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    The attackers had already been captured, and once they had been... their unconscious selves were dragged along to the Occult Club Meeting Room. But, they'd be dealt with more directly at a later time. Several hours later in fact. After the waking of one Yasukawa Takumi, who'd found himself to be stripped down to his underwear and very much alive even after falling off the school roof. A light yawn would come from Takumi's left, where a very naked Eira Gremory lie. She moved her right hand across him and touched his chest leading up to his face to turn it towards her, crimson locks shifted around her naked form as her scarlet eyes narrowed. "Awake already, Takumi?" she asked as if she didn't already know the answer, her eyes immediately softened upon seeing that this lad was actually alright. "I owe you an apology, you should continue to take it easy..." she said. "I heard the first day can be a bit taxing, but it will get better..." she said as she pulled this young man into her naked body. "Takumi, I meant to give you a choice, sumimasen..." she whispered earnestly to the lad. She'd done something she wouldn't have normally considered doing, and felt deeply apologetic for it. Whatever the case was... she'd soon have to let this young man go, and explain all that had happened to him over the last few hours.

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    "Mmrf... mhm..." he moaned. In this moment, it was as if he were waking in his own home. It wasn't strange at allto hear a voice very close to him. He was in a nurse's office for whatever injuries he had, so the clear first assumption was that it was a nurse speaking to him. Suddenly though, there was a hand creeping up his chest. That same hand eventually reached his face, turning it and forcing his gaze upon the speaker. She was no nurse, but she was certainly many other things... including more buxom than anyone he'd ever witnessed, and very, very unclothed. Takumi's eyes widened. He had no idea what to do in this situation. After all the mishaps with girls since the day he started puberty, he'd finally found himself in the situation to trump all the others. What did this even mean? Either way, he was very soon dragged into this redhead's embrace as she spoke. The plush sensation of these breasts against him became an immediate reminder of what happened moments after his...

    "... Death." This word came from his mouth the moment his mind processed the thought. More importantly than the physical aspect of the current situation, he was certainly meant to die on this day. "Am I... dead?"

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    This young man seemed quite aghast at her apparent nudity, even more so at his thoughts about the state of his own life, or death. "Iie, you aren't dead, Takumi," she said a bit of sadness dotting those crimson eyes of hers. "Or rather you aren't dead anymore. You were... when I got to you. Those boys at lunch kicked you off the roof, and you were dead soon after you hit the ground," she mentioned. "This is probably a lot to take in, and again, I am sorry... I meant to give you a choice. Actually, I've never been so inclined to take someone in before, it was admittedly selfish on my part, gomennasai," she said as she stood at his bed side having let him go. "You were already dead, I couldn't get an answer from you directly. So, I brought you back to life and fixed your injuries. But to do it, I had to make you a Devil too," she said, to give credence to her words as she picked up her underwear from the pile of neatly folded clothes a pair of black bat like wings emerged from between her shoulders, while she slipped into the black and white lace thongs she wore beneath her school uniform.

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    According to this nude lass, Takumi was not dead. A sigh of relief escaped him when he heard this, and all of his tension fell away into Eira's bosom. "Phew! I thought I was done for, and that this was some sort of hell where I'd be stuck with giant boobs I can't do anything with forever," he said. The statement seemed to fall from his mouth without much thought, but as Eira moved, she continued to speak on the matter of his demise. Apparently, he was dead for a while, but her words implied that this was not the afterlife. Much to the contrary, she led him to believe he'd been revived... by her hand, at that. There was also the clause that she was a Devil, and at this point, so was he. Proof was given when Eira went to retrieve her undergarments, but there was an important matter which stole his attention away from this reincarnation. "Y-... you..." Now that it was properly donning on him that a real girl had been nude in bed with him, and was now flaunting about like everything was normal, blood began dripping from his nose. He couldn't tell if this was the best thing to happen in his life thus far, or the worst showing of his luck with the fairer sex to date. "Naked... you... me, bed, body skin boobs..."

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    "You want to do things with my boobs?" she made this a question, though it was obvious by the boy's lack of tension after coming to the conclusion that he was not in fact dead that this was a thought which at least crossed his mind at some point. In fact, he'd mentioned her chest when she'd first revived him. "You mentioned them when I first revived you, before you fell unconscious again," she went on, teasing him just a little as she went to get her bra. But before sliding it on, the young man seemed to be having some sort of realization. It seemed he was just realizing that she'd been pressed against him naked, her left brow rose but a small smile appeared on her face as she moved towards the bed again and leaned into it. "I had to fix your injuries, and that is best done through skin contact," she said. "I was only able to help with your injuries because you are bound to me. That is why I was apologizing. For binding you to me, without your consent," she went on. "But nothing more than fixing your injuries happened, I'm a virgin and you were asleep. Healing you was quite tiring, so I took a nap beside you until you woke up," she mentioned with a smirk most devious coming to her face as she watched the blood dripping out of the boy's nose. "Did I miss an injury, you're bleeding from your nose..." she said as she leaned closer into this young man abandoning her thoughts to redress in order to help him further feel better if she could.

