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    "Babies? Marriage? WHAT?! NEVER!!" the female bishop of their group seemed vehemently opposed to any such thing. She didn't think she should or would be involved in anything of the sort, and as such put aside all thoughts of anything of the sort. She was fine just making friends and feeling like she belonged and as far as she knew, she treated no members of their peerage any differently from the other. Obviously this was just one of Izuna's teasing moments, so she would try to do as Eira said and not let such teasing get to her. Her arms crossed over her chest and she stuck out her tongue at the grin bearing fox boy, who seemed content to instigate until his heart was content. But as their group conversation progressed it seemed that even their childish and playful Queen had something occasionally more serious to say, as he stated they should simply focus on winning the match and that it would improve the leader's mood greatly if they did. "Hai! If she picks me, I'll do my best!" said Miyuki with a curt nod, knowing how this game worked she didn't see how she could end up being chosen, but their leader was nothing if not unorthodox and it always seemed to work out. Youmu on the other hand had her eyes narrow just a bit as the suddenly flat affect Izuna now possessed. She'd thought something was wrong with their leader, she was almost certain it had something to do with an unknown condition of their first Rating Game, this guesswork could have been avoided, but perhaps the stakes were so high, that Eira herself couldn't admit to them. Whatever the case a simple nod would come from the girl and eventually this evening would turn into night, and pass right along into the next day.

    School would go on as usual and right after classes let out, she'd wait for the entirety of the Occult Research Club to gather together for Eira's decision about the team going up against their challengers in the Rating Game. To her credit, Eira looked like her calm and normal self, dressed in the tiny black form fitting number as she'd had time to change before this moment in time. She'd spent most of the previous night, thinking about the best possible grouping. One which would make a huge statement to any future challengers and one which would allow her the greatest variety of skills and the most likelihood of winning. She'd decided this, in spite of any personal feelings she might have had, setting aside any of her baser desires and fears to choose the best possible choices. Of course, this pair of people would then also be told, what would happen if they lost. Though, that almost wasn't a thought in her mind at all. 'Onoko Astraroth, we won't lose!' her mind had these words burned into them.

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    The next day, Izuna and Hiroki were patiently awaiting the arrival of their leader. Their positions were the usual within the building which housed the Occult Research Club, but one male from the group was missing. Yasukawa Takumi had not yet arrived, but with good reason. Though he doubted he would be involved in the battle as anything more than an extra body, if anything at all, he'd spent virtually all of his waking hours - since the previous day - practicing alone with his Sacred Gear. An empty basketball court near his house had been quite useful to him overnight, and though he'd slept a measly four hours, he had been striving to improve himself for the sake of being as useful as he possibly could be to the Devil who'd given him new life. His physical state left a bit to be desired; he was covered in bandages which showed here and there beneath his school uniform. For the moment, he was exiting the school building, making his way toward the club's/peerage's headquarters.

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    Eira continued to stand outside a breeze blowing her crimson locks around. Below the female trio of this peerage made their way inside. Maiko was slapping her fist together in already gloved fashion. Of course, she didn't know if she was fighting but she thought it best to be ready regardless. Her raven tresses tossed casually over one shoulder as she took up her usual spot and waited for the coming of their leader. Miyuki entered as well, seeming to be a bit anxious. She was rather secretly hoping she wouldn't be chosen, she didn't think she'd do good in combat with her lack of experience, and didn't want her first official experience in combat to be something so important. Meanwhile, the always apathetic Youmu was soon enough sitting on the arm of their leader's chair that she normally occupied. Only this time, she had strapped to her back a combination of swords. She also didn't know if she would be chosen or not, but if she was, she was more than ready to handle the challenge. Though the mood of Eira still didn't quite sit right with this being a normal challenge. "Izun, Hiro..." she said in greeting as she reached out and patted the stressed Miyuki on the head causing the girl to turn her attention and exhale a breath she hadn't known she was holding. As Eira continued to watch from her perch she saw the approach of her final member, the boy known as Takumi. She looked at him with softness in her expression, noting his rather disheveled appearance she wondered what he'd gotten himself into after their training the previous day. Regardless once he'd entered the building she would descend from upstairs in regal fashion to take her seat among her peerage.

