Name: Tsuritsa Varga
Age: 220
Gender: Female

Tsuritsa has the appearance of a barely pubescent teen. Of course, she was much older than this at the time of her death, and simply has a very lithe and petite frame. Which made her less eligible for marriage than most people. Even so, she has blonde hair which she wears under a cap and very thin extremeties. She is exceedingly unassuming and chooses to wear the kind of clothing generally only seen on children, a smock like dress in bright red with a little yellow tie and a white collar around her neck. And lace wrapped ribbons around each of her wrists.

Affiliations: The Convocation of Vampires


During Dracula's first reign, Tsuritsa was part of a traveling caravan. It appears she performed at some of the castles and dwellings within Transylvania and was during her stay in one of them, transformed into a vampire. Her powers seemed to lend themselves to her constant travelling.
She is seemingly responsible for large outbreaks of disease in random cities in addition to causing merriment among people.


Powers & Abilities:

Bite of Corruption: When Tsuritsa bites, if her victim isn't drained to death and doesn't have significant enough power to resist they become poisoned. The flesh around the bite seems to begin to decay. Their skin begins to fester with boils and other such signs of disease which go on to infect other individuals. It seems she enjoys blood that has festered in such a way, and keeps a gathering of sick individuals around her for her own consumption. This power is itself kind of strange but even if one is able to fight against the actual corruption they might still begin to feel sick. She is feared even among other vampires as ones who are bitten by her seem to rot away while still alive. It is a little known fact that the girl can cause herself to rot all over her victims, only to pull her own body back together. She is capable of fixing the rotting damage she causes to others, but she doesn't often because she's too amused by the panic disease seems to cause others.