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    "Of course not, won't stop the suggestion though~" said Maiko. She'd done a pretty good job of throwing her attacks but she kept finding them smashing against barriers. She also found the one that had her Twinkle Aegis slammed against it, turned the powers of the shield in on itself making it so it bounded off of it, instead of smashing through it. Maiko herself was left to deal with the recoil, finding the whole of her person bounding off a barrier only to soon enough catch a barrage of what would have normally been healing energy but instead was damaging. She aimed to pull her shield in close and block the rays, which she succeeded in doing, but there was no energy coming from her weapon of choice as such she was left without much proper defense and tossed clear away from the battle field. "Ouch, ouch, ouch... it's still hard to defend against magic," she mumbled as she laid out in the grass trying to get herself together. Still there was a large grin on her face, she'd enjoyed the match regardless of the outcome. "You're gonna teach me that magic, then I'm coming back for round 2," she said holding her now empty right hand up in the air with a thumb up to show how she felt about the situation. "Yare yare, all that and she still acts solely based on her physical prowess... still... that's some pretty good progress," said Eira aloud for the first time in quite some time. She stood and walked forward stretching and calling for the next match as this one was already over. "Arigatou Gozaimasu, Hiroki and Maiko. I have enough information about the two of you..." she said knowing the order this pair now played in her potential game. "Youmu, Miyuki could you two go next?" she asked, which resulted in the black haired girl appearing on the ground nearby in a black pair of hakama and a black over coat with a white under piece beneath it, with a badge over one of her arms. "Hai!" she mentioned.

    Meanwhile Youmu's conversation was brought to a close mostly by the end of the previous match. "I thought there was something missing from her explanation. Like where all of this came from, and why she's so upset... oh well, I guess I will find out when I need to know," she mentioned, willing to wait for their leader to tell her the information she wanted to know. And with that she began to sink from her current position down through the floors. "Izu-kun, good luck." she mentioned in her passive way before she disappeared from sight and pushed herself out.

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    After Hiroki unleashed his barrage, he was sadly incapable of seeing the outcome. He truly could only use this magic of his for a very limited amount of time, and now that he'd hit his limit, he fell to the ground without an ounce of consciousness left to him. Takumi watched the outcome of this fight with wide eyes. Were all matches between Devils this short and outrageous? Whether they were or not, he wondered if this limitation on Reverse magic was one of the magic itself, or of the user in this case, Hiroki. He had the potential to gain strength akin to what Maiko boasted, and wondered if it would be worth it to even try going for a different effect if he would have to suffer such drawbacks. Maybe one of the others would have something he could strive to learn to make everything work out in the end.

    "I'd tell you myself, but it's best if you hear from her," Izuna said about their leader's secret. No other words were shared between these two, bar Youmu wishing Izuna luck in his endeavors. On Izuna's end, he nodded in response, as if to wish her the same. Of course, he knew better. She didn't really need luck for what she would be doing, hence him verbally saying nothing at all.

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    There was the matter that Hiroki was now unconscious to deal with, and Eira would handle this herself descending for a few seconds to pick up Hiroki and given his state of consciousness carry him back to the rooftop observation deck. "Hiroki, you shouldn't do things that will render you completely unconscious, staying power is also important in battle," she mentioned to his unconscious form. Meanwhile, a gentle nod came from Youmu before she left and she found herself summoning not one of two swords she boasted for general use, but instead a bokutou which weighed the same as one of the swords she favored. "Miyuki-chan, you should make sure you remember your defense," she said which made Miyuki's eyes widen as the short haired girl nodded twice her hands held out in front of her she immediately aimed to create triple barriers in front of her. Unfortunately for Miyuki, within seconds of making footfall for the first time, Youmu had closed the distance between them. Miyuki wouldn't be able to register Youmu's movements before she girl tumbling into her own barriers with a backhanded swat of her bokken.

