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    Eira watched as Takumi absorbed the explanation he was given. She got to see in his face that bit of anxiety about this match turn into fierce determination, and she had to say, it was an attractive look for the boy. "Kawaii!~" she chimed. "Such determination, ufufufu~" she said seeming to find this amusing. After a moment a knock would come to the door of the Occult Club and through it would enter a young woman dressed strangely in a combination of cloth and rags with her left arm covered in bandages, which were wrapped snug around even her fingers. When she entered she bowed before the group and gave some important information. "We've taken care of transporting you all to the Replica. We'll be officiating and will do our best to be fair. The battle starts once you and your chosen leave this area, Eira-sama," said the young woman. This made a smile come to Eira's face. "Oh? Student Council officiating, how lovely, too bad I though they'd come say hello~" she mentioned which made the young woman nod. "Apologies, but my master couldn't come here for political reasons. I was however supposed to confer a message. They are rooting for you," mentioned the young woman. "Thank you Sasami. Be sure to send my regards, and thank you for the consideration," She said as the woman turned to disappear. "The rest of you will be locked in here with these..." she moved her hand an a monitor like magic appeared in the room which would show different angles of the battles for all present. "But after the requisite counts are made you won't be able to leave," and just like that, it was apparently go time. The sun was about to set outside and Eira stood with her calm regal air and reached out for her bishop and her pawn. "Come on, you two... it's time to go. Ja... minna~" she said to the rest of the group as she aimed to exit. Miyuki joined her seemingly without question, though nervous she couldn't help but feel excited. When Eira exited the number one appeared in the air before her, when Miyuki joined the number would shift to four, and whenever Takumi came out it would change to twelve causing the barrier that would lock in the rest of the peerage for the duration of the match.

    Meanwhile, the Rook of the opposing team had set herself up in the gym, the final stand between the principal's office and the rest. Such was the nature of these things as the pair at the courtyard waiting for the battle to come. A sigh escaped Eira after she was outside, figuring that Takumi was at her side along with Miyuki she'd begin speaking. "I chose this venue obviously because we'd be familiar with the layout. And because... there is only one place for the king to set up against us... if they are the type to stay off the front lines, and that is the Principal's Office. Obviously the others should be in place somewhere between us and them... and there are a few different ways that could be. Either way... I have faith that you guys will know what to do when the time comes. I'll support you both until you get to an enemy you can't defeat. I'll take them, just don't get yourself out in the meantime. We play the long game in this kind of match, and maintaining all three of us, at as close to full power as possible is necessary. That being said... if you can wipe out someone you come across without wasting too much energy, go for it! We're here to make a statement after all," she said giving out her general game plan. Obviously they had to move forward and could be walking towards some sort of trap, but it was also assumable that the King of this group wouldn't put himself on the front lines and that was the sort of thing that Eira was betting on. She was also betting on purposefully making herself into a target to buy a bit more freedom of movement for the rest of her peerage, she didn't think any would be so stupid as to attack her directly, but... that could be a thing. And they'd be rewarded with this soon enough by the sight of two foreign people in the courtyard.

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    Takumi's resolve had been solidified. On this day, he was sure to put forth as much effort as he possibly could toward aiding his Devil master in this thing called a Rating Game. Within moments, a strange woman entered the room this peerage inhabited, seeming to serve as some sort of proctor for the upcoming event. It was apparent after this woman's speech that transportation to the battlegrounds would be as simple as a step through the door she used for entry. Eira initiated the trip by offering for the chosen participants to join her. With a nod, Takumi followed behind Miyuki in taking Eira's side. The trio left, sealing the remainder of the peerage in the room behind them. Izuna was the first to become audible at this time, sighing in the participants' wake. "Chikushou. I wonder if I should have gone with her instead."

    Once outside, Takumi heard the speech given by Eira, offering his undivided attention. His attention, however, was only undivided until the moment two individuals showed themselves in the courtyard they were in. This was a strange sight; one of the two was a preteen boy, with short red hair, and a large kanabo slung over his right shoulder. Strangely enough, he was capable of holding this weapon - roughly the size of his body - with only one arm to support its weight. Before Takumi was even able to respond to Eira's speech, this boy was yelling across the courtyard. "Oi! Who wants the shit beat out of 'em!?"

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    The people who were left including Youmu settled in. It seemed that they were to be left behind in this endeavor, even so, she didn't really like the idea of their leader carrying around such a secret alone. "Izun, you seem just as stressed as Buchou," mentioned the ghostly young woman, whose hand still hadn't left the hilt of her sword and as such showed her own discomfort. The girl who normally wore gloves found herself cracking her knuckles. "You aren't hiding your feelings very well either, Konpaku. Or what did you plan on drawing on us while you waited... that new kid is strong and so is Miyu. Everything should be fine... don't forget Buchou is out there herself, and I've never seen her so upset," Maiko finished. She also wasn't completely at ease, but she was almost certain no matter what happened in the middle, everything would be alright in the end.

