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    The old Capital of Japan containing many places of historical significance. The old city has become modernized over time becoming a complex metropolis with an old-timey feel. This place is home to the Sanzen Dormitory which is home to the areas local exorcist group.

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    Though the moon floated high in the night sky, the city of Kyoto was alight not from above, but below. Various lights, both neon and non, adorned the plethora of buildings littering the modernized city. Amidst all this was a peculiar male figure, who stood out from the locals and tourists surrounding him. He stood all of five feet and six inches tall with silver, shoulder-length locks of hair swaying with each step he took through the streets. A briefcase in his gloved left hand was slung over the shoulder of a torso dressed by a hooded black coat. This young male pushed through one crowd after another, gazing across the crowded streets with gray eyes; the left of which bore a strange scar over it, featuring a pentagram connecting to its top. Whatever reason he'd found to visit Kyoto, it seemed he had been moving about for quite some time, in search of something he was now finding himself to be incapable of locating.

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    A young woman with black hair which seemed to turn red at the tips moved through the area as if familiar with everything. The people, the places the sounds and smells, all seemed but background noise as this girl's booted feet hit pavement. She was dressed in a manner most would consider strange, the belt around her waist holding several items most wouldn't be able to recognize, all hidden beneath a large red cloak, the hood drawn up so that only her chin and nose were visible, bar the few moments were someone walked directly before her and caught a glimpse of silvery eyes and the unnatural light glowing off her pale skin. Why she was out after the moon was already up, would be unknown, but she'd soon suffer a brief moment of eye contact with a perfect stranger. A young man with grey eyes and an odd scar over one of them, was not something often seen by this young woman, she took note as she took several steps forward aiming to pass by.

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    The male figure continued his journey to seemingly unreachable goals, passing innumerable pedestrians on his way. His mind had begun telling him that he'd be wandering these streets for the rest of his life, which would surely come to an abrupt end due to his presently famished state. Sadly, he had spent the few funds he'd brought with him on the journey itself, thinking his destination would be easily located due to the "rural" nature of Kyoto, as he'd only seen this city in illustrations that showed its less modern state. At some point during his travels through Kyoto, a brief moment of eye contact with a young lass about his own age was made... and he thought nothing of it. He'd seen so many strange faces in the past hour alone, this one was just another tacked onto a list he couldn't possibly begin to count.

    And so, the journey continued...

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    And pass him she did...

    She didn't know him, and he didn't know her, and she had something else entirely on her mind. After a successful day of work her only thought was a meal worthy of her successes. And as such she was headed to a shop just a while past where this young man was. Turning down what would be considered a sketchy alley the girl soon found herself in front of a ramen shop. Unlike most she didn't seem bothered by this and soon enough found herself sitting at one of the stools and ordering a meal which was a giant bowl of food fit for royalty that she didn't have to cook herself. 'If I eat now... I won't have to share later... Oh? Maybe I should stop for dessert too~' the young woman seemed to have very regular thoughts the kind that most teens would have, wherever she called home she didn't want to share her spoils and seemed content to enjoy her meal in silence.

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    With the passage of time, the silver-haired male eventually found himself sat against the outer wall of a building. He couldn't tell how long he'd been searching, but it felt like far too long for him to have not found his destination yet. The briefcase he carried was placed on the ground right next to him as he took a few moments to rest, seemingly against a building which didn't have the same upkeep that the rest of the city now had. Little did he know as he began to stare into a talisman in his right hand, this particular building was on a list of exorcism sites in need of attention in the area. Impurities within said building were, in fact, looking upon the lad in anticipation of their next meal.

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    As time passed, the girl found herself halfway through her meal, thoroughly enjoying herself. Only to soon have a small cat like creature appear and jump into her lap. It pressed clawed paws into her chest drawing her attention downward, to alert her to a danger close enough by that she should deal with it. It didn't speak though it could, instead the creature turned and pointed in the direction, as the girl with a mouthful of food was forced to chew and swallow before she could speak. "Ugh, you gotta be kidding me," she mumbled to herself as she stood to leave the place she was eating but not before leaving more than enough to cover the cost of the food she'd started to eat and a sizable tip for the people who were being left behind. Soon enough the girl was back on the streets this time at a run as she headed towards the places the small cat creature pointed to from her shoulder. She nimbly moved through crowds of people at lightning speeds, as if they were at a standstill.

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    The white-haired lad seemed comfortable against the building wall, but the Impurities within were encroaching upon him with each passing moment. With a sigh, he pushed himself only a small amount away from the building. "Yare yare," he said while taking the talisman in his hand and placing it against the wall behind him. Holding the fore and middle fingers of his right hand up in front of his face, he concentrated on an enchantment which encompassed the building as he recited his incantation. In a matter of moments, the house was cleared of the lesser Impurities inhabiting it, and the young male's talisman fell back into his hand. With that out of the way, he stood and dusted himself off, then began to walk again. What he didn't realize, though, was that he'd managed to leave his briefcase behind on the ground.

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    With the white haired male having cleared out the area rather easily by the time the black haired lass arrived with her little cat creature there was nothing to do and no one around. "Jeez, if someone was going to take care of it, they could have said so. I left like half a bowl of ramen behind," the girl complained, though she supposed this was much better than coming here and finding anyone in distress. To be thorough she had a look around the building and while making sure it was truly exorcised she came across a briefcase near the wall. "Well that's strange," she muttered before the cat creature jumped off her shoulder and stood both paws in the air between her and said package. "You shouldn't do this... I know what you're thinking but you shouldn't open it. What if something dangerous is inside?" asked the beast, which only made the girl chuckle. "And what if all that is inside is the contact information for the person it should be returned to?" she asked moving around the creature and putting her fingers on the edges so that she might open the case and find out what was inside. Upon doing so, she was quite shocked by what was within. There were talismans, a spare exorcist uniform and some other tools of the trade she was also part of. When looking through the materials she came across an unfamiliar Shikigami and her brows drew together. "Ano, Tailmon... this Shikigami isn't one of the ones I am familiar with. This person can't be from around here..." she said placing all materials back into the case and closing it up. "I'll just take it home with me and see if anyone else recognizes it, it has to be crappy to be a Exorcist without your gear," she said wondering how on earth one could be so forgetful as to leave their gear behind. And with that the girl headed back through the city towards the Sanzen dormitory which was currently her home, and hopefully to find the order of this area.

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    A few minutes after his departure, the apparent exorcist who'd cleared the building so recently realized he'd left behind the briefcase he brought to Kyoto. He immediately began scanning the area around him, only to think back to the last place he stopped. "Chikushou!" he blurted out as he turned and began running toward the exorcised building, where he figured he would be able to find the items that were in fact very important to him.

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