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    "Of course I am," he replied, sighing contently with a grin upon his face. "In coming here, I'm finally able to relax. Twice now, I've come here and been without worry of the tasks I have to complete. Well... I was never worried, per se, but... You know what I mean. And of course, you're always welcome here. As far as I'm concerned, you have as much right to this place as I." With that said, Raizen pushed himself off the stairs into a standing position, at which point he stretched with his arms high overhead. Juri's speech about the woman who'd taken her old rank was intriguing enough to Raizen, and with the messenger already present to accept his answer, he figured it could be interesting enough to meet this individual himself in some way. "Sure; why not?"

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    Raizen was soon enough explaining his good mood, and the good feelings he apparently had about returning home. This made Juri quite happy, as his former guardian she'd worried over the boy quite a bit after the death of his mother, but seeing him happy and carefree now made her feel like he'd finally managed to recover from the trauma of it. "Hai hai, thanks for the thought. I'll be sure to stop by sometime..." she said not knowing if she was the type to randomly stop by or not. Regardless after the boy affirmed the desire to meet the person who'd be taking Juri's former posting at his Manor, the messenger would disappear. The small talk between the pair would eventually be interrupted by the appearance of a blonde young woman in a purple outfit and fishnets. Her outfit seemed to button only around the back of her neck and her fishnets seemed to cover only the exposed skin at her knees and elbows. Near her left hip a short tanto with an autumn orange wrap and hilt.

    "Han-sōshireikan, you wanted to see me?" the girl asked as she appeared at her side on one knee. This made Juri smile just a bit as she looked off at the sky. "Hai, introductions are in order, this is Kumori Raizen, Juubantai taichou," she said seemingly like a normal situation. "Oh, Takagi Sayuri. Nice to meet you," the girl said only to bow to the man before her, she then returned her attention to Juri who spoke again. "He wants a Kanshitai rotation for this place." she mentioned the pause leaving the girl to believe she'd be helping the man by providing information on the other people under her purview. "Specifically he wants you, would you be okay with taking that post in addition to your other duties?" she said to the girl which gave her a bit of pause. "Of course, but..." she looked back to Raizen seeming to find this request strange, it was after all one she'd never received from a noble surprisingly enough. "Usually people want more information to foster a bit of faith. Do you need anything like that Kumori-taichou?"

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    In what felt like no time at all, the apparent 4th Seat of Juri's Division was among the pair. He was immediately satisfied that members of the Onmitsukidou were capable enough to bypass the Kidoushuu members he presently had available in the yard, but he was more interested in this blonde he'd never seen before. "Hajimemashite, Takagi Sayuri," he said, taking a side to Juri so he could whisper a statement to her on his way around. "Remind me to bring up how little help you were when I was looking for a date," he stated. Moving on, he shifted himself around to the open yard, turning to face Sayuri as she wondered aloud if he'd be needing any information about herself and the Kanshitai. Another exhale saw Raizen make use of his Reiatsu control by sealing the vast majority of his power within himself, and with that done, he dashed in the blonde's direction. Prior to reaching her, he pulled back his right leg as if to kick outward at her torso, but an immediate high-speed movement left this image of himself behind as he moved to her rear. From there, he fully intended to thrust his open left palm into Sayuri's back and launch her into the yard.

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    When Raizen whispered to Juri a wide smile spread across her face, she walked with him mostly so she could change her position for better spectating. A whisper back was in order before they parted ways. "First, she's seeing someone. Even though they're doing so in relative secret. Second, you seem to have no problem of that yourself, given who you've been seen in the company of lately~" the woman said with a knowing smirk. It seemed she was quite in the know in their present meeting, so as not to be shown up again, given what had happened the last time she'd seen him.

