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    Youmu's words had a great deal of power within them, especially for the sorts of people she was now surrounded by. Takumi was the one to experience this currently and went on to thank Youmu and state that he'd try his best with the information he was given. "Hai," she said offering a gentle nod of her head. This boy was quite strange to her, but she became curious about what he'd do now with his new lease on life. "It's what I am here for..." she said, her simple way of making an offer to the boy if he wished to talk or ask more questions at any point in time. Otherwise, she'd stand carrying the tea cup she'd been drinking from only to open the door to the room and exit with a gentle wave over her shoulder dismissing the lad. She felt she'd given him more than enough of a pep talk that he could do whatever else he wanted, including leave if he so wished.

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    Takumi nodded, then bowed toward the Devil who'd been teaching him for the duration of his time here today. Though she left, her message stayed with him. There was only one thing worth doing at this point. If he was to truly make this alteration and find his resolve once and for all, he knew where he would have to go next. It would be difficult - incredibly so. However, it had to be done. The one thing Takumi had to do was confront his parents, which he couldn't bring himself to do when he was being transferred to a new school. This would only be a first step, but it was crucial nonetheless. He had to do this now, or risk missing the opportunity again. Shortly after Youmu left the room, Takumi followed. He didn't stop moving until he was out of the peerage's meeting room, then out of the building and school grounds entirely.

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