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Thread: Kuoh Academy

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    Kuoh Academy

    Not much is known about Kuoh Academy, other than the fact that it was originally an all-girls private school. At some point Kuoh Academy changed into a co-ed school and the new school building was made. The Kuoh Academy has several division such as the primary division, high school division and college division. The high school division of Kuoh Academy has multiple annual events such as the Ball Tournament, Sports Day, School Trip for second year students and School Festival.

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    One fateful day, during an otherwise normal lunch time in Kuoh Academy, something very out of the ordinary was to occur. Yasukawa Takumi was a boy only 15 years of age the day a group of males from the school cornered him on the rooftop. This was not the first time since coming to this school that he'd been confronted by this group, but they had never interrupted him during his otherwise lonely lunch. Since his transfer to Kuoh Academy, this had been one of few times he'd been able to avoid the overwhelming number of girls in the school, and he thought it was his time to escape the boys as well.

    He was wrong.

    "Yasukawa! Was that Keiko-senpai we saw you with between classes?" asked the largest male - a lad who happened to be a member of various sports clubs - who stood between Takumi and the other boys. He cracked his knuckles numerous times over the course of the group's approach, obviously planning to deal with this single boy who'd been such an apparent nuisance to them. "Iie. I wasn't with anyone! I... fell in front of her, and she tripped onto me, is all," he said. Though the others certainly believed none of this, Takumi's words were true. The explanation he'd given was how his interactions with women always went. The boys didn't really care what excuse he had, nor did they care what his motivations were in what they figured was an obvious attempt to seduce girls they had "claimed" for themselves. The largest boy rushed at Takumi, taking him up by the collar of his blazer to press him against the roof's entry door. This was about the norm. This group typically resorted to jacking Takumi up against walls in and around the gymnasium, cafeteria, and other such places where no others could see. Now was simply going through the motions. "What's the point of you asking the question, if you weren't going to believe me... again..."

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    This interaction between this group of boys and the newer transfer student was being observed, from a distance. The old school house's top floor had a singular window at the steeple of its attic. This attic was currently occupied by a young woman with nice posture, large breasts and striking red eyes. Her seat in front of this window allowed her to witness the goings on of several boys and her eyes narrowed as she watched. "Eh, perhaps they should have left this an all girls school, the boys seem to always be so violent. I wonder what that boy did to draw such attention?" she mused as she played chess alone with a board in front of her. Regardless of the situation, she didn't feel it pertinent to interfere. Though as she went to move one of the chess pieces a small girl with an angular face and white and black hair popped up over the back of her chair. Her clothing seemed almost feather like and her eyes moved between the board and the scene going on before them. "That boy seems to find himself in close quarters with some of the prettier girls. From what I've seen it's accidental, completely... but the other boys don't like it too much. So, they beat him up..." said the young woman who seemed a bit comfortable giving her current positioning. "Oh? Well, that seems like it will end badly for him one day," she said as her eyes shifted once more. The young man being bullied by his male peers was skinny, no muscle to speak of, but had a rather relaxed attractiveness about him. He was easy on the eyes and a bit passive, which would likely make girls quite interested in him over the kinds of boys who were beating him up. "Did he get a flyer?" asked this young woman as she pushed crimson locks out of her face and over her shoulder, leaning over the board to put the king of the opposite color in check with a lonely pawn. The female over the back of the chair shrugged. She couldn't remember if this boy in particular had received a flyer, if he hadn't already he'd be sure to soon.

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    "Oh, no, we believe you alright... but if this is gonna keep happening with our girls around you, you're gonna have to learn anyway!" The larger lad who held Takumi up pressed him firmly against the door, restricting his ability to breathe with each passing second. "Ngh! You know... I'm getting really tired of this," the raven-haired boy said. The repetitive nature of this group when it came to assaulting him was truly wearing him out as the days went by. He gripped the arm of his captor and squeezed, but to no avail. In fact, the end result of this was Takumi being thrown across the rooftop. He slid near the edge, only to realize upon catching himself that he was being chased down by the entire group of assailants. "Got some fight in ya' now, huh!? We'll show you!" As this was said, the boys stomped, punched, and kicked Takumi repeatedly, until eventually... one of them went a step too far. An overenthusiastic kick to Takumi's torso sent the boy cascading over the edge of the school's roof. There was nothing to be done about this. Takumi's mind could only wander into a state of blankness as he fell toward what was certain to be his untimely demise on the ground.

    Meanwhile, the crimson-haired female was visited in the attic room by another individual. A male with blonde hair kept in a ponytail, turquoise eyes, and a gentle smile, approached the pair of women with a bow toward the lass playing chess with herself. "Eira-sama, I can confirm there was no flyer given to that one. Would you like me to take care of it?"

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    As this boy got beaten up yet again, someone else joined the young woman within this attic room. This blonde male seemed to know for a fact that the young man currently being beaten up had been given no flyer. A bit of a smirk came to this crimson haired woman's face as she looked up from her chess board. "Of course Hiro, thank you for offering," she said, knowing she could leave this situation to the young blonde male without there being much need for her to do anything else. 'Poor kid, all alone, being tortured by others because of his unassuming nature. If only they knew...' she said knowing of the great potential which was always present in the least likely of places. A small smile came to her face, and a hint of giddy excitement came to her eyes, she couldn't wait to welcome the newest member of her family.