    "The Barriers are okay, but without a weapon you can't hope to compete with me... what will you do?" this was a question that Youmu asked, and though the woman seemed completely apathetic, she was aiming to help the girl who obviously had way more going with her magic than she'd let on. Given this a huge grin sped across Miyuki's face and she turned to look back over her shoulder. "I already did it." a snap of her fingers would cause a white glowing circle to appear beneath Youmu and aim to freeze the young woman solidly within it. 'Sugei, several spells cast at once, including one she made up herself... even while not using it in her normal form, she's doing pretty well against Youmu.' thought Eira who seemed to be amused by the progress of her peerage, even while such a dire situation rose over the horizon. She knew of course, that this battle was far from over.

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    During the time between the two battles, while Eira retrieved the unconscious member of her peerage, Takumi stared into his left hand. He had come to realize he didn't even know how to make this Sacred Gear of his manifest again. He closed his eyes and attempted to focus, trying to find whatever sensation could lead to it returning again before his fight with Izuna. In seeking this feeling, he repeatedly thrust his open palm forward, attempting to will his Twice Critical into existence again. 'Come on. Work, work!'

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    Eira watched this point in the battle, still not having reclaimed her seat just yet. She was content to watch for just a second. She aimed to approach Takumi standing before him as he had his eyes closed likely trying to will his Sacred Gear into appearing. She wondered what he would need to make this happen, and wished to help, but she didn't want to disrupt his concentration. As such she continued to watch him, because she was already somewhat certain of where the battle below was going. 'I could explain to him, but I wonder if it would be weird for me to do so?' wondered Eira as she paused her steps just shy of the boy's outstretched hand.

    As Eira predicted the ice couldn't hold Youmu, in fact the white haired young woman walked forward as if unhindered by her previous freezing state. In fact, she walked through the ice leaving it intact as she did so. "That is pretty clever, thinking ahead to where I would end up, and using your spell there, but it doesn't change the fact that your abilities are short ranged and that when someone more prone to melee combat is within range you won't be able to do anything," mentioned Youmu to Miyuki. The younger of the pair seemed to look confused for just a moment. She was more than willing to admit she was all magically focused, the only physical activity she seemed to like was tennis but there is no way that could help her in these moments. "Gomen You-senpai. I don't think I've advanced enough for this..." she said, which made Youmu move again, this time to the girl's left with rapid pace. "You have. I already told you, you need a weapon. If you don't wish to carry one, use your magic to make one," she said looking the girl over. "You play tennis, you could have down basic forms of kendo with little to no problem. It won't help you against someone like me... but it will help," mentioned Youmu as she was once again within range she tapped the girl's bottom with her bokutou before reaching through her and leaving it in her grasp. "Something like this... also a bit more confidence would do you some good," said Youmu apathetically, which left the girl wide eyed. "Hai, You-senpai!" she chimed as such, she went about running her hands across the weapon, thinking about how to magically create something similar perhaps with a spell. Even if she turned out not to be very good with it, the extended range for her spells would be useful, and Miyuki was nothing if not a quick study. 'Atta girl, Miyuki... are you about to make up yet another spell?' mentally wondered Eira, who'd seen the girl come up with several spells on the spot and admired her natural ability with magic, which was only presently limited by her age and inexperience.

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    Takumi remained unaware of the fight's progression below. He was still thrusting out his palm, feeling as if he could make some sort of progress in doing this simple act while focusing on his hand. There was something there... he could feel it. It felt almost like he could communicate with something deep within himself to make real his desires, but he couldn't find the proper method to do so. 'You were dead yesterday. Somebody gave you a new life; the least you can do is get over your own crap enough to help that person by fighting! Work!' he thought. At this point, both his thoughts and his actions were gaining intensity by the moment. He felt as if he wanted this more than anything at the moment, but the Sacred Gear in his arm didn't seem to be responding to his wishes.

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    Takumi seemed to be gaining intensity but he had no outward results. Even so, the amount of concentration the boy was putting forth made her quite proud. Actually given what she was seeing, she took another step forward her aim only to interrupt his constant mechinations if only to offer him a piece of advice. Gratutiously enough, this would end with the young man's left hand having quite a good go of feeling up Eira's right breast. Though this wasn't the first time something like this happened, she managed to be at least mildly surprised by the sensation.

