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Thread: Kumori Manor

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    "Of course I can talk; it's one of the only things I do. That doesn't invalidate my point regardless, but..." It seemed Raizen had actually missed a detail for once. Perhaps he'd been distracted, but he had gone without noticing the undergarment of choice worn by the redhead, nigh nonexistent though it may have been. He looked upon her as she spun around, focusing in a way that made the turn seem to be in slow motion. In this time, he noted the human influence of the item in question. "You didn't get those from here. Have you been back to the human world without me?" he asked.

    Soon, Benihime sported a different ensemble. This particular garment was more what he would have expected someone in his family to leave the house in, considering what he did know. There was also a bit of strangeness surrounding the woman's torso in this kimono. "Appealing, though... it looks like something my mother would have worn. Perhaps it was, given the clause that I'm sure it wasn't made with your frame in mind."

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    "You know I meant to point out the hypocrisy of that statement~" she mentioned of her choice to wear or not wear undergarments. She figured the man was having a look at the ones she claimed to be wearing and watched his face, his countenance belayed the idea that he'd not actually noticed that she'd done this in the first place. "Kukuku~ I didn't expect to actually sneak one past you~" she chimed thinking about it more. It seemed he noticed the very human influence of her clothing choice and it made her shake her head and wave off the assumption that she'd been back to the human world without him. "Iie, this among some other things were picked up on my last trip. My title in the laboratory gave me a lot of freedom to come and go, and among the things I created were some to turn Human World objects into spiritual ones to exist here. This is one such object, and one of several things I was doing during the trip where you bumped into me, before I was transferred to the 10th Division. I haven't been back to the Human World since, though I wouldn't mind a trip~" the girl admitted. Apparently even though she'd been slaying Hollows with impunity, it seemed her research and work had many more applications than the ones she'd shown them to have. Of course, her apparent love of shopping, science, the Human World, and general combinations of such things were likely all coping mechanisms, but that wasn't really important so long as she found a reason to keep moving.

    Irrespective of this, her next outfit choice garnered a bit more criticism from Raizen. This outfit was one which seemed to be more normal, but was less so upon this young woman's rather buxom frame. She realized this when she'd put it on, but had done it anyways, to gain some kind of reaction from the man on the couch. "Hmm, I don't think there are many things made with my frame in mind~" the young woman mentioned, this gave her a bit of reference for her next choice. Which was surprisingly one of the mainland influenced dresses. This one, was short, lavender in color and covered in flowering trees. Held together by golden clasps at the neck and opened around her chest at the top. It then came down her belly and hips in form fitted fashion revealing skin on both sides of her body. This appeared to be made for someone with her body shape, but perhaps not with the length of her legs, as they seemed almost endless given the sudden stop of the garment right below her bottom. "Hm, this is pretty close, and I've never worn anything like it," the young woman said, the new undergarments of choice were lacy and a deep purple which matched the inseams of the dress for no reason other than to blend. This was of course, done simply to contradict the idea that she didn't wear undergarments when apparently she did. The dress itself also had a cape. "Don't know how I feel about the cape, but I do like the color~" she said posing with one hand on her hip for Raizen's viewing pleasure.

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    "Of course you did, but let's focus on the important things for now, shall we?" he said coyly. He had little concern for whether the woman wore undergarments or not, in actuality, though he could admit that there was a certain appeal to allowing a wandering imagination. Though Benihime had apparently acquired these items during a much earlier excursion to the material world, and even created a way to convert them into Reishi, he found it surprising that this was his first time seeing this clothing. "Yet you did not wear them last time. I wonder what went wrong with the conversion initially," he mused.

    The next outfit to be previewed was more to standard for Benihime's general figure, yet somehow rather short. Raizen couldn't imagine a relative so short in stature while having such a shape, but apparently, they once existed. The only things Raizen could bother pointing out about this particular garment were the shortness and... the very strange cape attached to it. "The cape is a bit on the nose. Again though, this is a festival. At this point, I wonder if you're just putting on these skimpy articles to get a rise out of me."

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    "I mean important or not it's always something worth discussing... or finding out~" the girl replied with just as much playfulness as she'd initially had. She'd add a wink to this speech which would be seen in a passing moment. Whether it was simply her intention to tease Raizen or not wasn't really important at the moment. She had his undivided attention and as such intended to take full advantage of it. He found it interesting he'd never seen her choice in undergarments before this point, and figured that there had to be something wrong with the conversion. She chuckled, it was very strange to be able to both flirt with and talk science with the same person, but it was something she was adjusting to in Raizen's case. "The conversion ratio was a guessing game initially. Too far in one direction and the solidity of the object wasn't stable causing it to vanish completely. In the other direction it caused an increase in mass which made the object too great in size to serve its original purpose. I spent a while finding the perfect conversion rate and used several more normal pieces in the experimentation to save things I really liked potentially for later," Benihime stated. Having clothing to dress her Gigai was one thing, but some of the things she'd picked out she'd enjoy regardless, and now she knew it would be just as entertaining for Raizen as she'd found it herself.

