayuri but it did not seem to have much to it. Benihime took note of all the various reactions this man had... he was always an interesting partner. Of course, she found that statement to be true regardless of what they were doing, but in moments like this he was interesting. Always composed the Captain of the 10th Division seemed to stir only occasionally. Right now, the normally cheeky and talkative man was somewhat quiet. Well, that wasn't entirely true, he breathed heavily... seemingly trying and failing at his normal level of conversation. There was great solace to be taken in such reactions. Knowing she had such an ability to sway him was almost intoxicating, well... it likely would be if she chose to take it at face value.

    Ah, there his words were again. She did not have to tell him what she did... but he was happy to have that information. While her hips rocked at that newly steadily pace she felt each gentle plunge in herself caused by the movements of her hips like a drop in a bucket. It was filling drop by drop and she was loving it. Oh, but she was also ever busy even as Raizen spoke she studied his face. Those hands of hers moved about as she kept the amount of eye contact she enjoyed. She even gave gentle pecks to his lips and face between as if simply enjoying him as much as she could. Her body seemed to enjoy this as those lovely pulses held steady. "We are talking about the Kenpachi but we also are not... we are always having a couple of conversations at once after all~" she teased as a flush overtook her face and she exhaled gently. According to Raizen he could fix anything broken and besides her there was nothing he thought required so much of his attention here. That was sweet. So sweet. "If you are going to butter me up, Kumori-taichou... we have already found a way I enjoy that~" she flirted just a bit. "And if you say you can do something... I'd always enjoy seeing how~" she mused with a genuine curiosity, but that was simply her nature. Suggestive as she always was... "Teetering is the truth, so close I'm sure I could just fall any time~" she stated, her lips would meet his briefly before she'd aim to pull his lower lip into her own mouth. She'd suck on it gently enjoying this part of him as well. The arch in her back became a bit more firm as she moved her hips in this split. Just a little more of that hip rocking and she was sure she would reach that glorious and blinding finish. Sayuri had evacuated the house and Benihime moved steadily towards her goal of a shared climax in four minutes.

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    True enough, discussions between the two had never been about just one thing at a time. At the very least, one could say each sentence shared had two purposes. With that as a minimum, it was anyone's call how future conversations would be. Just the same, what of the present? "Keep talking like that, and I'll change the plan entirely. How many conversations should we be having right now, I wonder. Maybe I should use this for something different." Even mid-coitus, Raizen was plotting a solution to the current Kenpachi-related issue. His hands left the redhead's flesh, clasping together between bodies as his Reiryoku surged through them. Even as their lips met again, he grinned for multiple purposes. Naturally, he was quite thoroughly enjoying himself here and now. Additionally though, he'd come up with a magnificent idea for maintaining the property. Lime-colored energy accumulated in his hands, which spread to conjure a strange cylinder while Raizen's bottom lip was being tugged into Benihime's mouth. Oh, he'd butter her up just as she implied, but there would be much more done than that.

    What of the alleged falling though? Well, it could be said that Raizen could join the 3rd Seat in her descent at any given moment. The timing was just right, and it seemed she was actually managing to bring about his end so quickly. Recovering his lip was something Raizen used as an opportunity to gnaw at the redhead's in exchange. In doing so, he would also share words... while that Reiryoku between his hands turned a deep shade of blue. "Any time isn't very specific. How about I give you a push? I can even use this," he commented, alluding to the current spell in progress. "Kaizou Kidou: Bakkyou Jikanteishi. Tell me the moment you feel best, and I will make it better a thousand times over. But first... are you ready for a push?"

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    Oh? The cheek hadn't left him just yet. Raizen had much to say about her choice in words. He'd change the plan completely if she kept talking like she had? Well, that meant there was no reason for her not to speak that way. As far as experimentation was concerned this could be considered no less than a resounding success. "That doesn't make it sound like I should stop, Kumori-taichou~" she mentioned in a manner which was cut off by a moan slipping between her lips. Such a position with such a tool was truly a divine experience, even with the time constraints this particular endeavor was well worth undertaking. "We should be having as many conversations as we like. I do enjoy it, when it's you I'm talking to~" she said with a little smirk. What a strangely pointed thing to say. To be honest, the only lectures or teachings she could rouse herself for were ones which featured the Vice-Captain of the 10th Division, as rare as those moments were they always had her undivided attention as he had hers here and now. Even as her hips moved though, Raizen was apparently plotting to do something about the impending Kenpachi. What was it though? Kidou, that was at least at least the bare minimum.

    Lime colored energy amassed in the Captain's hands, and Benihime's eyes shifted just slightly as she took in the nature of his work. Her understanding of Kidou far surprassed the norm and his naming of this one made at least partially clear its purpose. All the while, Raizen initially gnawed at Benihime's lips after having his own returned and she moaned in response. Why was this so much more engaging than it had ever been before? She supposed partners had a great deal to do with it. Perhaps this one would have always been worth the extra effort of pursuing. According to the man below her, she was to alert him to the moment she felt best to get that feeling enhanced a thousand times over and... she would be receiving a push. "I will let you know when it is too good for me~" she said with a cheeky wink as those hips of hers continued their constant shifting and internally she rubbed this man in such a way as to continue his downfall as well. "As for a push, if you are the one giving it... I don't see why I wouldn't take it.~" There, more words filled with flirts as her body dangled rather helplessly right at the edge of the abyss. What would he do with that spell of his? How would he make it better? How would it help with the Kenpachi situation? She was sure she'd find out over the next few moments.

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