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    "Wha-... No, I mean... eto..." Takumi stammered over his words because he had no clue how to respond to this situation. All this talk of being bound to the redhead was not helping the state of his mind at all; he could only process a single train of thought at the time. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the matter of her nudity and proximity to him... or rather, it did, but not quite to that extent. "So you... fixed my death by being naked on me?" he asked. Many things weren't clear to him at this moment, but what was clear, was his distraction. A comfortable distance between these two had existed for a fair amount of time, but now that his nose was bleeding, Eira closed that gap again. Takumi reached for his nose to block the blood dripping from it, shaking his head as he did so. "Iia, iia. My injuries are fine, but I ah... nothing. It's nothing. You can put your clothes on now."

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    This young man stammered over his words several times, not being able to come to terms with what Eira had to say. A smile came to her face, which soon became a giggle which she covered with a single hand before turning it into a cough. She would take a moment to clarify how she'd actually gone about fixing him as a person or rather a Devil in this moment. "No, I was naked to heal your injuries. I used an Evil Piece to bring you back from death..." she said very calmly knowing this wasn't information most people had. As the young man claimed to not be injured even going so far as to ask her to put her clothes back on, she retreated somewhat sheepishly. She'd never been spoken to in quite this way before, but took the time to revert to her initial activity, which was getting dressed as her nudity apparently had some sort of negative effect on the young man. She didn't know how to feel about it, but since there were more pressing matters to attend to directly she put it aside. "Evil Pieces can convert humans into Devils after they die. It was a method invented to bolster the ranks of Devils after the last great war," she said as a general description. "They are aligned to chess pieces, so you are one of my chess pieces. Which is what I meant when I said I bound you to me..." she said, unsure of what the boy's reaction to this would be considering that he seemed to have some problem with her nudity. No matter by the time she'd finished she'd slipped into a long black dress which was rather acutely form fitting but left her more covered than nudity which seemed to make this lad feel uncomfortable.

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    Takumi remained wide-eyed as Eira spoke, adding a raised brow to his expression when she mentioned something called an Evil Piece. He expected an explanation to follow, and indeed, it did. This Evil Piece used on him had brought him back to life, but it was not at all the life he knew. He was a Devil now, bound to this woman he'd seen absolutely exposed on their first official meeting. He didn't even know her name. Still, life was precious to Takumi, and he'd rather have it prolonged than ended by a group of bullies over a girl. With that in mind, he held no ill-will toward Eira for what she'd done, even if it meant he was now some sort of demon slave to her whims. "Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu. If being a Devil is what stopped me from being killed by those guys, then I appreciate the opportunity. Boku wa Yasukawa Takumi. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

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    Eira heard out what this lad had to say, her eyes widening ever so slightly. Of all the reactions she expected to what she did out of her own selfishness, she didn't expect for this lad to thank her outright for what she'd done. And while she understood that she'd saved his life in some way, she'd not done it for any reason which could be considered pure, she didn't know his name until moments before she'd done this action. She'd made a snap decision and fed him all of her pawn pieces. And still... he introduced himself and wanted to work well with her. The young woman's eyes softened ever so slightly after this, and she chuckled. "It's nice to meet you Takumi... I'm Eira Gremory, President of the Occult Club. Heiress of the Gremory Clan and...." she paused. "Your Master..." she mentioned a small smile coming to her face. "But don't worry, I'll take care of you," she mentioned as she extended a hand and placed it atop the young man's shoulder, those crimson eyes of hers full of compassion as they always were for the members of her family. He'd been through quite a lot, and most of her peerage had similarly bad experiences and deaths. Even so, she'd made it a great point in her life to never let them experience anything lower than that moment and took it upon herself to look after her peerage as best as she possible could as they helped her on her own journey.

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    "Eto..." Takumi took a moment of silent thought during the redhead's introduction. In all his dealings within the school thus far, he was very certain he'd heard that name numerous times. She claimed to be his master, and that was something entirely new. She claimed to be heiress to a clan called Gremory - something just as new to him. The mention of her being President of the Occult Research Club, though, rang a bell. "That Eira Gremory!? But... you're one of the three idols of the school!" he said upon remembering the girl's name. His eyes widened once more thereafter, as he realized the implications of this thought. 'I just slept in the same bed as a naked school idol. Oh no; this isn't going to go over well if they find out.' The end of this thought accompanied Takumi forcing his composure back to its normal state. On the other hand, he was now looking at the Devil heiress again in her fully-dressed state. If he was being honest, this view wasn't too much better than the one where she wore nothing. Everything was so tight upon her form, it simply returned to Takumi's mind the image of her nudity. He sat at the edge of the bed, gripping the ends of his boxers while averting his gaze. "So I'm your chess piece. Which one? Please don't say King; I don't like the idea of moving a single space and being such a target."

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