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Thread: Kumori Manor

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    "I suppose you do get something out of it. Your behavior even says you'd consider it a fair exchange, so I have little to say about it," he commented. The shifts in Benihime's facial expression were heralding alterations in Raizen's as well, particularly to one of interest the more the redhead spoke. For all the wasted effort of avoiding this woman before, he was finding her presence to be more enjoyable than any other. One could even say he was beyond considering this as a connection between their earlier incarnations, and was holding it in a much higher regard than he did initially. "Of course. Last time we were here, I asked you to stay. I would be rude if I didn't offer enough hospitality..." His statement paused there, as his left hand rose to the right cheek of this woman, where it then trailed down to her chin. "... to make your experience as pleasant as I possibly can. That, of course, means whatever you like. And yes, you're thinking too small."

    In spite of her talk of subtle messages, Benihime's actions were anything but subtle. Such a direct approach as what she took when closing the distance between them could be called shameless, but Raizen once again had no qualms. As her lips brushed against his, a welcomed hand was suddenly upon his groin. Raizen grinned against the woman's lips even as she continued speaking, and such was how he followed suit with his own clause. "At this point, I'd be remiss to have you reject the idea. Like I said... whatever you like. Just remember to let me know how much you like it, for... future reference, of course," he said while wearing the cheekiest grin. By now, his right hand had abandoned its place beneath his chin, and had taken grip of his hakama. Even though Benihime had only just begun her efforts, there was only so much of this fondling he would be able to tolerate before he felt compelled to move on. As such, he thought to get a head start by pulling his hakama away as they spoke. She had, after all, so recently spoken of seeing his manhood.

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    "A bit more than fair. But I am not going to argue semantics already in my favor~" the young woman murmured with much appreciation. The movements of Raizen's hand soon led to it being placed upon her cheek before trailing down to her chin. Such an action brought an unadulterated grin to the face of the redhead which only widened with Raizen's every word. Benihime's appreciation for this man was far beyond what she'd imagined it being. Her own misgivings about whatever past shared versions of them had in common were easily displaced by how amusing she found him in these moments. "I'll just have to adjust my way of thinking then and be sure to take advantage of your hospitality~" she said her gaze presently matched up with his by his own actions. She hadn't known she'd find staring into his eyes so enrapturing, but she wasn't about to let this moment pass her by.

    Though she'd already moved forward and pressed her lips against his, hers and Raizen's conversation was going to continue. She even felt the spread of his grin as she pulled away just a bit. Both of them apparently in the mood to tease while their bodies betrayed both amusement and desire. Her hand against his groin was not turned away, and in fact it was welcomed, not only by lack of interference but by words. "Well, if all you're asking is that..." she moved her hand gently against what had previously been his covered groin only to find it soon exposed as she'd asked. There was nothing but surprise in her face, but it would shortly be followed by nothing but her outright bemusement. If she'd been shameless in her initial start up of this interaction, Raizen was always overtly prideful at the moment he unveiled himself. Benihime's hand slid along the smoothness of him and she managed if only for a second to pull her gaze away from his to gander at her still moving fingers playing over the tip of his manhood. "Sugei!~ I can make sure you have all the material you need for future reference~" she said these words and moved forward with her legs on either side of Raizen's, her knees wide spread while she continued to play with his manhood with her left hand, while her right searched between the layers of his upper body for skin to touch. The visual presented had everything on her body covered, but she was still outright presenting herself for Raizen to have as he wanted.

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    "In your favor? I'm wiling to argue the opposite, but... I'll refrain for now," he spoke, taking it upon himself to let his left hand trail from Benihime's chin down her neckline. He did this while Benihime toyed with his exposed groin and virtually straddled him with her chosen posture. In seconds, his hand traced a line down the exposed skin of her upper torso, until it stopped at the tip of her apron. "All I need, you say? Yet another offer you've made, which I can't refuse at all. I'm quite the needy person, you know?" was Raizen's reply, said during an effort to drag his hand further down yet, tugging at Benihime's apron to both unveil her cleavage and pull her upper body further down. With this, it was Raizen's intent to force their faces even closer together and kiss the redhead directly. Only after this would he bother speaking again. "Again... If it fits, it's yours."

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    A cheeky smirk was on the face of Benihime as Raizen mentioned that he could argue against this situation and the words of it being weighted in her favor. "Oh, can you?" she asked while amusing herself with the movements of her hand over his groin. "Well, if that is the case, I'm sure you'll find a reason to tell me sometime~ I'll wait on it to be brought up again~" she chimed finding great amusement in everything happening in the present moment. As her apron was pulled upon her cleavage spilled out and her face found itself being pulled in even closer proximity to Raizen's. She was apparently making him another offer he couldn't readily refuse, and beyond this, he went on to claim he was a needy person. Before she could reply to this though, their faces were together once more her body pulled down lower as they shared another kiss. And only when their faces parted did he speak again, this time alluding to his first statement upon reaching this room. "There is only one way I could take that~" she said a devilish smile forming on her face as she slid her body forward. "You can be as needy as you want, but right now, I need this~" she mentioned, using the thumb of her still occupied left hand to slide her underwear out of the way as she took the liberty of beginning proper copulation without needing much stimulation herself. In fact, the ease at which she found herself filled by this man made her mouth fall open and a gentle moan pass from between her parted lips. It took seconds for her to finish this motion but as she did she found her eyes trained on the face of Raizen beneath her.

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    When their faces parted, Raizen was able to let his gaze travel downward and observe the movements of her body. In no time at all, the woman used her already advantageous positioning to slide onto his manhood, even whilst leaving what clothes she wore intact. Raizen inspected the redhead's altering visage, and the grin upon his own grew larger. "Hoh? I could get used to this expression," he commented as his right hand reached out to caress the face he'd begun studying so intently. "You said you would be taking responsibility. You'll show me more then, won't you?"

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    With their faces parted Raizen was free to watch once more, and he seemed pleased about it. She didn't have to infer this, it was stated by him, as he spoke to her. Whatever he saw in her face, he was enjoying, enough that he grinned while making such commentary before reaching up to caress her face. "Could you?" she questioned this with teasing in her voice, even so she couldn't stop the start of the movements of her hips within his lap. A gentle rocking would begin which served to properly begin her journey towards whatever pleasant feeling she was chasing. Even so, Raizen's words wouldn't be ignored even as her hips rocked in tiny circles in his lap. "Show you more?" her words came out with an upward inflection but this was mostly in rhetoric. She had no intention of withholding whatever visual he found so amusing. That being said, she was only doing what felt right at present and this included a gentle biting of her own lips. "I can probably manage that... aaaah~" a moan left the young woman's mouth as her eyes fluttered to a close and she found the first peak she'd been aiming for. Her hips came to a momentary slow which gave her enough pause to try and recover from her flourish.

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