    Takagi Sayuri was greeted in response and left to wonder what the pair could have been discussing in hushed tones, but didn't seem to care one way or another given that Raizen hadn't yet mentioned if he needed more information from her. Even so, she soon became privy to what had to be the most masterful Reiatsu control she'd ever had contact with as the young man's power seemed to limit itself down to levels common to herself within a matter of seconds. Soon after he dashed at her, and she understood what kind of show of skill this would be. The kick towards her front would seem to be that of a clone and given the kind of combat this young woman was used to she turned her upper body, using her left foot to spin a hand up to catch the coming palm thrust. "That thing with your Reiatsu is the most intense form of suppression I've ever seen, Kumori-taichou." she mentioned as she brought up her right leg and aimed to send it into his left side with a rapid sweeping motion at the same time she'd let go of his hand to send him flying away from her and towards the yard instead.

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    "That's now; we're talking about then," he replied with a cheeky grin. Raizen went on to perform his feint attack, as well as his true assault on Sayuri. Her reflexes were immediately of an impressive sort; just what he'd hoped for from this individual. With her quick defense against his palm thrust, Raizen's grin grew wider. "Arigatou," was his retort to the compliment on his suppression ability. There was no time for further words from the young man, as Sayuri was on the offensive. Raizen's right hand slipped under his outstretched left arm to catch the kick aimed at his side. With the given momentum of said kick, and the release of his left hand, the intent of the attack was clear; she wished to launch him away. As such, Raizen's immediate aim was to grip her leg by the shin, and spin himself counterclockwise while pulling Sayuri around him. If he managed this, he would throw the lass across the yard, only to take off after her and keep pace with her movement by running alongside her flying body. Just at the end of this path, Raizen would be at the ready to spin again and kick the blonde back toward the middle of the yard, into the ground itself.

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    A roll of Juri's eyes would follow the young man's cheeky statement. She didn't envy anyone having to deal with such a thing. "The first statement was true even then..." she said sticking her tongue out at the lad from where she was watching. What she saw as far as the match-up was concerned was about what she'd expected. Both Raizen and Sayuri were her among her rotation of combat partners and she found them both to be fairly interesting as far as high speed combat and hand to hand combat were concerned.

    Sayuri had the young man before her accept the compliment she'd offered him only to have him catch her coming leg and spin her around with it. Such a motion was something she could do nothing about and she soon enough found herself flying off into the distance. Even so she didn't lose her barrings and instead she found herself falling into a formation of flips but as she went to right herself she found the lad had kept up with her movements and was standing at her side. 'So fast...' she turned as he spun and found herself raising both arms to block the coming spin kick which did send her back towards the center of the yard through the downward angle would keep her from travelling too far as she sank into the yard quite a few inches. She paused, feeling a slight tingling sensation in her limbs. "Wow, even limiting yourself like that you're all skill," she said seemingly very impressed. Hearing such a compliment made Juri beam with pride, though she could hardly take credit for it. It was almost as if Sayuri wasn't the one presently being scouted for a new post. Most of the regular Shinigami and nobles, she'd encountered didn't bother with such a high level of skill as to be so dangerous without the use of their Zanpakuto. Even from this sort exchange, Sayuri had a pretty good idea that this man could rather easily end her if he wanted to. It sort of made her wonder why he wanted a guard detail in the first place, though she was more than willing to provide someone so skilled with one regardless.

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    "... Hmph," he murmured. There remained a light grin on Raizen's face as Sayuri spoke of his ability, as she was showcasing high combat ability of her own even while speaking. Since she'd managed to avoid being properly downed by Raizen's most recent attack, he released the self-induced limiter and raised his right hand overhead. "You're good. I can certainly trust you with anyone who manages to slip into the property past your subordinates. But... Can I have faith in your ability to deal with a real threat from outside?" Suddenly, Raizen's eyes began to glow, and his Reiryoku rose from his body into the sky. "Tengai Shinsei!" The dropping of Raizen's arm heralded the breaking of the clouds above, as a meteorite ripped its way through the atmosphere of the Soul Society. It boasted a great enough size that, if it struck the property, there would be nothing left of the Kumori manor; only a crater would remain in its wake. Still, Raizen had not quite put everything he had into this special spell of his. It seemed he only wished to test the waters, and ensure that this individual could do what he once expected of her predecessor.

