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    This news of a marriage between the vampires here struck a nerve within all present somehow - even the pair of males on the Convocation. None were stricken more than the blonde who'd offered the first question, though. She seemed upset, even downright appalled by the thought of this. Even so, she remained silent for several moments while processing this information. Sorin took a moment of general silence to respond to the others. "Many thanks, Lady McDermott," he said first to the speaker of the Convocation. Afterwards, his gaze fell upon the white-haired woman. "My apologies. I'm afraid, though, one such as yourself would not have been able to attend, invitation or not. As for another of us," he continued, addressing the other blonde female in the room. "I don't believe we can be called similar. Of course, I mean not to offend."

    The men of the Convocation seemed to have nothing to say. Most specifically, the muscular blonde vampire was totally indifferent, by the looks of him. The elder man merely showed signs of disagreeing silently in his visage. "No!" Suddenly, the voice of the first questioner resonated throughout the dream room. It happened in the same moment she stood and slammed her hands against the table at which she sat. She was not simply infuriated by this marriage, but outright opposed to it. "I refuse to accept this! Nearly five decades, and you decide to wed some... some... some harlot from the streets!? Moreover, you give her the blood of Dracule! Do you have ANY idea what you've done!?" The coming of her tirade's end marked the closing of Sorin's eyes, which accompanied a sigh. He'd seen this coming, but he'd also hoped the intensity would be toned down a bit from what it was now. The Count of Sibiu seemed to need a moment for the sake of composing himself.

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    Andais found this whole room to be full of an emotion she couldn't quite understand. It wasn't the earlier fears she'd sensed from some of the members as they noted the powerful being created by Sorin. No it was something entirely different. As Sorin went on to answer inquiries it seemed that the white hair, had her brow raise inquisitively. "Really? It isn't as if I am bound normally. I can go where I wish when I wish, except...." something donned upon this woman, and it made her eyes widen. "You married in a church?!" it was almost an accusation. Of course she wouldn't have put it past a man like him to do such a thing. Still, it seemed a bit rude to not invite what was essentially your family to your wedding.

    The other blonde haired girl seemed to be incapable of speech before the outrage of the more appropriately dressed blonde came into the forefront of the discussion. Her palms hitting the table seemed to draw all attention towards her as she went on to berate Sorin's actions and his choice in bride. Andais covered the smile coming to her face with the fan she kept for just this purpose. She didn't much care for this situation but knew well it was the most likely of reactions from this woman concerning Sorin's actions.

    Kasmina on the other hand held the blankest of faces without even the slightest of twitches as she was spoken of in such a way. If nothing else, dealing with her father had made her perfectly capable of hearing other people's opinion of her and retaining the cool demeanor she was known to have regardless of how she felt about the situation. Still, there was something quite interesting afoot, as her own observation of this situation hinted at the idea that only three of the people present had anything disconcerting to say about what had already taken place. The grey haired male, and the two female blondes. Though admittedly the one with the pigtails who spoke to Sorin in such a way was obviously way more invested in her anger at this situation than the other blonde girl who seemed to just be annoyed by the potential toppling of their power structure. Kasmina was nothing if not curious about this woman's anger in this moment, because it seemed to be misplaced, but Sorin deferring to this woman made her wonder their relationship to make it thus.

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    Soon enough, Sorin found himself able to formulate a response to the blonde. Once he had it in mind, he opened his eyes and met the crimson gaze of the blonde. "Of course I am aware. I am no less aware than you of the situation, but the implication you are making is of a situation that will never matter. Dracula will return simply because I live. Or... is it the child itself you worry about now?" When this question was asked, the blonde seemed taken aback. Hands that were pressed firmly against the table lost a small amount of their impact in a moment of shock, but the force was returned by the fist of the elderly male to the blonde's left. "You will watch your tongue, boy! You have no ground to stand on here," he spoke.

    Of all the nerves that had been stepped on this day, Sorin's had not been among them. That is, until these most recent words were spoken to him. His brows drew together, and his voice became accompanied by an air of distaste. "If I have no ground to stand on, I assume you've taken to a life at sea, Sir Wolff. When did it become policy of the Convocation to defend one another in civil matters? Did your beloved Dracula not instill in you a sense of equality when he allowed you onto this council, or have you simply begun taking your pledge of loyalty more seriously over the past few decades?"

