True enough, the situation between Eira and Peerage was now a bit more complicated than one might have expected. Given Eira's own tendency to be directly involved with the lives of those around her, particularly in preserving their happiness, she felt really odd at the idea that she wouldn't be able to directly interfere. As if he meant to offer her a bit of encouragement in this endeavor. His rhetoric was that which she could take to heart, at least a bit... "I suppose you're right, Lei-shi~" the young woman said seemingly in good spirits. If she had anything else to say, it'd be cut off by the first of what she knew to be a great many snores. This particular individual did seem to enjoy his naps, and having reached supreme comfort on the couch Eira was quite surprised he had lasted as long as he did. "Sleep well, arigatou ne~" she whispered as she left this place once more, closing the door behind herself so that he could enjoy his nap. She headed back to her own apartment where she meant to catch up with most of her Peerage and let the days continue to pass until the eventual waking of Takumi.