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    Currently the only person missing from the gathering was Maiko the rook of the group. And Eira looked at the entirety of the group, and smiled at them because what she needed to be right now was steady. How she chose to phrase her next few words would be really important. "Of course, we're waiting on Maiko~" she said with a chuckle. "Also if you want to be acknowledged Izuna, you should probably say something every once in a while, and you know be visible," she said after this she heard the call.... "BUCHOOOOU!~" and from the distance sprang Maiko who seemed content to come to a skidding halt before the throne head bowed. "Really? I'm late... gomen," managed the girl out of breath. A chuckle came from Eira. "Good afternoon, Maiko... nice to see you so spirited," she said as the girl pulled herself to the side and Eira began the speech about their current afternoon.

    "Alright, I'm sorry I had you all skip your afternoon activities, but... I was informed our first Official Rating Game, since I've acquired at least one of every piece is taking place tomorrow afternoon," she said to the surprise of all the female members in this group. Eira would continue though so as not to make it any more stressful. "Don't worry though, it's a Dice Figure game, so all of us won't be participating. I've spent the morning figuring out training camps for all of us, to help push us along and see what our skills are like, before I decide the final team for the game," she said still Miyuki seemed confused and chose to ask a question which she was sure she wasn't the only one who didn't know the answer to. "What's a Dice Figure Game, and why don't we all have to participate?"

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    "Oh please, it's not like nobody knew I was already here. I'm especially disappointed in you, Paku-chan!" he said to the white-haired girl. Now that he thought about it, there was something very specific he wished to discuss with her, which caused him to stare at her for longer than what was necessary to address her. In the meantime, Eira told the others about the Dice Figure Game some of them would be participating in. Takumi, for one, knew nothing about the normal type of Rating Games; he hadn't even learned anything about being a Devil yet. At the very least, it seeme Miyuki also didn't know about this specific type of match. Since Eira had done so much explaining already today, Izuna slung himself over the throne and spoke. "It's like a Rating Game, but not an all-out battle. A pair of dice gets rolled between two Kings, and the total value is how much each King's allowed to use. We're doing twelve in this one, with Buchou counting as one Pawn. Bishops and Knights count as three, Rooks count as five, and Queens count as nine, by the way."

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    "I simply don't acknowledge you until you speak to avoid ruining your fun. If you'd like me to change that let me know," mentioned Youmu, as she soon felt the unnecessary extended gaze and didn't shift her own for several seconds. Obviously Izuna had something he wished to talk about as such she'd wait for the opportune time for such a conversation to take place. But immediately this didn't seem to be a thing. Beyond this it was explained the counts of pieces of the Dice Figure Rating Game, including the fact that Eira herself only counted as a single pawn. By Youmu's own count this would likely make the their leader the lowest value they had. This also would make for a greater variety in potential piece match ups to be sent out, most of which could include Eira herself and one to two other people at least given the way the math worked out. "Sou ka, you were hoping for higher numbers for the sake of having more people involved, but... Buchou aren't you being underestimated here?" she asked of the woman which made her nod her head.

    "Yes, likely because my peerage is incomplete, and I don't have an experience in official Rating Games, our opponent has all of those things, thus the special rules. To be honest, this kind of Rating Game is the one we will always have the most trouble with because of the way this peerage is set up, at base I will always be considered the fewest number of pawns, but that is fine. I also got to pick the venue, it's a replica of Kuoh Academy, so... home field advantage for whoever ends up on team," mentioned Eira who wanted everyone to worry as little as possible. Though she realized not everyone would know why she had the lowest possible value, given she did have one pawn in her peerage. "As for partnerships for the first round of training, I have Hiroki and Maiko, Youmu and Miyuki , and... Izuna and Takumi. I set up the grounds out back with an observation deck for me so I can take notes. You all should get ready. I don't know who I want on the team for the rating games, but there are a few possibilities so I want to see what everyone has going first," mentioned Eira. Who continued to look outwardly normal, but Youmu could tell by her tension that something was very strange about her leader. Whatever the case, she wouldn't bother her about it for now, and instead nodded. Miyuki for her credit took in the information and nodded. She didn't know if she really wanted to be on the main team for her first go at this game, but if she made it, she'd do her absolute best for their leader. "Hai, Buchou! Arigatou, Izu-senpai," she mentioned. Maiko seemed excited about the potential for a fight. "Gotta come out the door swinging then huh? Alright, sounds like a plan!" she said pulling her gloves out and preparing for an all out battle.

