Name: Andais McDermott (referenced as "Milady" or "The Lady in Black")
Age: 200
Gender: Female

A woman of hearty and noble breeding, she is tall with dark hair and originally eyes which were a vibrant shade of blue. As a vampire her eyes have shifted to the blood red of the power she boasts. She tends to dress overly extravagantly including wearing a tiara with large sapphires within. She is also seen wearing a many layered blue and black ball room dress with gloves which wrap up her arms and wrists leaving a small triangle of skin exposed on the back of her hand for normal greetings from high class males.

Affiliations: The Convocation of Vampires


A noble woman of Irish descent, Andais found herself married to a nobleman in Transylvania while she was still a living woman. When Dracula rose to power the first time, her husband was one of many killed during his life time. Her own life was still rather comfortable and since she hadn't been particularly fond of her husband in the first place she didn't seem to care very much. How she became a vampire is still quite unknown, it is rumored that she simply caught the eye of Dracula or maybe one of the other powerful male vampires and they made her. Whatever the case she was soon one of the un-dead. Strangely enough, it isn't all together clear whether or not this woman is sane or not. She possesses strange abilities even as a member of the Convocation and often goes un-referenced by name as superstition dictates it invites her special brand of evil upon you.


Powers & Abilities:

Dream-walking: Andais has the ability to psychically project herself into the dreams of others. She most often uses this to find information when she has proper motivation to do so. As an aside she can manipulate the dreams of weaker minded individuals to make them frightening. She is sometimes referred to as a Nighthag, as she can cause people to die of fright in their dreams. According to her, fear makes the blood of her victims taste better, and as such she's been known to cause as much fear as possible in every victim she takes. Dream walking is how she does this. She is known colloquially as the Lady in Black, as she often appears in the dreams of others as a Lady in black clothing who makes progressively scarier situations until such a time as she finally feasts upon them.