    As they moved on, her newest outfit was commented upon by Raizen in about the way she'd expected. Strangely enough he went on to state an assertion about the reasoning behind Benihime's little fashion show. A coy smile came to the girl's face but she didn't manage to look shocked by the assumption. "Ooh? Would I do something like that? I don't know what would give you that idea~" the young woman said, of course, this had been exactly the reasoning behind her trying on multiple outfits, but now that the jig was up to so speak, she already knew exactly which outfit would come next as well as having a more than reasonable idea about the one she actually wanted to wear for the festival. When next the young woman reappeared, she was wearing a pair of bright pink underwear and a small apron tied over her chest. On her legs fishnet thigh highs topped in the same lacy material as her underwear. This of course, hadn't been taken from within this room at all but instead was one of the aforementioned favored pieces that she'd taken from the Human World at some point. And when she re-entered she'd bend low showing off the full curve on her body. "It goes without saying that I didn't intend to wear this to the festival, but... I figured you might like it~"

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    Benihime made it clear what issues she had run into when working on this Reishi conversion project. Raizen could understand how easily such a thing could go awry, but the ability to recover and find the perfect balance between states of existence was something to appreciate. "Well, excellent work then. I suppose then you'd eventually be looking into various stations throughout the material world, all converted to Reishi as to avoid the eye of most humans. There is an easier way, you know?" was his retort.

    On the topic of retorts, Benihime had a very interesting one for Raizen's earlier assertion about this show she put on. "Call it a hunch. Alternatively, one could blame the fact that you're..." Before Raizen's clause could be fully formed, Benihime appeared before him once again, clad in nothing more than an apron, panties and thigh-highs. Her showing herself in such a way only proved his point before it had even been spoken. "... less clothed each time you show yourself. Who'd have thought? You would go through all the trouble of converting material items into Reishi, then gather all of these clothes... just to make me wonder if you actually intend to visit this festival."

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    "When I had a plan to remain in the 12th for more than a year or so, sure that was my intention. Now I am not sure what I want out of it, except the ability to shop and keep the items I get when I do. Being able to come and go without human detection is just an added bonus, potentially..." she said, it seemed her reasons for doing this sort of thing were less about the general good and more about her general boredom. "But by all means, don't let that stop you from sharing something I may find pertinent. There isn't any reason I couldn't simply do both. I am certain I could still find reasons to visit the human world, even without the outright excuse of completing my research," she said seeming to be interested in whatever Raizen had to share as far as this easier methodology was concerned.

    Soon after this statement was made, Benihime had emerged wearing even smaller amounts of clothing than she'd started with. Raizen came to some easy conclusions about her intentions, which made something of a devious smile appear on her face. "Well, sure, you could go at it like that, but..." a pause came from the girl. "You did say anything I could fit I could have, and I can't turn down shopping potential. There is also the fact that I already knew the sort of thing I should be wearing. But a show is a show and I still owe you a few~" the girl managed coyly looking at the man from her current position. "Also I should state that I still intend to go to the festival, but I wouldn't want to leave you hard up or anything~" the girl say with an interesting choice in words. "Fashionably late is still a thing after all~" she mentioned. The girl's ability to plan could not be understated in this moment. Of course, she'd leave it up to Raizen whether or not her offer would be taken up. It mattered to her only as much as it mattered to him, and she knew the things she planned to watch would take a bit regardless of the circumstances.

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    "You joined the 12th due to your own curious nature, did you not?" Raizen asked to follow Benihime's assertions, albeit in rhetoric. "It should not matter how necessary your research is, but whether you wish to see it through regardless. We do have duties in the human world in the 10th, so you're free to your excursions... more so than you may have been in the 12th. I have even been working on a barrier that no one lacking knowledge would ever even know existed, so your... or rather, our stations could be set up. I do enjoy a bit of science-related work of my own, after all."

    Benihime's idea became a topic, and she seemed to be doing nothing to cover her intentions. In fact, one could say they were being made more obvious as time went on, now by her words as well as her actions. "Hoh? I didn't think this sort of thing classified as one of those... what was it... examples? By all means though, don't let that stop you. While I could argue that this would in no way be doing me any favors, as opposed to creating the very issue you aim to fix, I have no qualms." As he spoke these words, Raizen uncrossed his arms and legs, choosing instead to lean forward in his chair with elbows against his knees. "So, you do mean to get a rise out of me, but you also plan on taking responsibility. With all these guards around, though? That would be so bold of you."