    "This is going nowhere." At long last, the final of three males in this room spoke. Though he'd seemed apathetic up to this point, he of course had his own opinions. "This pointless dribble will get us nowhere. Does this girl even know what's going on here? If we don't know her intentions, there's no point to this meeting!" At his words, the two angered individuals within the Convocation fell silent and returned to their seats, albeit reluctantly. "Forgive the rudeness of my colleagues, young lady. Allow me to introduce myself: Dragomir Petrov, of Alba Lulia. Accept my welcome to the life of the nightwalkers." This moment was one Sorin chose to use for the sake of addressing the white-haired woman he'd spoken with briefly at the beginning of this meeting. "Ah, forgive me. Yes, we were wed in the Great Church. I would have of course invited you if it were a more... unholy ceremony."

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    As the argument took place with the two most obvious of their opposition, Kasmina watched the reactions of all present. It seemed that Sorin had indeed already known of the problems their marriage and her creation would make for him, and his arguments were prepared enough to knock the wind out of the blonde young woman's sails. This of course didn't seem to detour an older male from coming to her aide and even trying to silence Sorin himself, but there was yet another comeback from her husband. This one laced with more venom than she'd even seen directed at her own father. But if she was shocked by this occurance her face did not show it, though Andais herself had trouble stifling a giggle at the old man's expense and quickly turned to face front, her fan still covering a grin dotted with obvious fangs. What she could not hide though was the amused light within her eyes.

    But just as this entire thing would have bubbled over, the final male in the room chose to speak. Pointing out the fallacy of present conversation and the fact that aside from Sorin and Andais none had bothered even trying to address the young woman seated at his side. This was a rather interesting turn of events for Kasmina, as the amount of apathy his face showed had previous led her to believe that he would remain quiet for a while longer. The smallest of upturns in her lips would cause a smile to cross her face and mark her as at the very least understanding she was being spoken to at long last, as she diverted her attention from the group at large towards the blonde male who'd named himself. She was quiet for a few seconds longer than necessary. "Forgive me, I was a bit stunned. I was not actually expecting anyone to speak to me directly. It is of course a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Petrov. My name is Kasmina, many thanks for the kind welcome," she said purposefully not making a further extension of her name. This seemed to serve as a moment of reflection for the other women in the group. At least two of which had no issue making an introduction.

    The white haired woman spoke up after Sorin confirmed that he'd indeed married within a church. Though it was no mere side church but one of the greatest magnitude and splendor. She could hardly be upset such a venue wouldn't allow her entry. "Well, I would normally have more complaints to lodge, but that is quite the impressive venue. It's nice to meet you Kasmina. I'm the Countess Elizabeth Bathory and I control Hust. Congratulations on your recent nuptials," she mentioned her crimson eyes turning to acknowledge the girl who looked a bit stunned. This was a name she knew and it was quite notorious. "I am sure, Sorin already introduced me as well... I'm Lady Andais McDermott of Clus," said the woman who's fan finally lowered. "Of course, it's a pleasure to meet you both as well. And thank you." From what she understood the other people at this table also controlled different areas of Transylvania, but the girl was not one to push for further information before it presented itself. She assumed there were real questions to be asked of her at some point in the near future, and as such she would wait for them as well.

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    "If there is a point to be addressed here, perhaps introductions should be considered a waste of time as well, Dragomir," said the elderly man once three of six council members introduced themselves to this newblood. He and the blonde girl seemed utmost disgusted with most of the Convocation at present, and they both thought to move this along. "Quite," added the physically young woman. "Speak then, girl. What sort of mind do you have to call yourself a vampire now?"