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    Izuna had nothing to say in regards to Youmu's statement. He was simply too focused on what he intended to discuss with her later. It seemed, though, that later would be coming sooner than he thought, considering the match-ups for Eira's training camp. Youmu would be in the second set, and Izuna, to his pleasure, would be in the last of three sets. Knowing this, he floated next to Youmu while Hiroki bowed and prepared to move to the aforementioned training grounds. Quietly, Izuna whispered to the Knight of the peerage. "Oi. How much do you know about Twice Critical as a Sub-Species?" he asked. Obviously, this question was for the sake of Takumi's development. Takumi himself had no idea this discussion was beginning, but since he was apparently meant to take his training with Izuna, he decided he would closely watch the matches before his. He moved, taking a side to Eira, whom he assumed would have the best viewpoint of the training. "Buchou... before I go up, can I watch the others from where you are?"

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    Maiko knowing she'd be up first also went outside, more than prepared for a training session with anyone. Hiroki seemed to be amenable to these proceedings and left without a hitch. Eira began to stand to go take the best possible vantage point but before she did, surprisingly enough, Takumi was at her side, asking to join her while the other matches took place so that he could observe as well. A smile came to Eira's face in this moment, because she didn't know what to expect from this lad, but was glad he was at least interested in the proceedings. "Of course you can, come along," she said as she stood heading finally for the observation deck, which from the back of the school house was about two stories above the battle field. Below, would be the start of the match between Hiroki and Maiko.

    Meanwhile, Youmu was approached by Izuna and asked a question which was likely aimed at helping out his newest charge. A whisper came from her as she began to explain what she knew about Twice Critical as a Sacred Gear. "Twice Critical is a Sacred Gear which doubles the power of its user. It is based in Dragon Lore, but fairly common as far as simple weaponry goes. I have faced a couple of them before now, one of them gave a person extra arms... it was intense," she explained, as her eyes traveled over to Takumi and she gained the same spaced out look. "But that one isn't standard. There's another soul attached to it, like with Maiko's but... much bigger. I am certain of this..." she finished. She'd felt the same way yesterday when looking at it, and she felt it now. Even though the soul wasn't awake or communicating she was very sure the Sacred Gear being held by Takumi had a soul of its own.

    As Hiroki set up whatever way he was going to do that Maiko rolled her shoulders and checked her gloves. "Ready Yui?" she asked but she didn't really wait for a reply. Instead she mustered up quite a bit of strength and aimed a quick concise punch at the boy's center after closing the gap between them with her right hand. It would be immediately followed by another punch with her left. She wasn't holding back in this particular moment.

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    "Hai," Takumi replied as he followed the club president onto the deck. Their departure left the conversation between Izuna and Youmu a bit more open, away from most potential listeners. Youmu confirmed that there was some sort of large spirit within the Sacred Gear of their newest member. This was something Izuna believed, but he did not possess the same specific insight of the white-haired girl. "Definitely a spirit, huh. Can we call that a Sub-Species, though? I get a weird kind of feeling from it, like... like I could either get along with it, or stay away from it. Guess I'll find out in a couple of matches, huh?"

    As Hiroki stood before his opponent, a pair of silver rings manifested on his middle fingers, each holding a blue-green gem. Green light was emitted from each ring as Hiroki clasped his hands together, but this light became red by the time Maiko spoke. "Hai," he said to the girl. Her charge seemed about normal for her; Hiroki had never taken Maiko as one to wait around, or even pull punches in a fight of any sort. Hiroki himself didn't have much by way of fighting potential. He did, however, possess the ability to use his opponent's strengths against them. This was exemplified as his hands were held out to both take in Maiko's first punch, then her second as well. Once the second attack connected, Hiroki aimed to channel his magic into her fist and have it deal to her whatever damage she intended to deal him. Hiroki couldn't use this much, so he had to take the force of the first punch as a tactical decision. He needed to use these where he could.

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    The observation deck was equipped with another high back chair and an opening right in front of it in the railing. Eira took a seat in the chair and figured Takumi would have the ability to see everything he wanted to from this spot. Eira was paying close attention to what each of her potential candidates were doing. Even so, she'd leave herself open to a bit of conversation, in a bit to get to know her newest member. "I know this is still new for you, Takumi, if you have questions I'll answer them for you," she offered the young man with her.

    Meanwhile the conversation between Youmu and Izuna became more engrossing. Youmu found herself nodding to the boy's assertions. "Definitely a soul in there, and it's definitely huge and sentient. It might be sleeping, and the base form of it's power is Twice Critical and it could grow into something else. Instead of the way it could be assumed to happen if it was a Sub-Species," she said though it was nothing but conjecture until the boy showed some ability with it. "You'll definitely be the one to find out before me," she said. "But be careful, given the size of that thing, it's a wonder what will happen when it wakes up."

