The mention that the statements made by Eira about her supposed lack of want for a fear-filled reputation should be told to his wife made the crimson haired lass smile. She indeed was quite familiar with her brother's wife and found her to be one of two of the most frightening women she'd ever known in her life. "Fair." was all Eira had to say in response.

Moving right along, Eira stood in wait for the decision of Takumi as to the fate of Onoko. And not much to Eira's surprise, Takumi decided that should leave him be. A gentle smile crossed Eira's face as this was exactly what she expected of her newest servant. The young man seemed to be nicer than his bullies deserved, and though she would have seen this man killed a few moments prior for the words he spoke against Takumi, if the young man didn't want anything to happen to him right now, she wouldn't disagree. "I knew you would say that... alright then," Eira said calmly. She'd known a great deal of what to expect from her newest acquisition. And his demeanor was still one of the more confusing to her personally, even so, she couldn't say she disliked this young man's decision. "Check on Miyuki and celebrate our first victory!~ Nii-sama, we're good to go~" Eira mused. It seemed she was happy enough to get back to her servants and perhaps enjoy a nice party knowing she'd successfully completed her first Official Rating Game.