Name: Rachel Tepes Phantomhive
Age: 199
Gender: Female

Rachel is a young vampire girl with pale skin, long blond hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes. She wears Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, black pony heel boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her right ankle. Physically, Rachel is said to look around 12 years old, however, she gives off an aura of someone far older than what she looks.

In her unrestrained form, she has golden eyes, long blond hair tied into a singular tail with a black ribbon done in such a way that it resembles the ears of a rabbit. She wears a black mantle with red crosses that reaches down to her feet and wears nothing underneath. Physically, she looks to be around the age of 16 in this state.

Affiliations: The Convocation of Vampires

Though the life of Rachel before she became a vampire has never been spoken of, as a vampire, she is known widely as the third wife of Vlad "Dracula" Tepes. She was established to become the de facto leader of the Convocation of Vampires in Dracula's absence, until his second resurrection in the year 1677. However, Rachel met her untimely demise at the hands of an unknown assassin - not a vampire hunter, but one meant only to kill her - during the year 1577, two months after Dracula's second death. She was unknowingly with child at the time, and with her body intact, her growth-stagnated vampire offspring continued to live and exchange blood with her through the womb, effectively siring her as a vampire once again as she lay in her coffin. This process led to a strange form of revival for Rachel approximately 26 years later. It was at this time that her pregnancy continued as normal, and she reclaimed her original surname, "Phantomhive." In giving birth months later, Rachel discovered that the coffin she had been connected to was no longer her own. Since she'd been dead while her future vampire son Sorin slept in her coffin, the baby had made it his own to hold his power. He had truly become her sire, and thus her power was henceforth connected to his. The birth of Sorin and the broken link to her former coffin sapped Rachel of her vampire powers, forcing her to revert to a childlike form. No longer able to access the powers she'd received from Dracula, she instead became able to temporarily return to the state of her original body, and thus her original strength as a vampire. Even without any outstanding abilities to speak of, Rachel remains - to this day - strong enough to claim a seat on the Convocation as the Master Vampire of Sibiu.


Powers & Abilities: