Eira watched as Takumi absorbed the explanation he was given. She got to see in his face that bit of anxiety about this match turn into fierce determination, and she had to say, it was an attractive look for the boy. "Kawaii!~" she chimed. "Such determination, ufufufu~" she said seeming to find this amusing. After a moment a knock would come to the door of the Occult Club and through it would enter a young woman dressed strangely in a combination of cloth and rags with her left arm covered in bandages, which were wrapped snug around even her fingers. When she entered she bowed before the group and gave some important information. "We've taken care of transporting you all to the Replica. We'll be officiating and will do our best to be fair. The battle starts once you and your chosen leave this area, Eira-sama," said the young woman. This made a smile come to Eira's face. "Oh? Student Council officiating, how lovely, too bad I though they'd come say hello~" she mentioned which made the young woman nod. "Apologies, but my master couldn't come here for political reasons. I was however supposed to confer a message. They are rooting for you," mentioned the young woman. "Thank you Sasami. Be sure to send my regards, and thank you for the consideration," She said as the woman turned to disappear. "The rest of you will be locked in here with these..." she moved her hand an a monitor like magic appeared in the room which would show different angles of the battles for all present. "But after the requisite counts are made you won't be able to leave," and just like that, it was apparently go time. The sun was about to set outside and Eira stood with her calm regal air and reached out for her bishop and her pawn. "Come on, you two... it's time to go. Ja... minna~" she said to the rest of the group as she aimed to exit. Miyuki joined her seemingly without question, though nervous she couldn't help but feel excited. When Eira exited the number one appeared in the air before her, when Miyuki joined the number would shift to four, and whenever Takumi came out it would change to twelve causing the barrier that would lock in the rest of the peerage for the duration of the match.

Meanwhile, the Rook of the opposing team had set herself up in the gym, the final stand between the principal's office and the rest. Such was the nature of these things as the pair at the courtyard waiting for the battle to come. A sigh escaped Eira after she was outside, figuring that Takumi was at her side along with Miyuki she'd begin speaking. "I chose this venue obviously because we'd be familiar with the layout. And because... there is only one place for the king to set up against us... if they are the type to stay off the front lines, and that is the Principal's Office. Obviously the others should be in place somewhere between us and them... and there are a few different ways that could be. Either way... I have faith that you guys will know what to do when the time comes. I'll support you both until you get to an enemy you can't defeat. I'll take them, just don't get yourself out in the meantime. We play the long game in this kind of match, and maintaining all three of us, at as close to full power as possible is necessary. That being said... if you can wipe out someone you come across without wasting too much energy, go for it! We're here to make a statement after all," she said giving out her general game plan. Obviously they had to move forward and could be walking towards some sort of trap, but it was also assumable that the King of this group wouldn't put himself on the front lines and that was the sort of thing that Eira was betting on. She was also betting on purposefully making herself into a target to buy a bit more freedom of movement for the rest of her peerage, she didn't think any would be so stupid as to attack her directly, but... that could be a thing. And they'd be rewarded with this soon enough by the sight of two foreign people in the courtyard.