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    "Mate?" it took everything Eira had not to burst out laughing in this man's face. She wondered if he really thought somewhere within his mind that he could achieve what he wanted against her all alone. "I am going to say this, just one more time... I'm not your wife," her eyes blazed with outright anger as her aura fluctuated once more. She couldn't help this. There was much she should do, and much she could do, but at present, she didn't want to interfere with the feelings of her subordinate. Takumi seemed to take this man's personality way harder than most, she figured the only person who might dislike him more at this point was Izuna. Regardless of this, there was much to be said for the boy's spirit, and above that his thoughtfulness in this moment. As he approached, Onoko he promoted himself to Queen and went about throwing a punch which he aimed at the man's face after breaking the desk. This seemed to be work but only for a second as the nonchalant Onoko caught the boy's fist while raising his own aura. Onoko's words though seemed to cause a shift in Eira's face, regardless of the outcome, Eira was preparing something, something she didn't often do, because it wasn't something she could prepare without sacrificing multiple pieces. Small orbs of power seemed to spawn from her person as her aura condensed, they were floating all around her, glowing and vibrating with power as they came into creation around her. "I've sunk nowhere. I don't believe in sacrificial pieces, and I don't need to give him up to make an opening. I'd rather have him by my side when I win!~" one of these orbs grew from her hand to the size of a soft ball, which she'd subsequently ram with her fist sending it flying towards the arm outstretched by Onoko, if it made contact there was a very real possibility of it being destroyed without a trace.

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    "Not yet, at least. It's nothing to worry about. Your brother has already put together the reception. We can make our way there once we're done with little things like this." Onoko's gaze was upon Eira while he toyed with Takumi, and he saw the beginning of Eira's assault using the Power of Destruction she was so known for. The softball-sized sphere of energy she threw his way was almost laughable to him. A large blade made of Onoko's own demonic power was conjured in his free left hand, and used to smack Eira's energy. Though the destruction power was great enough to vaporize the blade, Onoko's impact was enough to move it off its path beforehand, clearing him of the damages. He was left weaponless just then, but he wasn't worried. Until...

    "Boost!" Takumi had been left ignored. If there was one thing to be taken from this, it was that Onoko's lack of care for the "lesser beings" left him paying too much attention to those of his caliber. With the next boost to his strength, Takumi began properly pressing against Onoko's hand with his Sacred Gear, while his right fist managed to meet the man's jaw. Though not severely affected by this, Onoko was knocked back a bit. "Kisama..." Onoko said as he recovered, clenching his own fist to deliver a powerful strike to Takumi's jaw in return, sending him tumbling along the ground for several meters. This punch was so much more powerful than Takumi himself could manage while boosted. At the very least, it was disheartening to note the sheer difference between himself and Onoko after just one punch. His rage began to subside. The moment he made contact, he thought progress had been made - that he could at least begin doing something useful in Miyuki's absence. Frankly, he had nearly lost consciousness the moment of Onoko's retaliation. "I... just wanted to accomplish something."

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    "It's nothing to worry about because it's never going to happen..." it seemed that Eira was very sure of this, and after watching how this man chose to dispatch the ball of destruction she aimed to use against him, she had an idea of why he felt so strongly about his position. It seemed she felt this way regardless of the fact that her brother had apparently planned a reception for the pair already. If she knew nothing else, she knew her brother wouldn't have a problem even if the reason behind throwing the party changed, and she couldn't actually imagine her brother liking the man standing before her in any reasonable way. Perhaps at some point, she'd get to question this further, but for now, she got to see what happened when the Armageddon King, stopped paying attention to people he considered less than himself.

    Takumi's fist made contact with Onoko's face and the sight stunned Eira just a bit, even so the boy was soon flying and she herself moved, having seemingly lost completely the killing aura around her body, not to watch him tumble but to capture him. He'd find himself landing face first against the softness of her chest as she smiled at his efforts, she couldn't do anything but be pleased by his efforts. "Ufufufu~ Takumi, of course you accomplished something. Every step forward is an accomplishment. For a Devil on his second day, you've got nothing to be ashamed of, arigatou gozaimasu~" she thanked the young man for his efforts, smiling at him completely at ease, as her previously discarded aura seemed to coalesce into a giant ball of energy, behind her body just out of sight. It was hidden behind her back ever growing becoming denser and denser as she continued to concentrate. 'I just need a little longer, or maybe a little more power... this is such a gamble but,' she looked down at the boy she'd caught. 'If he's willing to give his all I can do no less...' the concentration in her power increased and she managed to have the ball growing just outside the range of sight behind her back. With just a little more time and hopefully with the distraction of what she was doing, she might be able to pull this off.

