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    Sorin may not have believed himself to be any different than he had been previously, but the holy queen opposed this train of thought. It was her claim that he was different from an emotional standpoint. Her words made his eyes widen, which was in fact an occurrence rarely seen in Sorin prior to recent weeks. Truthfully, his expression had been a stale one for five decades during his time spent in virtual solitude. Perhaps he was long overdue for this sort of change in his life. Now that it had been brought to his attention, he supposed he did feel incredibly different as of late. Who was to credit for this, if not the woman who'd so suddenly entered his life? "... Well, since you've put it that way, I suppose I have no choice but to acknowledge the change. I'll admit to being quite the lucky man to have found such a bride, so it should be obvious where thanks must go. I take it then, you are satisfied with your visit?"

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    The queen looked down the table after she'd finished speaking, and even at this distance she could see the man's eyes widen quite a bit. A gentle smirk crossed this woman's face, as she saw this. A chuckle would come from her as she enjoyed another bite of her confection. Before she could speak again, Sorin seemed to have settled upon some words to share with the group, and the Queen most specifically. "I am surprised you wouldn't have noticed it, but that is kind of amusing. I can't say I've ever seen you shocked before. It's refreshing," she mentioned, knowing that his wife was indeed deserving of much praise for this situation. "Of course, I am satisfied with this visit, I am always happy to see you. And even happier to see you happy. And of course I'm pleased to have met Mina, and not have found you in a strange state instead," she said as she finished her dessert. "And I can't turn down cake," said the queen in a bit of a joke which caused Kasmina to chuckle for the first time in several moments. One might have thought the shocked face of Sorin would have been enough to bring her away from her confection of choice, and though she'd noted it, she'd been the cause of such a look several times in the last few weeks. Given this she finished her plate before gently pushing it away from herself as well. 'Hm, I wonder if she worried about him more than normal when finding out he'd marry?' she questioned mentally.

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    The surprise faded from the face of Sorin in due time. He took this return of his normal demeanor as an opportune moment to pick up his tea, and sip from it. There were no negative words from the queen, whether Sorin expected any or not. No matter the case, this seemed to have quickly turned into a very normal visit from the queen and her knight. Sorin had anticipated something more than this, but that didn't really matter now. "A strange state, you say? The mind wonders exactly what you expected, but whatever it is, I suppose I am glad to have fallen short of your expectations in this case."

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    The Queen gently slipped tea, the gaze of her red eyes shifting over this man as he seemed to be happy she didn't find him strange currently and wondered aloud about the nature of the strangeness she'd thought may have befallen him. "When one lives longer than a half century while retaining such youth and living such a solitary life style, it can become a burden. I worried for your sanity and your soul," she said rather plainly a small smile coming to her face. If she had something more to say, such a thought would be interrupted by the laughter of Kasmina. Such was so sudden the queen found her gaze shifting nothing but curiosity across her face. After a few seconds, Kasmina managed to pull herself together and explain what had brought about this sudden bout of laughter from her. And given the other situations in which she laughed, it should be a sign some interesting line of thought was to come. "I beg your pardon, Nita, but I just had the thought that not so long ago, I was quite distressed by the idea of potentially having to marry a man twice my age. To know that I over shot such a large number by my own hand is just..." she chuckled a little more. "Funny." she finished. The eyes of the queen widened in this moment. She hadn't considered the age of the count's young wife, but here and now she considered the girl was actually barely marriageable by age, and as such a considerable amount younger than everyone else sitting at this table. Her worries in life prior to this were exceedingly simple but, even so she managed to see the humor in the situation she'd escaped, this was an amiable personality trait. And besides that, there was a decent bit of undeniable irony in running from a fate and straight into it. She'd call that God's will, but that made it no less an amusing realization.