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    When the others arrived, everything seemed to be about what one would expect from this group before their first Rating Game. One member of the peerage who was particularly strange, though, was Izuna, the only one - aside from Eira herself - to currently know the stakes of this battle. His expression was serious - something unseen in his demeanor about 95 percent of all time. Knowing what was on the line mere minutes from this moment did not allow him to uphold his usual playfulness. "Ohayou," was all he said when the females of the peerage entered the room.

    Soon enough, Takumi was encroaching upon the building. He stopped before entering, and looked up. He'd caught a glimpse of Eira, and in stopping, he had a flashback to the first time he'd seen the female Devil. The regal air around her was tantalizing, to say the least, but there was something off about her demeanor in this particular moment. Not being able to tell exactly what it was, he continued moving toward the building, noting for a moment that she had looked toward him as well. Soon enough, Takumi was within the building, with a bit of determination, as well as anxiety in his heart.

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    Such a stern look from Izuna was hardly what was expected by any of the people coming into this room. Without even knowing what had bothered their leader, the state of her second in command would alert the other female members of this peerage that something was indeed amiss, because even with a Rating Game up, him being so completely serious was hardly expected. 'Izu-senpai isn't teasing me... he must know something...' though Miyuki as she waited. Eira on the other hand caught sight of Takumi outside and having done so knew she should be moving along to the inside of the building. Still a brief moment of eye contact solidified her decisions within her mind. Decisions she'd soon be sharing with the rest of her peerage. A sigh came from her, she knew that most of those close to her had been able to tell something was quite wrong with her. She sighed as she headed inside, her regal air in tact but there was that little bit of happy light missing from her eyes, which were instead filled with determination and likely rage.

    She'd turn inside as Takumi headed within, and with the last normal member of her peerage present Eira descended the steps and the eyes of all female members of her peerage were on her. Something about this conversation soon became markedly harder than she'd initially thought it would be. Instead of taking the seat she normally did, she stood before the group, hands clasped before her with a great deal of grace and dignity. She didn't know how to start this conversation, so she'd do so to the best of her ability. "Ohayou minna," she started with those eyes filled with determination and rage, but not for the people before her. "Alright, today we have our first official Rating Game, it's against Onoko Astraroth. His peerage is complete and he's got a pretty good record so it might be a bit tough. But I have faith in you guys. We can do this, and to the people I am choosing to stand with me today, don't worry... I'll take care of you. No matter what happens..." she said this and though it was meant to be encouraging she couldn't help but feel just a little strained. Situations like this always were. "Before I say who I am picking, Izuna and I talked it over before, and he thought it important that I let those going into the game with me know the stakes of it. Since it is a special circumstance and the reason for it even being the way it is, has to do directly with the stakes," she went on seeming to think about it for a second or two. "I thought to just tell those participating but... I feel like I should tell you all, so you don't worry too much and so Izuna won't have to tell you while the Rating Game is taking place," she said her words bringing Miyuki and Maiko to attention. Something about this seemed off. Youmu even managed to look attentive across her normally apathetic face, but mentions of Izuna made the girl shoot a quick glance towards him on his perch. "As far as I know, nothing particularly good or bad will happen if we win, life will stay the same for all of us, aside from any potential political backlash and that doesn't really matter," she said. "But if we lose, my father promised that man, Onoko Astraroth that I'd marry him..." she said that aloud to her peerage and it was sort of allowed to hang in the air. She didn't want to worry everyone but she thought it best they hear this news from her, and have a bit of time to get used to it as an idea. "I thought it would be best if you all heard it from me first, I just didn't think it would be a good idea to let you stress over it too far ahead of time," she mentioned as she allowed her gaze to travel across the group. "Thank you all for your efforts though, and I'm sorry for keeping it from you," she said her head bowed ever so gracefully, though this was mostly to hide the gentle fall of tears from her eyes. This was stressful and she'd been keeping it between herself and Izuna for a couple of days. Something about this felt a bit more relieving but it still didn't mean she wished to plague her still young peerage with too much knowledge.