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    "I did. I also joined the 12th because it seemed like less perpetual boredom than normal. My own curiosities can always keep me busy after all~" she quipped, answering the man's rhetoric with a few extra facts which he could have figured out on his own, but how else would she contribute to the conversation? Raizen went on to make more than a simple explanation of the girl and her own ability to complete things due to her curiosity rather than the necessity of the things themselves. Her eyes widened at the news that the 10th Division also had duties in the Human World, and she was rather laxly given permission to continue pursuing her own interests as such. Beyond this apparently both she and Raizen could make use of some form of barrier he'd thought up, to make stations in the Human World that they could travel to and from because of their shared interests. "Sugei! I didn't know the 10th Division had such duties. I've been bored enough to almost take Saya up on her offers of helping her train recruits... But that is something I should be doing, well aside from completing my research projects. Which, it goes without saying I've been doing anyways, I've gone through quite a few of them by now actually..." the girl's mind said seeming to wander. But there was more on the table than just her ability to come and go as she pleased. No, there was much more than that. "Oh? A barrier, huh? I've been including Kidou and the like in my research for a while, offensively now in a couple of different ways. But I hadn't thought of supplementary uses as such. You'll have to show me the spell sometime~" she chimed. She enjoyed learning new things, particularly things she couldn't figure out on her own. The crimson eyes this woman possessed were sparkling with possibility and utterly tantalized by a lust for knowledge which bordered upon the shameful. Of course, this was no true negative in the redhead's eyes, it only served to make Raizen an even more interesting person to know.

    As they moved on to addressing the real reason she'd been trying on clothing and her unveiled intentions. It seemed that Raizen was quite quick to catch on, this was rather surprising at the same time it seemed perfectly normal. In fact the man's entire speech seemed to pick up both on the implied and obvious messages as well as her playful word choice and general flirting. Such things were so uncommon made her smile in appreciation. "Yare yare, I am never going to get used to that..." the young woman said with much amusement in her voice. "It's an example but not in so strict a term as our previously discussed iteration of the word. And of course I intend to take responsibility, it was my idea after all~" she teased as she stepped towards the man in his recently changed posture. "Admittedly, I didn't expect the new guards. And I wouldn't want to be too bold... so I'll let you decide~" the girl said grinning her face mere inches from Raizen's own. She knew that as much as she enjoyed teasing him he seemed to enjoy doing the same to her. And as much as she'd like to immediately take care of their baser needs, perhaps, a lesson in patience was a bit overdue.

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    "It seems you have more ways to keep yourself from boredom. Or, perhaps... these shows you so readily offer are just for my benefit. I'm not quite willing to believe that." Raizen altered his position ever so slightly as he spoke, raising his right hand to rest his chin upon it while still leaning forward. His gaze never wavered from the 3rd Seat's body, even though their discussion at present was never on a single subject. One topic they discussed - that being the barrier Raizen himself concocted - would be addressed by Raizen as he continued scanning Benihime's form. "Of course. I'll show you whatever you like," he said.

    Soon, they were back to the discussion of Benihime's offered 'examples' and the matter of numerous nearby guards to hear/see/sense whatever they were up to within the manor walls. Raizen was never the type to be concerned about many things at all. As such, he cared not for the presence of others, nor the idea that they could even miss the festivities if they were to indulge themselves here and now. "Well then, you'll have to make me understand how a not-so-strict example is going to send the message you intended. I wouldn't want to run you through again because you were misconstrued. As for your boldness... well, we Shinigami are occasionally expected to throw caution to the wind when the need arises, so I certainly wouldn't hold anything against you if you were only doing what you thought necessary."

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    Benihime watched as Raizen's posture shifted ever so slightly. It was strange to her, that unlike most people it wasn't always readily obvious what the man was thinking and more so than that, how exciting she found it to try and figure it out, or influence his thoughts in one way or another. When he mentioned the idea that she had many ways to keep herself from boredom including these shows she offered she couldn't help but allow her present grin to widen. "Well, I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it's just for your benefit. Obviously, I am getting something out of it..." she mentioned. It was her belief that no one truly did anything without reason, she was like this herself and simply found altruism to be something not to be trusted. This was evidenced in how she dealt with all aspects of her life, including her Zanpakuto, but that was a matter for a different discussion. As their ever changing conversation moved on, it seemed Raizen was just as focused on her physical form as she'd expected, perhaps more so considering the present lack of space between them. He went on to mention that he'd show her anything she'd like which made her face shift to one of gleeful surprise. "Oh? Whatever I'd like?" she teasingly questioned, knowing that though this statement had been initially about Kidou she could apply it to any great number of other things and be just as pleased about it. "That is a pretty open-ended offer~ Are we just talking about Kidou I wonder, or am I thinking too small?~" she mused seeming to find a great amount of amusement in the conversation, though it didn't seem to have any real substance.

    The more strictly sexual aspect of their conversation seemed to return with more vigor than one would have normally expected. Apparently, Raizen among his other personality traits, didn't seem to care much about anything, which she could see rather clearly by his lack of movement in this moment. "Well, in this case it's about the subtlety of the message~" she mentioned as if she wasn't presently wearing nothing but underwear. She was still standing directly at Raizen's fore, and her movements would shift if only to bring her closer. "If you'll be running me through it's all about the choice of the tool~" she said with a sly smirk appearing on her face. "And if my boldness is being forgiven..." Benihime's words trailed off just a bit as she leaned her lips into Raizen's and simultaneously reached for his manhood with her left hand, aptly beginning to fondle the Captain of her Division through his pants. "You won't mind showing me this and letting me help you out with it~" she finished her previously abandoned statement seeming to gain some ability not to care about her previous intention.

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