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    "Indeed," Sorin said to confirm the woman's assertion. Alina's appearance gave him all the confirmation he needed that she would be well enough off, and that Kasmina was free to claim her first meal as a vampire. Her departure was sudden thereafter. A smile appeared upon the face of the Count; he'd not seen this since the seamstress Madalina. "I understand your words from days ago, Alina. Had I not taken this one to be my bride, I would not know this joy and... dare I say, fun." With that said, Sorin followed behind Kasmina. If his wife was to feed this night, he would be there to share her first experience. A Mistwalk carried him to the same corridor Kasmina had trapped the cattle in. From his landing point, he walked forward to approach Kasmina and her meal from the former's rear. He did not interrupt, but he did watch with an inkling of pride in the fact that she'd blessed this feeding without prompting. Even without interrupting per se, he chimed in at the end of the prayer. "Amen."

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    Alina managed to look a bit surprised. Her master spoke of fun, and it was in all honesty something she'd never thought she'd hear him say. The Countess Kasmina was obviously a great deal of good in the life of Sorin and because of this Alina was even more happy to serve the Mistress of this castle as well. A bow would be given before the man departed, assumably to follow his wife. 'Hm, she seems like the type to also pray over her food, I'll give that a few moments...' she thought absently choosing to wait within the study to avoid the headache to come from hearing the words of god.

    Meanwhile, Kasmina got to work on her meal. If she noticed the appearance of her husband and his addition to her prayer, she said nothing. Her mind was buzzing far too quickly. It was full of this man's memories in addition to the sensational taste of freshly cooked steak. This was by far one of the best meals she'd ever consume. And only when this man was completely drained of his life's blood did she stop. She'd then aptly lick her lips looking for any final traces of blood before finishing her prayer. "We give Thee thanks, Almighty God, for all Thy benefits, and for the poor souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, may they rest in peace. Amen." And just like that her meal was all but done. The man she'd just killed departed with a smile on his face, she could only assume this was due either to the nature of her bite or the fact that she'd granted him a much calmer mind before his departure regardless, she crossed herself before calling for the maid. "Alina." she said which made said woman with crimson hair appear at her side, hand already on the fallen man's corpse. "The Mistress is too kind. I'll take this off your hands now..." she mentioned only to give a curtsy and disappear with the corpse. A moment after the woman's eyes were filled with nothing but joy as she looked towards her husband. "I feel like you were there quite some time... apologies, I was a bit distracted," she mentioned with a light-hearted smile on her face.

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    "Amen," Sorin said once more - with closed eyes - as Kasmina prayed again over the finished meal. The Countess was generous enough to provide their shared maid with the corpse after it was drained of all its blood. Strange though it was, Sorin was somehow satisfied to see his wife fed in the way of a vampire, while retaining her righteousness. There was a smile upon his face that he could not rid himself of, even as his wife stopped to share words with him involving his presence during the feeding. "I've been here since a moment after you. I wouldn't dare miss this precious moment for my wife. What sort of man could I call myself if I did?"

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    It seemed that her husband had been present for the most of her feeding. She supposed such a thing could be considered quite normal and appreciated his smiling face. His words seemed to cause a gentle flush to come to the young woman's face as her eyes widened if only momentarily. She still wasn't quite used to the dotting attention of her new husband and surprisingly enough, though she usually always knew what to say, did not really know what to say in response to him. "Well, even if you say that... I do not know what kind of man it would make you," she said thinking about it more. "Still, I am happy you were here," she offered with a large grin spreading across her face as she took several steps towards her husband before she pushed herself up on her toes and aimed to kiss him on the lips. If nothing else she was always astounded by the attention he payed her and as such he deserved all the praise in the world for it.

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