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    At the end of Takumi's tumble, he did not meet the hard ground he'd expected to fall face-first into. Instead, his head was virtually consumed by something that did nothing but cushion his impact. What he felt was somewhat familiar... and quite pleasant to his sense of touch. When his eyes opened, he was able to see what caught him, while also hearing out Eira's words of encouragement. She even went so far as to thank him, but the only pleasantry he was able to accept was that of the devil woman's bosom against his face. "It's not enough. Miyuki wanted to help, too. I just wanted to do enough for both of us. If I could just..." Once again, Takumi's Sacred Gear responded to a silent wish made in a state of strong emotion. In this case, he only wanted to offer all of his power to the cause of Eira's victory. The Sacred Gear - Boosted Gear - answered this wish by taking on yet another form to cover more of Takumi's arm. In doing this, it gained a second green jewel, nearer to his elbow. Takumi's power had been boosted multiple times since his most recent activation, and with a single phrase spoken by the Sacred Gear itself, all of that power would pass on to Eira. "Transfer!"

    While this exchange took place, Onoko prepared himself for a proper battle against Eira. He used the extra time to shift into his true form. The skeletal armor he wore wrapped more tightly around his form. The fur on his jacket turned red and became enlarged. His hair and eyebrows turned white, and his eyes turned white with red sclerae. A red cross-shaped marking also appeared on his face. From his back extended four "branches" of energy, giving the shape of an "X" from behind him. "You had an opportunity, Eira. Instead, you let it all go to tend to this little wannabe dragon boy."

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    Eira understood the sentiments offered by Takumi. She knew he could grow into power, great power even considering the nature of his Sacred Gear but it would simply take a bit of time. Still she could not fault him for his valliant effort, and meant to express this as she cradled him thus, but a very strange thing occurred next. The Boosted Gear gave out a call which Eira had never heard before, likely in response to whatever Takumi was feeling. Beyond this, her entire body soon surged with power, the likes of which she'd never felt before, it was such an insanely pleasant and random feeling that something akin to a moan would fall from the young woman's mouth. "Aaaah~" a blush tinted her face, but still there was a seriousness the likes of which could no be underestimated showing in those crimson eyes of hers.

    She looked towards Onoko as his form finished shifting and he spoke again, in a way which made her cringe internally. Things behind her began breaking apart with this new influx of power and she held her hand forward willing the giant ball of energy behind her back, now swirling with the red and crimson of her compressed Power of Destruction as well as the increased power given to her by Takumi and allowed it to move forward slowly. "Extinguished Star..." she mentioned. The mass of energy began pulling apart everything in its path towards him; shards of debris, the walls, literally everything about this place was coming to pieces around them, as this orb aimed to swallow up Onoko Astaroth. At this point, Eira was content to treat Onoko as he'd treated her own peerage member and ignore his words and instead, Eira spoke to Takumi. "Look Takumi, I finished that with your help~" she mentioned. His work as her newest acquisition couldn't be doubted, especially given the powers he possessed and could in the future possess as the Red Dragon Emperor.

    But it seemed Eira wasn't the only one to know exactly what this boy possessed on his arm. The area around this created school was currently being assaulted. A flying woman with large black feathered wings was sending down repeated spears of light in an attempt to break the barrier created around this space. She aimed of course to get inside and claim for herself the power of the Red Dragon Emperor. 'They said I should just observe, but I can't let this chance slip away...' she mused taking the time to try and make this entry to claim this boy for her own organization.

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    Takumi wasn't quite certain what was happening. He felt the influx of power leave his body, only to then witness the questionable, somewhat erotic reaction of Eira's to receiving that same power. His eyes widened to the sight of this, and his own face filled with blood as the transfer became audible from Eira's end of the exchange. Moving on though, the purpose this served was a great one. A grander sphere of destruction energy had been worked on by Eira, finished apparently by the added energy from the Boosted Gear. Though slow moving when sent Onoko's way, the large ball of energy functioned somewhat like a black hole in boasting its own gravitational pull. Onoko, for once, had an expression of shock upon his face. This was actually something that seemed capable of ending the Rating Game in Eira's favor. He had to do something major to earn his victory. With a mighty swipe of his left hand, he conjured several violet barriers layered over one another between himself and Eira's attack. The latter cleaved its way through regardless, albeit at a slowed enough pace that Onoko was able to hold out his right hand and channel his own demonic power through it. By the time the orb was upon him, Onoko was firing a large beam of violet energy into that which endangered him so. The impact of the two energies caused an explosion consisting mostly of the Power of Destruction. Onoko was blasted away, left heavily injured on the ground in wake of the blast. It seemed he was struggling quite a bit to even try getting up at this point.

    "... Sugoi," Takumi virtually whispered after watching the sphere go forth and accomplish so much, even when being reacted to. The next thing to be seen, though, was the return of the black cat which ran out of the Principal's office earlier. After casually strolling up to the fallen Onoko, the cat pounced on his chest. Suddenly, a paw raised and bared its claws. The next thing to occur was a very furious flurry of slashes delivered to Onoko's face, followed by a leave just as lax as the cat's entry. The cat's leave would come thereafter, but not before it made a stop between Eira's legs and rubbed itself against each of them.

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