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    "My pleasure, Buchou," the blonde said. When he finally rose from his bow, he looked through the window to view the male in question. His grin faded. "Ano... gomen. It doesn't look like I can get one to him. He's..." His eyes closed as his hand reached out to touch the window. The boy they spoke of had already reached the ground and perished by the time he was seen. The culprits were still upon the rooftop, arguing amongst themselves about what had happened, and who was at fault. Soon enough, the group was leaving the roof to avoid being blamed for this occurrence. "... And they're running away. Moving on, Buchou?"

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    The boy had fallen off the roof, more accurately he'd already been kicked to the ground by his group of attackers. And Hiroki had apologized for not being able to get him one of the flyers. "Oh? He fell already, I didn't expect them to go so far overboard, it's fine. I'll take care of it," she said standing... the closed window was soon opened by her own hands and two black bat like wings emerged from her shoulders. "You'll take care of the rest, right Hiro?" she asked, but she didn't wait for the answer. No she'd already taken off to land directly beside the now fallen boy. She pulled him into her arms and more directly into the softness of her bosom and spoke to him. "I'm sorry, this isn't normally something I'd do without asking you first... but if you decide something else... I'll let you go," she whispered as what appeared in her hand was a collection of pawn pieces like one would find in a chess set. In fact it was the exact number of pawn pieces one would find in a chess set, all eight. And in this moment, Eira looked over this young man and had a unique feeling about him. Strangely she knew it would take several pieces to make this work. Surprisingly everything pointed to this unassuming boy needing all eight. In a pinch, Eira looked at this boy, and felt the desire to have him at her side, given this she decided for a moment that she'd sink her feelings into this one, giving him all eight pieces to help in his revival. It wouldn't immediately fix his wounds but it would bring him back to life, that he might be healed. While coincidentally turning him into a Devil.

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    "Hai," was the only word of response the blonde gave, though it came after Eira had already left the attic. He followed shortly after her departure, taking his own path toward the roof when his own wings emerged. Before the door to the roof even closed, he was inside the building to share the staircase with his targets.

    On ground level, Takumi was brought back to the world by methods entirely foreign to him. Of course, any way to return a life was foreign to the lad, but this was even beyond imagination. He couldn't even mentally process the goings on, but consciousness soon returned to him in some light manner. His eyes opened partially, and what he saw didn't make much sense. More importantly... what he felt told him everything he needed to know about what was before his eyes. "O...ppai..." he muttered through shallow breath. All he could think was that it had happened again; he'd somehow managed to land on another girl in the school, or something to that effect, and ended up in a very precarious situation. This time, though, he couldn't bring himself to care. He was alive somehow, and with the simple thought that he hadn't died after falling off a roof, he slipped out of consciousness again.

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    She knew that Hiroki would take care of the other matter pertaining to this incident. Meanwhile the young man gave at least minor signs of life, and the eight pieces she'd used to bring him back to this world were accepted into his being. A smile spread across this young woman's face, and her crimson eyes twinkled in the light. It seemed, this young man had a minor moment of consciousness, in which he decided the one word he had to say, was 'Oppai'. A chuckle came from this oddly stoic young woman as she scooped up this young man in his unconscious state. "Oppai? Well, I appreciate the compliment. I'll clear everything up a bit later, rest easy now Takumi. I'll take care of you," she said as she picked up the young man snuggled into her bosom and aimed to take him off into the abandoned school house which was now the club house for her activity choice. Here she'd keep this young man for a bit, in a bed in the old nurses office, so that he could sleep, and she'd sleep beside him to help heal him, though without her clothing at all, as she felt the need to be quite comfortable while she did this. So she snuggled up with the young man under a sheet naked pressed against him to help along his own recovery, trusting in Hiroki to take care of the other people involved with this incident.

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    Yui Hiroki, the Devil boy sent to deal with Takumi's attackers, had never been much of a fighter. He could, however, easily deal with a few humans. Less than a minute passed before he returned to the abandoned schoolhouse with the entire group in tow. He traversed the halls, dragging their unconscious bodies behind him. There was no rush by the lad on this journey; he knew the woman he answered to would not be able to do anything quite yet, considering her obvious occupation with her new member. All he did after arriving was wait in the Occult Research Club's meeting room, where he expected to eventually find the club's president.

    Several hours later would mark the waking of Takumi, in a nurse's office of all places. This was about normal, since he'd previously fallen off the roof at school, but there was something strange about this particular room. He sat up, throwing the cover off himself to discover he'd been reduced to his skivvies since arriving. He looked down at a pair of red boxers - the only thing covering him at the time - and wondered what exactly happened, and how long he'd been out. His vision began returning slowly, but surely. How had he survived that encounter? Who brought him here? What was this strange vision he had from before this waking? These questions plagued the boy's mind as he struggled to right his consciousness.

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