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    "Ohayou," Izuna said to Eira as well. "Ohayou, Buchou," Hiroki followed. Oddly, Hiroki was not the silent one; Takumi was. His face held the same expression it had during his approach, and his eyes were fixated on Eira. Actually, the same could be said of the other two males in the room, but this was mostly the case for Takumi and Izuna - the former of whom was determined to be of use, and the latter of whom had prior knowledge of the stakes in this battle. No matter the case for each person, all listened intently as Eira spoke of the Dice Figure Game. It became apparent to those not already in the know, that Eira was to be married off to the head of the opposing peerage if they lost. Izuna may have known ahead of time, but he still could not keep his expression from souring when it was mentioned. Hiroki was shocked, and once again fell speechless in a moment of brooding over the situation. Takumi, even being new to the group, figured this was not something their leader desired as a potential outcome. His brows furrowed as he tried to read the situation on Eira's face. There was hardly anything to gain from the expression of someone he'd only just met, though he'd known something was off about the crimson-haired lass since a few minutes prior. "Buchou... I don't know much about this, but isn't it our job to worry about stuff like that? You said you were my master, so I figured being stressed out over anything was for people in my position. That's what servants are for, right?" he asked, mostly for simple clarification. Hiroki, upon hearing this, smiled. If there was one thing he could appreciate in this ordeal, it was the dedication being shown to Eira by even their newest addition. There was hope yet. All he thought there was remaining, was the announcement of participants in the Dice Figure Game.

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    Eira somehow made it all the way through her little spiel about the upcoming match up. Regardless of the fact that she was quite stressed about the whole situation, she at the very least saw it play out across the faces of her entire peerage before she went on to apologize to them for keeping the information from them. Unsurprisingly, Youmu didn't speak on this information her entire visage seemed apathetic except for a great deal of sudden fire in her eyes and the shift of her hand from resting in her lap to resting on the hilt of her sword. Maiko scoffed at the idea that something as serious as marriage was bet on something as simple as a fight. It was horrid to her that anyone would do such a thing to their master, but she was also ready to go to make sure the crimson haired lass didn't have to do that. Miyuki also didn't immediately have anything to say either, she'd simply moved from her usual spot to Eira's side to hug her while their newest member seemed to take on the role of speaker. Eira's eyes opened wider as tears fell from her eyes and froze around Miyuki as she looked up at the woman with quite a bit of determination in those large purple eyes of hers, as if to tell her she shouldn't be crying at all.

    The words of their newest member soon drew Eira's attention towards him. "Ufufufu~, I suppose that is true," she said following a hearty chuckle as she returned to her usual stature but not before placing a gentle hand on the head of Miyuki who'd been her usual caring self during this ordeal. It was her job to stand at the head of such an interestingly dedicated group of people. How could she offer them anything less than her absolute best when they were obviously all willing to go so far for her personal well-being? After this speech the silence would be broken by her still upset rook who slammed her fists together in a moment of anxiety. "So, which of us is getting to show them they don't get to come in and stress out our Buchou?" said the excitable girl Maiko much to the general agreement of all her female peers. Before speaking further, Eira went and took her seat, sitting in the throne among her peerage with a great deal of dignity hands clasped together in her lap with her usual unbroken regal air. "Hm, about that..." she started seeming to solidify her decision in this final moment. "Obviously, knowing this match is about more than a match I decided it should be a statement piece. The make up of this peerage makes easily choosing a single individual rather complicated even with twelve as the overall pawn piece count," started Eira. She wanted them to know where her decision was coming from and what reasons she was making this decision.