    These words did not sit well with Sorin, nor did Dragomir take a liking to them. The latter of these two males spoke again, once more in disagreement with the actions of his peers. "Did neither of you hear them say they've been wed? It should be obvious why the girl has become one of us. The information we seek should be whether she even knows what sort of atrocity we claim her to be." Of the three most recent speakers, this man had offered words filled with the most clarity. Sorin respected this, even though Dragomir was not among the favored council members list due to the elder vampire's methods outside of this meeting. Sorin offered his own response, both to address concerns, and clarify for the "newblood" of current topic. "The Convocation of Vampires, formed to extend Dracula's rule over creatures of the night into Transylvania during his second life on Earth. There is a difference in opinion in the Convocation as to whether Dracula's return to power will be a boon or a bane, but all vampires - including the entire Convocation - fear the existence of something more powerful than Dracula. A Master Vampire is created with a power derived from their very soul. A born vampire, however, may also inherit powers from either of its parents... or both. If one were born of Dracul blood between two Master Vampires, it would undoubtedly stand on a pedestal unreachable by any other creature."

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    Kasmina found herself looking at this crowd of people, and the amount of animosity and disgust that came from the grey haired man and the blonde young woman were almost palpable. Both seemed to want to know what Kasmina's intentions were, but neither of them seemed to realize the very simple reason behind her creation as a vampire. Unsurprisingly to Kasmina, the man who'd spoken to her first seemed to be the one to point out the fallacy of their logic, before her husband went on to explain the depth of what was actually being discussed here. Her earlier understanding seemed to blossom into a full view of the picture painted in a singular moment of enlightenment. At this point a grin crossed her face and showed the dainty fangs of her mouth and her smile became a giggle or two. This seemed to stir finally the other blonde who took offense to the sight.

    "What? She's laughing at a time like this... why are you all so content to let this stand, where are your backbones?" she directed towards the three members of the Convocation who seemed to have no problem accepting the coming of the raven haired young bride. "If I have offended, sincerely I offer an apology, but how can you not find this laughable?" asked Kasmina who seemed to have the most sincere problem with the situation she was presently experiencing. "From my perspective, I was married at noon. I've been a vampire for all of five hours and spent the last three of those sleeping. Only to be stirred from what was a very normal dream to be called to explain whether or not I lust after power and intend to have children to displace people I did not even believe existed until a few days ago. It is preposterous," she said this caused a chuckle from both Andais and Elizabeth the latter of whom spoke up again. "That is a fairly valid point. They are newlyweds, seemingly happy ones. That's about the best reason I've ever heard for someone becoming a vampire," Elizabeth said as she shifted her view to the other blonde who'd been angry at the laughter only to frown slightly, sit back and sigh apparently accepting that they were asking a rather difficult set of questions to someone who was by her own approximation just barely a vampire at present times. The blonde woman who seemed most disgusted by Kasmina's creation would finally be looked upon as the young woman explained herself as best she knew how. "For the sake of clarity, I do not lust after power, Dracula's or anyone else's. I find the idea of having a child simply to secure a power structure or displace one to be an affront to that child's creation and future desires. All I intend to do, is spend my now extended life in the company of my husband and that is meant as no affront to anyone."

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    "Let what stand? Laughter? She could easily be laughing due to your state of dress, and I'd think no less of her for it." This seemed to be all Dragomir had left to say. Kasmina's words alone hinted that this meeting was virtually pointless in the end. As one who did not look forward to the return of Dracula in any positive manner, Dragomir would not have minded the idea of these two intending to seize power over the vampire lord. Such a thing unfolding would simply handle one of his only problems in this world.

    Sorin's mouth was ever so slightly agape when his wife shared her thoughts with the Convocation. His gaze had shifted to her, and his brows rose as a moment of clarity swept over him. By the time she finished speaking, he could do nothing but smile and shut his eyes. A chuckle of his own escaped him, but it had nary a thing to do with the discussion at hand, and all to do with his new wife's closing statement. "I could not have spoken the words better, or perhaps even as well. Does this please the Convocation? You know now that we have no intentions of bringing forth the Calamity Child. I take it we are free to leave now?"

