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Thread: [Flame Queen] Kujo Jolyne

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    [Flame Queen] Kujo Jolyne

    Personal Information

    Name: Kujo Jolyne
    Alias: Jojo | Palm-top Tiger | The Fool of Arcana
    Age: 10
    Height: 116.8cm
    Weight: 32.7kg
    Hair Style: Long and straight.
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Brown
    Attire: When she's not in her school uniform, Joylne usually wears a large sweatshirt which hangs off her like a dress.
    Biography: Joylne is the youngest of the Kujo siblings. When the third generation tower was opened, it was decided that she would live with the younger twin Jirou.

    Rider Information

    Rider Shadow:

    Road: Flame Road
    Type: Trick
    Team: Akatsuki

    R.E.A.D. Layout

    R.E.A.D. Level: 183
    Rider Class: C-Class

    Flame Regalia: Smolder Crux - Jolyne's Flame Regalia is a pair of standard white, black and red ATs with a cat motif at the toe. The cat designs feature a pair of ears protruding from the faces, and there are saber tooth-like extensions jutting down the front wheels. The ears function as furnaces which store excess heat produced by Jolyne's run. To activate the Regalia, Jolyne must first store an ample amount of heat within the furnaces. When the conditions are met, the teeth on the front wheels grow until they curve around the entire wheel, and the wheels themselves gain open vents to blow out flames produced by the run, as well as sparks/cinders created by grinding against the teeth.

    Infinity Atmosphere:

    Unending Ignition: Bottomless Volcano - Jolyne's Infinity Atmosphere of the Flame Road utilizes the furnace mechanism of her Regalia to return its stored heat into the wheels via the saber teeth. This produces heat powerful enough to surpass cinders and flames, and melt whatever Jolyne revs her wheels against. Continuous revving along the ground turns the surface Jolyne rides on to molten lava, which is then launched around her by her ATs' vents like the eruption of a live volcano.


    After Burner - Using the same principle behind a jet engine's afterburners, Jolyne accelerates to supersonic speeds, creating a sonic boom and leaving tongues of flame where she made footfall.

    Time - Jolyne accelerates his moves with his ATs to strike the joints that initiate movement on an opponent's body, effectively paralyzing them; however, it takes a great deal of stamina to perform. The speed of the attack and burning sensation that the user experiences categorizes it as a Flame Road trick.

    Platform of Flames - Using the rising air current from the "Flames" her A.T.s create, Jolyne can use them as platforms, allowing her to stay in the air.

    Ember - Jolyne creates small cinders and launches them at an opponent. It leaves burns if they connect with skin or clothing.

    Overheat - Jolyne leaves small sparks on/inside the opponents ATs, damaging them.

    Explosive Minefield - Jolyne leaves sparks around the area, igniting them when opponents are in close range, cause a small explosion.
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