    Meanwhile the speech of Eira to her peerage was interrupted by a newcomer, obviously belonging to their enemy team. "Yare yare, everyone is so rude..." Eira mentioned, but she didn't move. Instead, the young girl Miyuki took several steps forward. Obviously something about the speech of this boy had rubbed her the wrong way already. 'She said we could take someone we thought we could,' rather suddenly this small young woman was moving forward, bringing back her right arm as she closed the distance between herself and this red haired young man with her innate speed. Doing so left small ice crystals in each of her steps, and once she reached his fore, she swung in a back handed manner with her right arm, a blade of pure white forming as she aimed to strike him down with the fierceness of her first blow. "Oh, Miyuki's kinda fired up for someone who didn't seem like she wanted to participate before," was all Eira had to say, her arms crossed under her massive chest as if she was still more than a bit annoyed. As if actually being involved in this situation was enough to upset her.

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    "Yeah? Shouldn't I be!? Buchou's gonna be married off to some hack of a Devil if we lose! It's not that I don't have confidence in the people we have going out to fight right now, but... what if we lose? I'll always feel like I could have done better," Izuna clarified while staring at the barrier keeping himself and the others in place. "Part of me doesn't even wanna watch this..."

    Meanwhile, Miyuki took it upon herself to begin the assault against their enemy. The red-haired boy who'd first spoken on behalf of Onoko's peerage was forced into immediate action by her attack, which came in the form of a rush with an arm pulled back upon reaching striking distance. "Ding ding ding! First call, batter up!" With the kanabo slung over his right shoulder, the boy was capable enough to react by swinging it forward, as if to aim it at Miyuki's face before her attack reached him. This was not to be, however, as the hand she drew back produced a blade with which to attack him, causing his forward bludgeoning to be redirected to the side Miyuki's sword came from. These events resulted in a clash of weaponry at the very start of their encounter, with the apparently physically capable lad pressing against Miyuki's magic weapon in aims of completing the parry and repulsing the girl. All the while, Takumi stood to Eira's left, staring into his left palm in wait of his own moment to be of use.

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    "I understand," Youmu said quietly while studying the faces of all present. Though she hadn't noticed herself that she was clutching her own sword, she soon enough let it go and exhaled. "I have faith in them, and Buchou's choices, I simply feel like someone should be told off for even proposing such a thing as an idea..." she said of the entirety of something as important as a potential marriage, being staked on something as ridiculous as a Rating Game. Maiko to her credit simply let go of an exhale and a yawn. "Aaaawww~ You guys think too much. I think at the very least it will be worth spectating. We can give them some pointers. I am just a bit envious I don't get to fight too~" she chimed in. It was a bit unfair knowing that they were limited by their own numbers with participants. Even so, she had the utmost faith in everyone present to take care of themselves. And of their leader to take care of her subordinates as well as herself. It was the sort of thing that Eira was always known for.

    It seemed that Miyuki's thought out tactic of attacking first and asking questions later worked out in her favor. the young man she was up against met her attack with that of his large bludgeoning weapon and pushed back against her cracking her ice based weapon as he pushed her away. Still her arm completed the backhanded slashing movement she'd been aiming to do in the first place even without being pressed against anything else. Underneath this young man would have begun to shine brightly white for just a moment as the young purple eyed girl looked at him impassively. "Tsukishiro..." saying such a word at the end of that action would cause the white circle beneath him to shoot up in the air underneath him regardless of her current distance from him, aiming to trap him within the ice. A second thereafter the pillar would aim to shatter taking the young boy's frozen body with him.

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    Little did the young member of Onoko's peerage know, he faced an individual versed in the magical arts this day. Onoko himself had obtained knowledge regarding most of Eira's peerage, but for some strange reason or another, he went without informing his own subordinates. As such, the red-haired boy saw victory on the horizon as he parried and cracked Miyuki's blade. It may have been made of ice, but this lad had faced Yokai in the past, and thought it possible to only be restricted to the creation of ice which he could easily break through with his ample brute strength alone. Sadly, he was not privy to the unheard of concept of Miyuki's spell, which produced a pillar of ice from the ground beneath him. The boy was frozen through, disappearing in a strange green light just before the pillar shattered where he stood. "Hm? What kind of spell is that?" Takumi asked, believing this vanishing trick was either the boy's, or something to do with what Miyuki used against him.