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    Andais' fan was rather securely over the bottom of her face, as she was once again forced into hiding obvious laughter, this time at the words spoken by Dragomir about the state of dress chosen by one of the members of the Convocation. "Bugger off, Dragomir!" these words came from the petulant child of a vampire who sat on the Convocation who'd been mad, and only made further upset by his words. Though she had nothing else to say. The girl's words about her intentions seemed to make it so that they had no right to interfere with her newly eternal life, and with that in mind, she was already bored of the situation. A quick glance from Andais to the rest of the Convocation would let her know if they needed to stay any longer. Of course, a look to the young blonde at the other end of the table and her flippant wave off let her know she didn't care much more.

    A final glance towards the blonde young woman and the grey bearded butler would be the last if any descent, though she couldn't imagine the pair of them having any arguments left having heard the words from the young woman's own mouth. "Assuming no one else has anything else to say... you are both perfectly capable of leaving, out through the doors you came will lead you back through your respective dreams. Pleasure seeing you both," said Andais as her fan finally came to a close and she revealed a fanged smile of her own. And just as this meeting had randomly started it was also apparently over. Kasmina had a small smile on her face as she turned to Sorin. Figuring if they were going back out, they'd do so the same way they'd gone in, together.

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    Permission to leave had been granted, under the assumption that no other members of the Convocation had words for the newlywed vampires. The female blonde, and the old man who'd sided with her, managed to do nothing but shirk the situation as it had unfolded. Sorin stood and bowed with a hand crossed over his chest, paying special attention to the Convocation's chosen Speaker in his farewell. "We shall take our leave, then. I wish you well in your individual endeavors, Lords and Ladies," he said. It was then that he turned toward Kasmina with his right hand offered to the woman. "Well, my lady... the time comes to complete your final rest as a human, and your first night as a vampire." If Kasmina were only to take his hand, he would then lead the way through the door they'd used for entry to this place. As such, he would return to the world of his own dreams.

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    Sorin stood and addressed the Convocation, smiles were present on the faces of the two females who enjoyed his presence this evening, while the last scoffed but had nothing else to say. Kasmina soon enough found herself reaching for the man's extended hand taking her leave of this place with her husband, with the same energy she'd used to enter. There was a small smile on her face as she turned the ring on her forefinger with a bit of surety. "Oh? I look forward to it," said Kasmina. As they walked back they were sent back to their individual dream states and Kasmina returned to the card game that her mind would use to handle itself for a great deal of time. At the very least a sound sleep would be occurring for the rest of this night until such a time as she would wake.

    But in that time, around high noon, one portly older gentleman with a ground face and slicked back black hair would appear at the doors of Castlevania. He was Costel Dacian, a Baron of Sibiu, he was also the father of the newlywed Kasmina Elise Dacian Phantomhive, and he was in need of some of his daughter's time. He thought he'd given more than enough time for the newlyweds to consummate their marriage, but now, he needed his daughter's influence to help him out. The night of their wedding he'd gotten into a bit of gambling related trouble. Surely his daughter could help him out with his business arrangements now that she'd had time to get over the anger she'd possessed at him a few days prior to her wedding. Had he known she was courting the Viscount Sorin Phantomhive, he'd likely have nudged them closer together.

    Regardless... a bit of alone time with his daughter should fix his problems. And thus a knock on the door would ensue. It would be answered by none other than the maid Alina who wore the brown human eye instead of her normal crimson ones. "My sincerest apologies my lord," she commented staring at the man after opening the door. "But the Count and Countess aren't receiving any visitors at this time. No exceptions," she said which made the Baron Dacian look astounded. This woman hadn't even asked him any questions, simply assumed he wished to see the people of this house. "Do you know who I am, I am Baron Costel Dacian, and I need to see my daughter, urgently. It is a family matter," he said seemingly upset. This made Alina look at him, she suppressed the desire to snarl at this man and wondered how such a man had created one as stunning as her new Mistress. "Be that as it may kind sir, I will relay that message to the Master and Mistress, but they are still not taking any guests," and just like that the doors would shut before the man who'd continue to bang on the door as she disappeared into the catacombs. "Master, there is an annoyance at the door, and it is unlikely he will go away any time soon. I assume you don't wish me to eat him," she said at the side of Sorin's coffin, where she'd reappeared. It seemed to be a bit early to be waking the Lady Kasmina.

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