    Meanwhile, Miyuki finished her examination of the bokutou and returned it to Youmu hilt first. "Sou ka, I think I understand enough..." she said clapping her hands together an intricate magical circle was formed as she spread her hands apart and she reached in with her right hand to pull out a white sword with a long trailing ribbon off its hilt. This sword was made exclusively of ice magic, and was frozen to the touch. Youmu watched it's creation with a small bit of light in her eyes. "I see, that's pretty good actually..." she said before wasting no time approaching the girl once more to see what she would do now that she was armed. Youmu's movements took her directly the to the girl's fore, but she didn't make contact with it, instead she phased through her person giving a quick spin which would allow her to send another resounding slap to her bottom. Miyuki to her credit knew she couldn't keep up with the young woman's speed, and spun on the spot in a tight circle which surrounded herself in spikes of ice which came from the slashing motion of her sword much like a powered up tennis swing. Even Youmu had to pause choosing to become intangible once more so that she might phase through the ice instead choosing to put more space between them instead of attacking again. "Arigatou gozaimasu, You-senpai. This is a pretty good extension for my magic," she said with a huge smile. "That's good I am glad you were able to do something like this. Now, quick sword play lessons, you can think of your sword like your tennis racket if it helps," she said holding her own blade in front of her with both of her hands to show the girl the type of stance she should take for a power attack. Miyuki copied it, though it was a bit different considering the kind of thing she was used to holding. Even so, their battle would continue from this point for a few minutes.

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    Nothing was out of the ordinary in Takumi's actions from the moment he began, until now. What he didn't see coming in the abnormal department was the sudden feeling of something that wasn't at all his Sacred Gear. Something was in his hand when it moved forward... something very soft, and far greater than his single hand could manage to hold by itself. 'No, this isn't right. What is...' he began thinking, only to open his eyes and see first the face of Eira. 'It's what you always wanted, partner,' said an almost familiar voice in his head as his gaze traveled down to where his hand had fallen. Takumi couldn't even give thought to this voice in his subconscious; it was too shocking realizing what he was now touching. 'Oh no, not again. I can't... no. There's no better time than now.' Whatever sparked this train of thought in Takumi, his expression turned incredibly serious while he gazed at the bosom of the club president. He clenched his left hand to squeeze the breast that had so suddenly appeared within it, and somehow, the red gauntlet that was his Twice Critical Sacred Gear appeared from his wrist again.

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    Eira found herself soon enough looking into Takumi's eyes as he realized he was now grabbing her chest. She originally figured him for the type to immediately apologize and have his demeanor shift again, but much to her surprise, he continued to grope her. It was almost like his movements had found new purpose, a gentle blush graced her cheeks as she was accosted in such a way and she couldn't say she minded the treatment. "Yare yare, Takumi... you really are unassuming. Especially for someone who wanted me to put my clothes back on so quickly yesterday, there's so much concentration in that adorable face of yours..." she mentioned in the same sort of slightly teasing manner she'd used to address Izuna earlier in the day. She moved her hand further up his left arm past his gauntlet and to his elbow and spoke to him the absolute truth as she understood it. "According to the other holders of Sacred Gears, they are aligned to your desires. In order for them to manifest, work, and grow, you have to be honest with yourself, Takumi..." she mentioned. Still she hadn't moved away from him. She didn't mind being in close proximity to any in her peerage and if she was being honest given the way she'd first met the boy, this wasn't nearly as bad as their introduction. She was also quite bemused that he'd managed such a thing so quickly after learning about his Sacred Gear, even if his execution of it was more than a bit perverted.

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    "... Gomen, Buchou," Takumi said, though he still made no immediate effort to remove his hand. In fact, it only became more difficult for him to withdraw when Eira's touch reached his elbow, for whatever purpose this gesture served. From what she had to say, it could be gathered that the appearance of his Sacred Gear now was linked to him refusing to restrain himself from what he wished to do. "I was just... trying to make it work," he concluded. With that said, Takumi withdrew his left hand and stared into its palm. There was something else he was missing, but he thought it only currently mattered that he'd succeeded in summoning Twice Critical again. If this was what he had to accomplish every time, though, he'd be in quite the predicament.

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