    During this conversation, one of Maiko's fists was met, and then the other. If she was surprised by this, she was more surprised by the male she was going against taking the impact and then going to to reverse the second one, sending her tumbling backwards. "I wanna say that isn't fair..." she said as she stood up straighter and dusted herself off. "But, it's kinda fun. Ya' gotta show me how to do that, Yui," she mentioned, knowing she could well use something like that maybe a bit better in her skills list. Regardless she aimed to go at it again, this time from her Artificial Sacred Gear, which she summoned and sent out from herself in a manner akin to a Yoyo spinning and covered in lightning strangely enough as a basic use of elemental magic which could stun Hiroki if it made contact with him and was aimed at the very center of his being.

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    "H-hai," said Takumi. He wasn't sure what sort of questions he would potentially have, but he would be sure to ask any that came up. For now, though, he was content to learn what he could through observation. This was already an interesting thing to watch. Takumi didn't know what to expect from a fight between Devils; it didn't seem as ridiculous as he thought it might be... yet. Soon after he had this thought, another attack from Maiko was prepared for by Hiroki erecting a generic magical barrier. His magical ability was not quite able to withstand the Rook's brute strength, but this shield gave him enough time to move out of Maiko's path before it shattered. "It's very helpful, and the only way I can really fight. It's very taxing though... I might only be able to use it two more times."

    Izuna's gaze shifted outside to the training area, though the attentions of his ears and voice remained with Youmu. "A Twice Critical that's got something else inside... What does something do that Twice Critical is its sleeping state? Twice Critical itself might not be too high on the tier list, but it's still pretty strong by itself. I'm wondering if I really wanna do the thing I've been thinking of doing."

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    Maiko continued working on the young man, finding it strange that her attack didn't make contact with him but instead managed to hit a barrier which left Hiroki just enough time to avoid the shield she'd thrown his way. The weapon of choice, came back to the young woman as Hiroki explained that he could only really use the Reverse technique a couple of times, and that his fighting skills were limited because of that. "Sou ka, we gotta get your stamina up then, Yui..." said Maiko as she moved forward once more. As if to accentuate her earlier claim she aimed another left fist towards the young man's right jaw, and immediately followed up with a shield bash with the still lightning coated object. This use of magic was mostly just to try and continue the battle and to draw out any other specialties the young man before her might have been hiding. She needed to know what kind of physical onslaught he was prepared to take. Just the same, Eira watched the match with curious eyes. 'If Maiko managed to learn that technique she'd become something closer to a juggernaut. Her ability to tank attacks would increase massively. Good.' thought with a nod. 'Hiroki is making good use of his abilities considering he's pretty much all healer. Probably still shouldn't be included without someone to pick up his physical slack though. He'd be a good second to run with Maiko though...' she thought absently as she considered a potential pairing which would leave a team with Hiroki, Maiko, Herself and likely Miyuki as well. A possible four man team instead of taking the major hit to sheer numbers, but that could present a different level of problem.

    While this happened Youmu was left to discuss potential happenings with Izuna mostly about the developments of their newest member Takumi. His words about how outlandish it was potential that Twice Critical was the resting state of the Sacred Gear which belonged to Takumi made her sigh. "It's why I said you should be careful. There is no telling what it is. I can't see it clearly it's so massive," she said calmly. She hadn't the foggiest idea of what he was thinking but if it was to draw this power out she had but one thing to say. "If you intend to wake it up... just make sure you are careful about it... power that massive is not easily held. Should I warn Buchou while you fight... it seems like the sort of thing that could potentially get out of control pretty quickly."

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    "Heheh... I don't think that's going to happen overnight. I'm not at my physical limit, but I'll run out of Demonic Power pretty quickly with magic like that," Hiroki specified. True enough, he would be able to dodge around until he took the unlucky hit that would end him, but he had no offense whatsoever without his magic, and he could not heal himself. Against someone like Maiko, he was basically just biding his time. When she approached again, he set up two barriers. The first took the impact of her fist easily enough, and though the second was sure to break with her follow-up attack, he augmented its existence by using his Reverse magic once more. This would cause the lightning around Maiko's Twinkle Aegis to turn inward on itself, effectively ripping away its ability to break through Hiroki's defense. From behind the barrier, Hiroki used Reverse for the final time he was able to... on his own Twilight Healing Sacred Gear. With his Twilight Healing, he was able to shoot projectiles of healing energy. Using Reverse on his own Sacred Gear, though, allowed Hiroki to unleash a burst of pure damaging energy toward Maiko, in what was very much a last-ditch effort from the blonde male.

    'She said he was a healer, but he's got something that does damage. That magic stuff... Is he turning things into their opposites?' Takumi wondered as he watched this fight. He was trying to make connections in the powers shown by the others, and perhaps draw from it ways of making use of his own powers. Izuna was also contemplating the boy's powers, but for different reasons entirely. "No worries; have I ever been anything but careful? I wouldn't bother telling her about it, either. She's got enough on her plate," he said to Youmu whilst looking toward Eira.

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