    A giggle would escape the queen, and it would become a laugh much more serious than the woman would have originally thought herself capable of. Kasmina was charmingly infectious and quite witty, she could completely understand how Sorin had been engaged by her presence. "Oh, Mina, you are just a treat~" said the holy matron who hadn't heard anything as funny in quite a while. If she had any remaining worries about the well-being of this man and wife they were only dispelled further. There was so much light and happiness within this pair of individuals now, she could hardly think them to be anything but blessed in their union."Such worries are obviously misplaced, which is a comforting thing to know," she concluded as she drained her teacup of its contents. Kasmina watched this woman laugh as she finished her tea and beyond that the calm acceptance which came to her face thereafter. This was quite a confusing play of emotions across the queen's face and the raven haired lass wasn't quite sure what to make of it. But since she'd laughed and her smile remained she assumed she was happy. 'I do not know why I am the treat in this case,' the young woman thought absently.

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    "There was no need to worry for my sake, your grace. Even if I were to lose my sanity, I would not allow my soul to falter." Sorin calmly went about drinking his tea, seeming to have no thoughts about consuming the cake upon his plate. He did manage to take up a fork and toyed with the cake a bit, sliding it around the plate. Kasmina's fit of laughter brought his attention to her, as he could see no reason for this to come so suddenly. When she explained this laughter, Sorin looked upon her with a raised brow. Her words did make sense. The irony of the situation she'd walked into was almost tangible, and indeed something worth having a chuckle at. "What an interesting thing to realize. Worry not; the years begin to blend together at a certain point."

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    "That is good to know of course, and it doesn't seem like your sanity will be going anywhere either," mentioned the queen as she finished her cake. Kasmina continued to enjoy her chuckle while she ate her own, it was nice to know that someone had worried after her husband a bit before she'd come to be his wife. The idea that he had friends was comforting indeed. After finishing her cake she seemed to be stunned, listening to her husband speak of how years would seem to run together after a certain amount of time. "I never really worried in the first place. I have you to keep me company after all," Kasmina mentioned, making special note to thank Alina when she returned for such wonderful refreshments.

    Kasmina's eyes then moved about the table, to take note that her husband had yet to eat much if any of his cake, instead he pushed it around on his plate with his fork. She wondered if he was properly hungry at this point. Regardless, it seemed the Queen was satisfied enough with her tea and the company of this pair of vampires. She looked at the table and saw much care between this pair of people. And as such she would also be fine with leaving, "Well, I thank you kindly for the tea, and the company, but I wouldn't want to keep you too long," mentioned the Queen as she stood. She prepared to go with the same amount of whimsy she'd arrived with.

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    Sorin's lips curled upward when his wife spoke. If she was content to have this outlook, who would he be to argue? All he could do was accept the thought, and move on. Speaking of moving on, the completion of the queen's confection resulted in her decision to leave the two vampires to their devices. Hearing this, Sorin rose from the table with the intention of escorting the queen and her knight to the door. Alexandru stood with his matron, taking her side without a word spoken - much like he'd been doing all this time. He had come here only as insurance, in case he was needed to eliminate a dark presence in this castle. Since there was no such task for him, he was content to depart with the blonde woman.

    "You've nothing to thank us for, your grace. Your visits are always appreciated," Sorin said with a small bow toward Luminita. Since these guests would be leaving, the raven-haired male vampire began taking measured steps toward the front gate, intending to see them out himself. "Of course, we do look forward to seeing you again. Your faithful knight is also welcome in Castlevania."

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    The smile on Sorin's face seemed to make Kasmina smile as well. She knew he was often content just to take her words as she said them, and she always found this to be one of his more endearing qualities. Regardless of this fact, since the queen's knight had come to her side as she aimed to leave, Kasmina had moved to Sorin's as well, seeming to appear with him as he escorted this pair to the door. "Aww, I'm always imposing and you're always so nice about it," said the woman, as if she realized all present knew the reasoning behind her visit. She still smiled at the door as she got ready to leave. "That's really nice of you. I'll see you both some other time of course," she said as she saw them both. "Sorin, Mina~" she offered them both before moving towards her own carriage and within moments and likely with the help of her knight, she'd be shut into her carriage and off once more. "Until next time," mentioned Kasmina as she watched the departure. It seemed their day which had suddenly be started was also just as abruptly returned to normal, aside from the fact that their maid had basically taken the day off. Not that this was a horrible thought to Kasmina in the first place.

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