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    "Hai," was all Fubuki had to say. It was a rescue mission, one which required immediate attention. Normally she wouldn't have sent someone so new on one of these, but she figured the boy would be more than capable, especially after witnessing his change in demeanor. Beyond this he soon gathered what he needed and went off directly from his room into Magano where he went searching for the missing exorcist.

    Meanwhile a young woman with round glasses was moving about in the Magano. She was hiding from a rather frightening beast of a Kegare which had managed to pull her into this place while she was performing a simple exorcism on an old building. 'This is why I don't like doing field work... staying away from thing until someone gets here is going to be annoying,' she thought. Still she was more than prepared. The bag she carried contained all things necessary to exorcise all smaller creatures and if she managed enough quiet time she'd even put up a barrier for herself. She took pause and a removed from her bag a talisman which had on it the kanji for barrier. With this the rings on the necklace she wore began to glow. This charm was applied to said necklace and created around the girl a triple layered bubble of golden protection, one for each ring in the necklace. She'd now bought herself a bit of time, and so she waited sitting cross legged and quietly waiting for a rescue party and hoping she didn't attract any unnecessary attention.

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    As this girl sat within her barrier, Tetsuya was steadily approaching. With an enchanted sword, a strength enchantment on his arms, and a defensive enchantment on his clothes, he cleaved through lesser Impurities on his way through Magano. A mobility enchantment on his legs allowed him to do this with haste. Within minutes, he was landing in front of this girl, whom he assumed to be his target. "Hajimemashite!" he called out upon his arrival. "Masuno Chie?"

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    This young woman had been sitting in her barrier for quite some time, before she was stirring from her waiting by an odd sight. A white haired young man enchanted in a way she rarely saw outside of one particular group of people, moving towards her at high speeds. Beyond this the young man was polite beyond all reason greeting her with much formality as she sat within her barrier. "Um, hai. Masuno Chie, yoroshiku," the woman managed as she pushed round glasses up onto her nose. "Sumimasen, I don't even know how I ended up in here. Though, I wasn't expecting to see someone new in here," she said seemingly excited about her potential rescue. "Arigatou Gozaimasu," she mentioned knowing if someone was in wearing as many enchantments as this lad was, they were probably capable of getting them out. "You should be careful though, there is a pretty big Kegare around here..." she mentioned hastily. As if to mark this a giant creature with a hash mark like symbol over it's chest loomed over the corner and down at the two exorcists. It seemed he'd been searching for at least the girl within the barrier but had stumbled upon another without much difficulty. They would make for a good meal. A large three fingered hand reached down towards the boy aiming to capture him and pull him up to take a literal bite out of him.

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    "Shiba Tetsuya. Yoroshiku. Don't worry; we'll get you out of here," the boy said with a reassuring smile upon his visage. The warning of a large Impurity did not seem to bother him too much. In fact, he'd come to Magano expecting to face something miraculous. "Hai. I was told you were pulled in, so I figured there would be a pretty hefty Kegare involved. I'll take care of it," he said. As if on cue, the very Impurity they spoke of appeared with intentions of grabbing Tetsuya. The boy leaped high into the air with help from his mobility enchantment, turning to face this massive creature as he did so. When he got a look at it, he found it larger than even he'd imagined. "Sou ka. This Enchanted Power is incredible..." Knowing from a single glance that he could not handle this Impurity with his normal methods, Tetsuya pulled a golden talisman from his coat, and held it over the blade of his sword. "Come, Kinfuu!" he exclaimed. At his command, a new form of enchantment took hold of his blade. The weapon gained the form of a large, golden broadsword with a silver cross emblazoned on the faces of the blade, and silver forming its edges. Though this weapon was about the size of his body, he held it only in his right hand as he descended to the ground, waiting to see how this Impurity would face him.

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    It seemed this young man had a name she didn't really recognize either. He must be a new recruit of the other major dormitory in the area. Regardless she was quite thankful for his help. "Hai, if you don't mind. I am going to stay in here while you do that... sorry, major combat isn't my specialty," she mentioned a tiny bit down trodden. She was decently old but she didn't have the necessary combat skills to be anything more than a liability to anyone else. Of course she realized this so she thought the least she could do was keep herself safe. Meanwhile the Kegare began looking a bit confused as the boy's use of speed enchantments allowed him to escape the grasp. It looked at its hand as if confused only to let a hollow laugh escape it as it watched the boy merge a Shikigami with a weapon creating a large gold blade. The Impurity slammed a fist against the ground with enough force to cause a mighty tremor and afterwards aimed a backhanded swipe at the boy as if it intended to batter its body before it ate.

    Meanwhile, the streets of Kyoto were being wandered by a certain, girl with a mixture of raven and scarlet locks. Her head and face hidden in the shadow of the red hood attached to her usual outfit she seemed to just be out wandering. Only, just like before a small cat creature was on her shoulder, pointing the way as she swiftly moved through the streets. 'Ano, this is near the Kin temple... sou ka, must be something good, or old,' she thought excitedly soon she reached down to her utility belt and pulled out several items in front of the temple. Her movements were smooth as she began using multiple enchantments. The first of which was applied to a fox like mask the girl had in her possession which she immediately applied to her face. The second was applied to her legs to increase her movement speed. She then looked to the small cat creature which jumped from her shoulder, it wasn't named 'Tailmon' for nothing, as it opened up the gate into Megano, using what looked like an enchanted ring on its tail. And she soon stepped through it.

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    "Hai. Be safe," was the last phrase Tetsuya had to offer the young woman before beginning his battle against the Kegare. His landing was soon followed by a ground pound by the creature, throwing off his sense of balance in a maneuver he'd not been accustomed to seeing from Kegare of any sort. When the swipe of its hand came Tetsuya's way, he gripped his broad sword with both hands. Great focus seeped through his very gaze as he set it upon the hand coming his way, and he aimed to stab outward at the large hand with force and accuracy enough to pierce its palm through its exact center if it continued encroaching upon him in this way.

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    Within the Magano, a hooded girl was running towards the ground pounding moving forward at lightning pace. Of course, this was being done as the small cat creature on her shoulder pointed the way and she was left to do one final enchantment. This on a folded scythe which was hidden beneath her cloak. This enchantment would create an even bigger scythe capable of hitting Impurities, which would immediately be put to use as smaller ones began approaching her as she moved towards her intended goal. Several easy slicing motions as she spun the large weapon around made it so that she could rather easily dispatch of anything in her way.

    While she approached, the Kegare's ground pound seemed to do what it aimed for it to, but as it went to grab the young boy he instead stabbed it through the hand with his large weapon. This of course, was painful for the Kegare, but it didn't seem to mind too much as it aimed to close its hand around the blade and simply lift upwards with the boy still attached to the weapon. The amount of intelligence shown by this one was far greater than one would expect from any Kegare. It seemed content to try and eat its meal as it attempted to lift said hand up and towards its own face so that it could take a bite out of the young man. The young woman still within her barrier watched this entire ordeal with wide eyes behind her large frames. She'd never witnessed a Kegare like this one before.

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