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    Raizen seemed to having nothing but good things to say about Sayuri's abilities. About that the girl could do nothing but smile, but it seemed he intended to test her abilities a bit further. He released his own self induced sealing and used a spell that Sayuri nor Juri had ever seen before. Sayuri's eyes widened as she simply had no idea how or why this man would do such a thing just to test her abilities. "How did you manage something like that... and why?" asked Juri who'd seen the boy do some amazing things with Kidou but never imagined anything like a meteor dropping from the sky.

    Even so, Sayuri didn't have much time to think on it. "What... how... ah..." she seemed confused. And then energy began to prickle along her back, soon enough it exploded into a massive pillar of burning energy. She went on to meet said dropping meteor aiming at it several fists and kicks full of burning fire which she'd use to break apart this massive rock into smaller more manageable pieces which she'd also take care of. Moving at rapid speed from smaller pieces to make it so that eventually a shower of pebbles would be the thing which hit the property. None too scary but... over all Juri was quite satisfied with the work of her subordinate, in fact she couldn't have said she would have reacted any differently to the giant rock falling from the sky. By the time, Sayuri landed she was a tiny bit winded but seemed to be fine otherwise. "Why? That was so much for a test... too much even..." she said as she caught her breath.

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    Following the casting of this meteor, Raizen folded his arms across his chest and looked toward Sayuri with a grin. He truly wished to see how she intended to deal with this, but before she did, Juri borrowed his attention with her words about the meteorite. "It's one of the new spells I've been working on in my downtime. It captures the high-tier materialization aspect of the greater barriers, and lets gravity do the rest. I think I've managed a good cost ratio, but I only managed about a fourth of its strength. I'd hate to have to make an incantation." In the midst of this speech, Raizen's gaze shifted to Sayuri again. It seemed she had a good plan for dealing with the assault, but her execution caused Raizen's brow to rise. "Fire? Hoh, that's new. Is this the result of greater Kidou focus?" he wondered aloud as she went on to blast the meteorite into pebbles. As they fell, Raizen held up his right hand to form a barrier that would be used like an umbrella for himself and the others. "Congratulations. I think that's about enough for me to be confident in your skills. Gomen... I had to make sure you'd be able to deal with the types of rogues that tried to have my head when I was released from imprisonment."

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    Juri was more than a bit shocked to learn this was a spell developed by the lad in his 'downtime'. The fact that he had the time and energy to do something like this, but hadn't worked towards giving the spell an incantation or anything of the sort was exactly the sort of thing which got the Kumori Clan wary gazes in the past. Of course, Juri was quite proud of the lad, though she still had no reason to understand how or why he'd use such a thing in any form of combat. "Uh-huh... you might have too much downtime..." Juri said with a brow raised.

    They both then went on to watch Sayuri's work and Juri nodded before adding in about Sayuri's use of the technique that Juri herself had invented. "Hai, Kidou focus makes it fire, a balance makes it lightning and a melee focus makes it wind. So far as I can tell anyways. There are probably others as well, but more people would have the be capable of using the technique before we could see it..." she said of Shunko itself. Since when she'd created it, she'd intended for it to be as unique as whoever could use it. When Sayuri landed she and the rest were protected by the spray of pebbles via some form of barrier created by Raizen. The man went on to praise her abilities stating she'd be more than capable of dealing with the types who'd tried to kill him before. "Yare yare, high profile already huh?" said Sayuri as she rubbed the back of her neck. "Hai, I'll do my best!" she agreed. And with this she was more than capable. "I'll start today. Taking the first rounds and organizing the rest of the patrols for when I can't be the one here specifically. I like to be proactive about things. I am sure you understand, so let me know if any major changes to my duties should raise," she said, strangely confident in the idea that she alone could look after the entire property all alone.

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