    "Our victory here is a show of strength, and a statement... that we aren't to be trifled with," she said with a small smile coming to her face. "As such, I decided our best choices for both winning and making sure everyone knows not to try something so stupid again is to have Takumi and Miyuki fight with me against them..." she said which made the eyes of Youmu widen initially and Maiko pout a little. Miyuki seemed stunned by the announcement and all together a bit timid about it, an usual quirk of hers returned in this moment, "E-e-eira... nee?! Are you sure you wouldn't want one of the o-o-thers instead?" she asked which made Eira smile and unclasp her hands to place one against the small girl's head as it bowed in front of her. "Breathe Miyuki, that cute little stutter of yours is back~" she teased the girl gently, causing her face to blush blue yet again. "It's you I want in on this victory. Nothing says fuck off, like getting beat by a dedicated skilled team of newbies~" she said with a huge grin, letting slip into her speech the less censored version of how she felt, though she fully expected some form of chastising for her word choice. "Besides, a bit of confidence in yourself would go a long way Miyuki... and I trust all of you and your skills... you included," she said to the girl as she nodded her head. "Hai! I'll do my best then," she said. A grin came to her face as she shifted her eyes towards her pawn. "The same goes for you Takumi... any objections?" she asked, this was what she thought it would be, a team of three versus whatever number of people Onoko brought from his own peerage. One would note though, that without knowing the exact number of everyone's pieces that it would seem as if the young woman was going into this battle with only five out of a possible twelve pawn worth pieces.

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    At long last, the lineup for the Dice Figure Game was announced by Eira. Hiroki, while not surprised by the lack of his own name in the roster, was astounded to hear the name of their singular Pawn. He could easily see the use of Miyuki, but he figured one such as Youmu would be included for a more assured victory. It also crossed his mind that Eira and Izuna alone could produce satisfactory results in any battle they participated in. Of course, Hiroki was not the only male stunned by this choice. Takumi had come under the assumption that he'd be on the list as an extra combatant to fill out the numbers, but from the list given, he felt there was much missing. He counted the ratings of each given member, and what he found was less than half of the given cap. As such, when Eira asked if he had any objections, he spoke up. "Buchou... isn't that a bit much for a statement? Miyuki-chan is a Bishop, so she counts as three, right? If you're only being counted as a Pawn, you could still add one of the others... even two, if I'm not included."

    One would note that Takumi had a speck of information not previously given to him - his knowledge of Miyuki's Evil Piece, to be specific. This, of course, looped back to his training over the previous night. If one were to be given credit for this, it would be the fault of the ever-invasive Izuna, who'd met with Takumi after the group separated the night before. Takumi's listing had not come as a surprise to him; he had even foreseen it long before the mention. As such, he had personally seen to the readiness of this Pawn.

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    Their assured victory was something which could have been guranteed by any combination of pieces. It seemed that Takumi had figured it would have been one of the others included instead of himself because of this. A grin came to Eira's face as she heard this particular thing because she realized that though Takumi understood who was what piece in general he had no idea about the real nature of her peerage. "Sou ka, you think someone else would be better suited but you don't know how strangely I put together this peerage. I suppose that makes sense, I kind of forgot to tell you about you, and you haven't faced Youmu yet," she said with a smile on her face. "I only have one piece missing from my peerage, and it is a second Rook," mentioned Eira as she went on to explain.

    "Stronger souls, and stronger types of beings often take more than one piece or a stronger piece to reincarnate, for instance, our friendship aside, I had to make Izuna my Queen, none of the other pieces alone would have been enough to make him," she said with a smile, only to pause and let Youmu take over the explanation not knowing how much the young woman wished to share. "In order for Buchou to reincarnate me, because of the nature of my bodies, she had to use both knight pieces. It means I am not worth three, but six pawn pieces. I also get double the power of that singular piece, according to Buchou, I'm her Ultimate Knight," said Youmu about herself as Eira beamed at the young woman's strength.

    This was before the crimson haired lass smiled herself. "In the same way, Takumi... you're my Ultimate Pawn... it took all eight of them for me to reincarnate you," she said. The others knew of this craziness, Izuna and Youmu both because of the advanced nature of the boy's Sacred Gear and Eira sharing this information. Maiko had figured it out while they fought the first day and Miyuki had always felt extra strength from their newest acquisition. In talking about it among themselves, they'd all already known about this as a possibility. "I put all of my faith in her when I made her, and she's never let me down. I put the same amount of faith in you Takumi, our victory is assured..." said Eira calmly, if nothing else, she'd always bet on the strong and the kind. Her entire peerage was full of misfits that had both descriptors applied to them.

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