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Thread: Kumori Manor

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    For the first time in days, maybe even weeks, Raizen left his office and division. This was by no choice of his own, but rather by the suggestion of Benihime that they have an outing and attend the ongoing festival. A leisurely walk carried him home this day, and of course, he did not come alone. Still, he led the way to and through the entrance. His presence alone deterred the would-be offense of the Kidou Corps and Onmitsukido members that would have otherwise targeted the redhead in his company. "Ah... I nearly forgot that I put so many people on payroll. I should get someone to manage their checks if I'm going to keep being away for so long," he said to continue a bit of small talk with Benihime, though his following words were spoken to someone else not even in sight at the time. "What do you think... Takagi-san?"

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    In the company of the young Captain of the 10th Division as he approached his residence, a younger redhead walked along with her left elbow resting on the hilt of her sword while, she managed to smile. The leisurely pace they took to get here, didn't seem to bother her in the slightest. By her own account they were more than ahead of schedule for the people watching she intended to do with this man in her company. Even so, it'd been a while since she'd last visited this place, as she settled into her duties as 3rd Seat and the Captain himself rarely left the Division. Upon seeing the added number of people moving about in ways she hadn't previously noticed a small smile came to her face. "Sugei, you added the Onmitsukidou too. Those ones always seemed like they'd be a lot of fun~" she chimed. On the matter of actually having someone else in charge. "I figured there was a head attendant who saw to matters 'Unbefitting of the Master'," she said with a large grin crossing her face. Where she heard such a statement before would likely be left up to the imagination, not that Raizen needed much to piece such things together, she was quite sure he could even without her nudging him in any particular direction.

    Her crimson locks shifted ever so slightly as her gaze turned to find the person being addressed by Raizen before the lad. A young blonde haired woman decked out in purple gear with blue eyes. She was the 4th Seat of the 2nd Division, and also Kumori Raizen's personal Onmitsukidou Guard. "Kumori-taichou, it's nice to see you. And it's as Niwatoko-sanseki says, a head attendant could take care of that for you. You could always choose one from your existing staff or if you would prefer someone a bit more 'capable' than average I could make a few recommendations," she said. Benihime's eyebrow raised, at the idea of being identified so readily. Of course, she was sort of used to people knowing who she was it was still quite impressive for this young woman to state such a thing. It was likely a thing meant to bolster more confidence. Less than a second of thought came from the young woman before she voiced sheer amusement. "Sugei!~" she chimed seemingly in appreciation. "Arigatou gozaimasu," she added to Benihime before moving right along. "Though, we are paid regardless, by the 2nd Division for completing our duties here. You are sent an invoice fairly regularly to pay our salaries. It's probably included in that mountain of paperwork you do, so you could spread the load around," she finished that sentence and awaited orders or anything of the sort.

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