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    As the red haired boy disappeared from within the ice, Takumi thought to question the method. "Ufufufufu~" a chuckle escaped Eira as she looked towards the young girl who let the solid white sword she'd created disappear from her hands. "The ice itself is a spell, and power which belongs to Miyuki, but the lad she fought disappeared for a different reason. Gomen I left it out of the explanation earlier... I've had a lot on my mind," she mentioned. It would be Miyuki herself who cleared up the rest of this conversation. "Eira-nee, forgot to mention, that Rating Games are mostly friendly ordeals. Especially since the system was created specifically to make new devils. The Judges who watch over the matches determine when people are beaten, and monitor for when people could be killed or incapacitated so they teleport them out using magic when they've lost a match up. That guy is probably back sitting among his peerage getting dirty looks from the other members," she said calmly. Eira took this as an opportunity to tease the young girl. "Which means, Miyuki here, just used a spell which could have killed the boy she was fighting. Nice~" she held up her right hand for a high five which the smaller girl performed the action for, with a bluish blush staining her face. "E-e-ira-nee, you don't have to tease..." the young girl managed which made the other woman smile. Regardless of the stress of this situation, she did at least enjoy the company of the people of her peerage.

    After the young redhead was teleported out, a frowning raven haired woman began making her way forward. She was dressed strangely in a fairly revealing way bosom mostly exposed as her bandaged wrapped feet in their clogs made their way towards the trio. "Yare yare, I knew that brat was gonna get himself disqualified early," she said seeming to come to a stop, the pipe she held in her left hand was strange, but stranger still was the fact that she didn't have a right arm at all. Attached to the stub of it, was instead a sword, but she didn't draw it surprisingly enough. "Alright then, I'm not taking on a bishop, nor your Master..." she paused thinking about it, and knowing she had no hope against the Ruin Princess whose reputation very much proceeded her. "So what about you?" she looked to Takumi before immediately running forward with a strange amount of speed as if to rush him, aiming to slam her left fist onto the center of his being.

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    "So nobody dies in this?" Takumi wondered aloud. "I figured, you know... with us being Devils and all..." It was truly Takumi's assumption that Devils in combat with one another would be battling to the death, which human world media would depict as a war for supremacy in the underworld by obliterating any potential competition. Perhaps there was much to learn yet, as it was now seeming more like a sport with inflicted pain as a method of victory. Prior to the full verbalization of his clause, Takumi was addressed directly by a woman aiming to find a combatant among Eira's peerage. By virtue of not wanting to battle the magically-inclined, while also wanting nothing to do with Eira herself, this one-armed woman singled him out by charging him directly with a fist targeting his abdomen. Takumi's eyes widened as she ran in his direction, failing even to realize what was going on initially. Even so, he could clearly see her movements during this approach. Before he could come to a realization of what would soon become of him, the raven-haired woman's fist found its home in his abdominal region, winding the lad as he was sent tumbling across the ground for half a dozen meters. A few moments passed before he was able to pull himself up onto one knee, keeping himself upright with the support of his right arm while looking forward. "Hngh... I guess that means me. I have to fight... a woman?"

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    "Tehehehe~" surprisingly enough this time the laugh came from Miyuki instead of Eira. Of course, this was soon followed by Eira speaking about their nature as devils. "We're Devils, Takumi, not savages..." she said, though if one were being honest Eira was more likely to kill than most. Regardless of this there wouldn't be much more time for an explanation as soon enough the raven haired woman choose Takumi as her target. "Ano, you could have let me finish explaining first. It's been a busy couple of days," she muttered even so the calm demeanor didn't seem to leave the crimson haired woman's face, though her brow rose when Takumi was struck and then further struggled to get himself up. "It definitely seems to mean you, Gambatte Takumi~" mentioned his leader. She had no idea what this man would do, but he seemed resolved to help her out so she was more than apt to see what he had been working on.

    Meanwhile, the other woman seemed to look at her fist after striking Takumi and opened and closed it as if confused. "If fighting a woman is a problem for you, you are setting yourself up for failure later. Or now, whatever..." she said seeming not to care about this boy's plight and rushing him once more aiming to kick him square in the middle of his chest and send his body up towards her outstretched fist which would aim to send him crashing back down to the ground. She figured this one for a pawn and as such she had no problem potentially beating him within an inch of his life to help her own master make a point. She wasn't as weak as the one beaten by the Bishop, she could do at least enough to get rid of this obviously new devil.

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    Takumi continued pushing himself upward toward a standing position while his apparent opponent spoke. Her interpretation of what he meant may have been true, but there was a simple matter she wasn't likely to know. "Iie. It's not so much a problem for me," he said just before a kick collided with his torso in an effort that acted only as a prelude to Takumi being knocked into the ground once again. Even with this occurring, he still struggled to rise whilst blood trickled from the space betwixt his lips. Still, his right hand was used as his support in this endeavor. "Sumimasen. I promised I'd help us win, but... don't hold anything against me." His words were spoken as if he were apologizing for a potential loss he would soon be experiencing. In actuality, however, his words were for his opponent. A discovery had been made about the nature of his powers on the previous night, and he knew what he had to do. As he was in the process of rising for the second time in this encounter, Takumi reached out with his left hand, fully intending to grab hold of his opponent's right breast, after what looked to be a simple plea - a grasp at any sort of contact by what seemed like a broken combatant.

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